How To Make a Point Without Making ANY Sense At All!

This video makes me crazy. Watch the speaker try to make an argument against McDonald’s food based on her own so-called proof that it’s not “real food”. Now I don’t particularly think that fast food is very good for you but she tries to scare us into thinking there is something mysterious about the stuff!!  ooooooooo, I’m scared!!!  I love when she says “when I was overweight”.  Uh…… and that was when? This morning?!!! Shame on this show!!  I am going down to Mickey D’s right now and ordering a Big Mac just because this stupid cow pisses me off with her pseudo-scientific bullshit!!

Red, Red Wine

woman-drinking-wine.jpg    I drink red wine. I love red wine.

    Have you ever noticed how some of them, like the Italian Primitivos are the same deep purpley-red as blood? I think I am slowly replacing my plasma with must ( a winemaker’s word).

     I opened a fairly decent one last night. Low budget. Very drinkable. It’s a La Pisara Salento Primitivo 2004 vintage.   I am fond of Italian reds.

    I discovered Amarones last fall and will drink them whenever my pocketbook is full enough to deserve one. They are amazingly rich and wonderful. Amarones are made differently than most red wines. The grapes are allowed time to slightly dry creating a richer, deeper fruit-forward flavor that pairs so well with fall foods like nuts and rich creamy cheeses. The first one I had was shared with D. as we picked at some French triple-cream ripe cheese with toasted walnuts and crackers. OMG, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

    D. is teaching me about wines. He started his wine education a few years before we met. He lives near the Finger Lakes in NY so he takes me to the wineries up there and I am learning to appreciate the whites of New York State. Given some time I think New York will rival any place in the U.S. for decent wines. I have had some remarkable (and some not so remarkable ) wines from there.

      As he says, “in order to understand and appreciate wines, you must drink lots of wines!” I agree and am doing my darndest to live by that philosophy.

     I am constantly amazed, as I get older, by how much I don’t know. I am setting a course to change that. Any suggestions? Anyone?

Sunday Ramble

chickadee.jpgdeer_does_50964_7.jpgdeer_does_50964_7.jpgturkeys.jpg    It  finally warmed up by mid-afternoon today. I met some friends for lunch in town at 1 o’clock and by 3:30 I was zipping my way  home to get out of those dress pants and heels and into some sweats.      I called D. quickly to let him know I had gotten home but we didn’t chat as long as we normally do because I could feel the day slipping away and I really wanted to be outside. I would rather be outdoors than indoors almost anytime except when the temperature drops below freezing with the wind blowing. I can’t take the cold. I hate it. Probably because I grew up in Central Florida. I am a sun-worshipping, heat-seeking fool!

     I  set out at around 3:45 heading south and walked my regular 2.5 miles but feeling good I decided to go a little farther today. I walked another mile and then turned around to head home ONLY because I needed to pee! I had one tiny scrap of Kleenex and nowhere to use it.

     Along the way I passed three rabbits, spooked four whitetail deer and one tom turkey. I saw flocks and flocks of birds: crows, robins, red-winged blackbirds, tons of chickadees, all singing and chirping that wonderful , raucus springtime birdsong that is such music to my ears. I walked with my head up, my back straight and breathed deeply of the clean Pennsylvania country air.

     The ditches were flowing with the spring meltdown and runoff so I heard the gurgling of water as it trickled around tree roots and over rocks. Tiny buds were swelling on the white birch trees and the hayfields were showing definite signs of green.

      Six-plus miles of amazing country scenery, all free to anyone who wanted it! I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

     It was a glorious day to be alive!

” I’m a Wee Bit Pissed” (Pardon Me) or “Shit Happens”(Pardon Me Again)

thegreatpacleanup.jpg     Saturday morning I was responding to an email from my  youngest daughter when all of a sudden my computer turned into ” My Nightmare”!

     Strange pop-ups and bogus warnings, weird sounds, and random websites jumped up at me. I kept being directed to a commercial website selling Spy-ware….over and over and then I could no longer log on to the Internet at all!

