Gone, But Not For Good…

 I am headed to D.’s place for a few days so I may be preoccupied for a bit….

 I’ll be BACK! Don’t do anything foolish while I’m gone. You know I’ll find out anyway.  😆


Ta for now!


Someone You Should Know

 If, like me, you love anarchy and anarchists, or just plain ol’ Bad Boys, then I really want you to head over here and meet someone special.

 Josh is a true Southern gem and although he denies it, can write brilliant, thoughtful and most times hysterically funny blogs.

 His post today regarding crimes he’d like to commit before he dies made me (almost) pee my pants. (Hey, give me a few more years and I’ll admit to incontinence but not YET!)

 Say “hey” from Trisha when ya get there. He’s worth it, folks! Go NOW!

Easy-peasy Meez

                              TA DA!

 I was inspired by Birdpress’s wonderful Avatar and Meez to try my hand at creating something for myself . She and her doggy Alice looked so incredible I wanted to make one of my own. I thought it would be difficult but SURPRISE!  It was so easy!

 So whatdaya think, folks? There are no options for age so I kinda look like a kid but that’s not a bad thing! Except for the skylights it really does kinda look like my studio, too!


Down Home

collard greens

   I had a craving for some collards all week! I found some at WalMart two days ago and on Saturday I made a big pot of them just for me!    I happened to enjoy an especially tasty bowl of down-home, honest-to-goodness collard greens when I was in, of all places Yankee, the Taste of Rochester food festival a couple of weeks ago. Uncle Mo’s booth had the most enticing aromas coming from the cooking pots and I approached with mouth watering, hopeful and yet pessimistic. There on the menu it said “collard greens’ and ” bar-b-que ribs” ! I skipped the ribs and ordered up a dish of that lovely olive-green goodness flecked with bits of smoky pork … OMG.. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

 Those boys can cook!!  It took me back 40 years to my Mama’s table. Sometimes on a Sunday she would cook a mess of fried chicken, some baked sweet potatoes, corn bread cooked the proper way,in a skillet with pork fat, and either collard greens or mustard greens. I love them both. We also ate tons of fresh-shelled black-eyed peas, also cooked with a piece of smoked pork.  Chicken gravy to go over the huge bowl of mashed potatoes completed the meal.  For dessert, banana pudding or one of my mama’s coconut cakes.

 Those were the good years. There were years earlier when the best my mother could come up with to feed six hungry kids was dried lima beans and rice and if we were lucky some salt pork fried up alongside. I used to gag on those damn lima beans. Tears would run down my face as I sat there trying my little-girl-best to swallow them down so my daddy didn’t take his belt off and tan my behind for ” wasting good food”! To this day I can remember the starchy nasty, taste of those beans combined with my fear of my father’s anger and self-loathing. He tried to provide for us all but sometimes at the end of the month the money just ran out. Then he’s get out his headlamp and his rifle and go out after dark to hunt the alligators. It was legal up until the 60’s to hunt them for their skins and my daddy was a pro at it! He’d come home around midnight with his truck filled with three, four, and five foot-long gators. He’d wait until morning to skin them out and salt down the hides. Then he’s take them somewhere (I never got to go with him when he sold the skins) and come home with a round roll of bills to help see us through the rest of the month.

  I was famous in the family for loving to play with the dead animals. I’d get up early and drag those gators around the yard by their tails pretending it was I who’d shot them and I’d strut and talk about it to no one at all, just me and my imaginary friends. I always sat and watched my daddy skin them out. I can still smell the briny odor of those alligators as he carefully peeled the hide down those long reptilian bodies in one unbroken piece before he carefully salted the raw side so to preserve them till he could get them to the buyer.

 After hunting the alligators became illegal he made even better money poaching them. We were, after all, Florida Crackers, and we did whatever was necessary to survive. We ate squirrels, doves, wild rabbit, deer, frog’s legs and fish. All free for the taking. It was a lot of work but we usually had enough to eat.

  My mother planted a huge garden of greens, okra, peas, and tomatoes. Sometime we went into the huge commercial vegetable fields after the migrant workers had gone through and picked them over. The owners would let us on the fields to pick whatever was leftover, the imperfects or overlooked, for a very small fee. We would work, all us children and my mother for hours in the hot Florida sun hoeing potatoes or picking tomatoes or whatever was in season. Then my sisters and me would have to spend the next couple of days in a steamy kitchen canning up the surplus veggies for the winter. I hated it! It was unbearably hot and my hands would shrivel from being submersed in hot water peeling tomatoes for hours at a time.

