another list of “things I’m grateful for”

  1. Antibiotics…my throat has hurt for three days and I am blessed to have a doctor who believes me when I tell him I need them!
  2. Hot apple cider with rum! Good in the morning, afternoon AND at night!
  3. Fleece pajamas- the ONLY way to get comfy on a rainy and cold afternoon.
  4. Cuddling with my honey in the morning under the covers. Wrapping yourself in each other’s arms and legs and nuzzling is the sweetest feeling in the world.
  5.– Ever since my Satellite dish was disconnected I am grateful to watch my favorite shows here!
  6. My trusty 2000 Subaru Forester… 100,000 miles and going strong! Not cool but damn, Suzi Subaru is the best car I ever owned!
  7. My Visa card (the bastard LOVES me, too!)
  8. Bacon- Thank you, pigs!
  9. A daughter who “gets” me.
  10. Used books stores.. Thank you to Rick’s and Houghton Book Store! You let me be able to afford to have books always in reserve. That comforts me SOOO much!
  11. Potatoes–mashed, fried, scalloped, latkes, boiled, gratineed, salad, baked, hash browned, and…drum roll, please…CHIPS!
  12. Warm, enthusiastic, smoochy, clingy, happy hugs from my grandson  Cole EVERY time I come to see him!
  13. Gummy, sweet, and beaming smiles from my 6-month-old grandson Ryan. Oh, and the wonderful way he smells right there on that special spot at the top of his widdle head!
  14. On-line shopping. Better than dealing with the insanity of malls and big box stores.. ANY TIME.
  15. My hair colorist. Jodi, you perform a miracle every 5 weeks!
  16. Sharp cutlery.
  17. Mascara. Black. Always black. Maybelline. Cheap and wonderful!
  18. Orgasms!   Well DUH!
  19. My blogger friends and my Facebook buddies. You know who you are and I love you all!
  20. My darling, handsome, and loving boyfriend, D’Bear.  He’s my best friend and the best playmate a girl could ever ask for.

This is only a partial list of some of the many, many things I am blessed with.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!


22 comments on “another list of “things I’m grateful for”

  1. That’s a great list and very similar to mine except the boyfriend part. I love potatoes any you I can get them. Actualluy, if I had a choice between a boyfriend and a potato I’d probably pick the potato. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Joan- HAHAHAAA!!! Joan, you always make me laugh my butt off! Maybe a Mr. Potato Head will be in your Christmas stocking!! That way you could have both!
    I hope you had a great T-Day!

  2. Great list. Mine would be much the same, ‘cept for the guy. He’s #1 on my wish list! In the meantime, here’s another vote for potatoes, my favorite food group. I’d eat them 3 meals a day, except I sleep too late to ever eat breakfast. Happy Turkey Day (with extra potatoes!)!

    Pied type- Well, here’s hoping your wishes come true! Mine did yesterday. I had two big scoops of mashed potatoes WITH GRAVY!! Oh my yumminess! 😆

  3. Heck yeah. But your chips are our crisps, while our chips are your French Fries. Curiously only America seems to call them French Fries, while the French call them Frites. I think I might have to go for a lie down now…

    SJAT- Whatever you call them, they’re all good! I do agree with the Brits when they douse their chips with malt vinegar. Yum!!!

  4. Lol @ Joan….have to confess I’m addicted to potatoes 🙂

    Great list. I’m thankful that YOU have so much to be thankful for 🙂

    Hay- Potato Addicts of the World (P.A.W.) unite!! 😆

    Thanks, sweety!!

  5. Killer list! Thanks for including me on there, I feel honored 😉

    Mabs- Again, ..well DUH! You are someone I am SO blessed to call “friend”. I mean that!

  6. I like your list very much. It’s a window open up to better view Trishalandia.

    You have so many wonderful things to be thankful for- I’m happy for you!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with love and laughs.

    c.- Trishlandia!!! LOVe that! Can I use it??

    Yes, c., I am VERY lucky, and this list only begins to scratch the surface.

    Just wait though. There MUST be a Bitch and Moan Day and then watch out!

  7. Great list. Why did it take me so long to add your blog to my roll? Never mind … rhetorical question. I see your name on so many blogs I follow and now that I’ve taken the time to read some of your posts I feel a lot of resonance. Blog on sister!

    David- You made my day, darlin’! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  8. I totally missed this! Haven’t been on WP much lately. I’m glad you are feeling better and that you are able to list so many things to be thankful for! I love you!

    Birdpress- I love you, too, BabyGirl!! Thanks! (You are my #9!)

  9. I cannot wait for bitch and moan day! In the meantime, thankfulness is nice.

    And please. Trishlandia is all yours. We are all just orbiting… 🙂

    c.- You are THE BEST! I you!!

  10. Awe… what a lovely list. 🙂
    Dude, you have snowflakes on your blog. How very cool is that? My blog is still stuck in September… Sunflowers are in full bloom over there. Maybe I should do something about it.

    SLF- YES! I forgot I turned the snowflakes on last year and voila! Here they are again! Amazing! (but I LOVE LOVE love sunflowers!!!)

  11. Great list! You and I seem to be rolling right along with our lives. Life is good…

    LUCM- Amen to THAT! I’m glad to hear yours is good, too!! 😆

  12. Trishatruly, where have you been? I only have two people added to my blogroll and you are one of them! I miss your snappy take on life. I hope you are well and will return in hopes of finding your next entry!

  13. Wonderful Gratitude List. That’s the best part of life. Stringing together those moments in life that make you say Woo Hooo and Yippeeee. Makes the other stuff a bit more tolerable. ;+)

  14. Hey, are you ever coming back to blogging? Stop by if so, so I know you are back in business.

    GFTG- I always think “Today is the day to restart my blog” and then something comes up and it doesn’t happen but I plan to!

    Thank you for hanging in there for me and for asking. You are very sweet! I hope everything is good with you. Se you soon!?!?


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