  I spent several hours that day and again on Sunday trying to figure out how to fix it but got nowhere. By Monday I was armed with new ideas to try via my friend D. and my son, both of whom are computer smarties. It’s their business!

 Still, no luck. I finally bit the bullet and dialed that dreaded number for Verizon Tech Service. The last time I needed their help I wanted to take a shotgun to the phone!

 I was pleasantly surprised when, after the initial computer-generated question period I actually got a human voice. AND he spoke English beautifully even though he was obviously an out-sourced foreigner from India .  He was concise and clear and patiently guided me through a series of steps and within half an hour I was back on-line and running my DSL as though nothing had ever happened. YAY! Oh, and he actually had a sense of humor!! OMG!!

  Go, Verizon!!

  So then I spent hours trying to catch up with all my blogger friends. (Apologies to anyone I haven’t gotten to yet!) You all have been very busy ! Evidently Easter and vacations were the order of the weekend.

  I spent Easter alone. (pity-party time!) My daughter from across the way has apparently been harboring mucho resentments for the past six months, some of which I knew about and others which took me completely by surprise. It seems my hedonistic lifestyle has put a real damper on her life what with me going off and having a LIFE and everything!

  Seems I should have been standing quietly in a closet awaiting her need of me and THEN and ONLY THEN should I have let daylight into my eyes. No going out of town to be with my friend D.  No working at the antiques shop in order to earn some much-needed cash. No days spent keeping this huge, old place in running order! Dammit, I was supposed to be there patiently waiting for her to summon me  to be of assistance to HER!

 OK, I’m a little angry. She said some pretty awful things to me. I used to hate when someone would try and explain my pissy self by saying “She must be having PMS” but you know what? I think maybe that’s true with her.  Hormones can be terrible!

  I know she loves me but when she acts like this I only see the worst of her dad in her, God help her. You all know how I feel about the STBE (Soon-to-be-Ex).  AAGGGHH!!

  So I have been walking for therapy. The days here have been reasonably warm if not downright spring-like. I am up to 5 miles at a walk! I normally walk around three miles but since I needed to vent some energy I have taken to walking farther and I am now up to five miles at a go! I may be doing 7 miles before long. I just mapped out a new route which I am pretty sure won’t be too strenuous for me.

  The thing that really bugs me on these walks is the horrible amount of trash and litter I am seeing along our Pennsylvania roads. I asked my friend D. why I see so many beer cans he told me something I had never thought of:   the Open Container law.  THAT’S why they throw away the empties. “They” don’t want to get caught with an open container! That and the fact that PA. doesn’t require a deposit on its bottle and cans!

 I have a brilliant idea! I think that in order to buy cold beer one should have to present a coded I.D. which is then scanned along with the purchase of the beer which is also coded for identification.  Then if someone finds the one of those beverage containers along a public roadway, it need only be scanned in order to determine who the responsible party is and a substantial fine levied for the littering!  What do you think?  McDonalds containers should carry the same bar-codes!! I find so many of them along the road, too! It makes me want to enter my local McDonalds and walk among the customers saying ” I know who you are now!”

  Spring is when I normally clean up my road frontage anyway but this year I may have to call the Pa. Dept. of Transportaion to pick up the bags and bags of trash I know I am going to collect along here.

 If you see me walking along Rte. 670 north of Honesdale with my homemade trash picker-upper (it’s a long stick with a nail on the end)  and a garbage bag make sure you toot your horn, OK?  I need the motivational support.

  I hate litterers.

I’m Back

  Sorry I was away for a few days. Seems I picked up a little Trojan virus over the weekend and was unable to get online until today.

I will be playing catch-up for a while.

So much to do but I will be checking in on all my Blogger friends over the next couple of days.

I missed you all!!!!!