 I swore that when I grew up I would never can a vegetable or pick berries by the roadside, getting huge scratches on my arms and legs from the blackberry thorns, watching always for rattlesnakes hiding in the brush. And yet here I am, at 54 year-old and I can “put up” jams and jellies with the best of them. And I love doing it. Go figure.

 I still won’t eat dried lima beans, though for love or money!

What Should I Do Wif it?……

  I must be freakin’ old or something. Today I met with a financial adviser, my second one so far. I am trying to be a responsible adult by investing my money wisely for my future. 


 My divorce settlement seemed adequate until I actually signed the papers and then my heart started beating too fast. I started waking up with a feeling of dread, that I would end up penniless in my old age.  I began to think I was foolish for not fighting harder for more of our marital assets. But I’m not really much of a fighter that way. Oh, I can fight if I have to, like for my kids, or my friends, but for me, not so much.



( The ex’s girlfriend does NOT look like this. I refer to her (affectionately) as Fiona. )


 The new guy I met with today sounded young on the phone but I was not prepared for the reality.  

Calculating the numbers!

  He was young. Baby young. So young that I felt like I should ask him if he’d had a good breakfast. He was so young I was ready to ask him if his daddy was home. WTF? I was considering letting this whelp advise me on how to care for my future? What does he know of future? He probably only shaves every other week!

  He asked a few questions and told me he had already met my ex and “He sure is a nice guy!” (We live in a very small town.) That did it. I am definitely NOT putting my money in the hands of someone so stupid as to say such a thing to a soon-to-be divorcée ! The last thing we want to hear is that our ex is “such a nice man”. NO. He. Is. Not.    He’s a lot of things, but “nice” is not really one of them.

  I think I have two options: ask to speak with his superior and tell him the truth, that I am not comfortable with the ‘Child” or simply walk away and go to the first financial adviser I met with even though I wasn’t completely enamoured of him either. I am not totally ignorant of money matters so I can oversee my funds adequately either way.

  Meanwhile, anyone have any suggestions on how I can make a little money become a LOT of money? Hmmm?

Leaving La-La Land

Let’s see, since last I blogged much has happened. D. and I have spent all but a few days together, either at his place or mine. Last week he came down here and after spending some quality time on the mower proceeded to get violently sick and spent most of the next 48 hours in bed and/or near a toilet puking. My daughter had it two days before that and missed her first day of work in three years it was so bad!

I thought I’d managed to miss this one but the day after D. left I was sitting on my best friend’s porch enjoying a nice glass of Bogle zinfandel when all of a sudden I didn’t feel so good. I pleaded sick and left just in time! By the time I drove the few miles home I was sweating bullets and barely made it to the bathroom before I lost my stomach. The next few hours were horrendous. I didn’t know which end to turn which way! Luckily, as awful as it was, it didn’t last long and less than 24 hours later I was headed to Rochester.

 This weekend was our first anniversary of our first meeting. We celebrated quietly, just spending lots of quality time together, cuddling and making sweet love, drinking some good wines, eating some good food, chatting with friends, and enjoying the summer.

 On Saturday night we attended the Barbecue & Blues Concert and for only $3 saw some unbelievably great Blues bands and sat under the stars on a blanket rockin’ with a host of other blues lovers for several hours, just enjoying the music and the night and a cold beer. Perfect.





 On Monday we went to Letchworth State Park near Rochester and OMG, was it beautiful! Three waterfalls, views over the river ravines that made you want to cry they were so amazing, and the peaceful trails that took us all through the park which was enhanced by the stonework done by the CCC during the Great Depression.









Back to reality here when I returned to my home in PA today. The financial part of my divorce is final so I spent the better part of the afternoon arranging my finances, insurance, changing accounts into my name, etc. 

Later  I got to spend some time with my sweet grandson Cole. We rode the tractor out to the south field where we picked handfuls of ripe wild raspberries and he shoveled them into his mouth like a ravenous little monkey! I roasted a chicken with herbs and garlic, baked a couple of potatoes, steamed some broccoli and my daughter, Cole , and I had a good dinner together.It felt great just quietly enjoying my family.

Daniel remains in Rochester to get some work done there. We tend to focus so much on each other and neglect some much-needed chores at our homes when we are together so this will be time well spent even if it’s lonely. Hopefully we’ll be able to see each other in a week or so.

Please forgive me for having neglected you all. I missed reading about all your adventures this past week but I needed the time away from my computer. I’m sure you all know what I mean! I will be catching up a little at a time and responding to your (brilliant) posts as soon as possible.

Love to all of you!