Letter To Me

Optical Illusion: Young girl or old woman?young_or_old.jpg      

 I was listening to the local country music station in my car today and Brad Paisley’s “Letter to Me” came on. It made me start thinking about what I would say to myself if I could write my young self a letter and send it back in time.

 Brad Paisley sang:

And I’d end by saying have no fear
These are nowhere near the best years of your life.
I guess I’ll see you in the mirror
When you’re a grown man
P.S. go hug Aunt Rita every chance you can.
And oh, you got so much going for you, going right
But I know at 17, it’s hard to see past Friday night
I wish you’d study Spanish
I wish you’d take a typing class
I wish you wouldn’t worry, let it be
I’d say have a little faith, and you’ll see.
If I could write a letter to me, to me…”    

 What would I write?      I agree with Brad; I should have taken Spanish and Typing back in school.    I would definitely tell myself to not worry so much.

    I would tell myself that I was really not that fat. I only thought I was. All that wasted time dieting and thinking I was ugly. What a shame. Ten or fifteen extra pounds don’t matter at all in the big picture.

    Hey, Me!  DO NOT BUY those yellow pants!! You looked ridiculous!!! AAggh… I can’t believe you liked them…

    I would say to me “smile more” and “laugh a lot more!” Even when it doesn’t seem to be funny, later on you’ll think it was!!

   Go to the dentist. Get your teeth cleaned!! It matters. Oh, and floss!

   I would remind myself how important it is to be a generous person and how little it costs to give to others who need it, whether it’s money they need or the loan of a car, or a place to sleep for a while.

     Listen up, Me. No perms. EVER!!!

   I would surely write that taking care of my health is important and to watch out for those medicines I thought would help but later on carry a heavy cost physically. (Like that Prednisone I took for over a year many years ago.)

    I wish I could say to young me “Every time you go shopping without a purpose other than entertainment, you spend money that would, if saved, make a nice retirement fund instead. Dummy!! (Smack myself on the head.)

   I would say how important it is to spend time cuddling my children. I so wish I had done more of that, even though I was hugging them like crazy all the time.  It drove them nuts when they got to be teenagers but now I wish I hadn’t bothered to let that change things.

  Listen, Me, do your Kegels!!!

   And most of all I would tell myself to stay strong, that I could somehow be the mother I needed to be. My young self never felt she could do what needed to be done and it caused so much hurt. It’s the biggest regret of my life that I didn’t think I could handle being a single mother to two young sons without an  education and with no family. I wish I had said “tough it out”. 

So what would you write in a letter to yourself if you could?


Divorce Mediation– Sopranos Style

  My STBE (Soon-to-be-EX) is SOOO Italian. He’s originally from Brooklyn and where he comes from they sorta revere Tony Soprano.  “Ya know?”

 So much of this video hits home for me. The only big difference for me is that Carmela pretty much was an Italian-American Princess and I am so NOT!  She got to stay at home and I got to bust my butt. Big difference….

Playing Fair

_divorce100.jpg I got the property appraisals back yesterday. Wow. I look good on paper.

 Now I have to figure out how to get my STBE (Soon-to-be-Ex) to buy me out so I can get out of this fishbowl I live in. Here’s the deal:  I live in “our” old house on one side of the road, my daughter, her husband, and son live across the street, and my ex has a business diagonally across from me where he spends the better part of the week, along with all our  employees. AND since he keeps all the classic cars over there along with storing a couple for his friends, I get to see many of those people, too. Nothing I do goes unnoticed or unremarked upon. If D. comes to spend a few days with me, everyone knows about it.

 Not that I give a damn what they think.  I just don’t like being on display so much of the time.

 I am not the screwing-around party in the marriage. Three years ago my STBE left me , saying that perhaps some time away from each other would be good for us. We had been having problems for a long time. After a couple of weeks we actually were getting along better. He would stop in often and we finally got to the point where we could talk without fighting or bickering. It was good.

 Then about two and a half months later he stopped by and said he wanted to tell me something before I heard it from someone else. He said he’d “met someone” and they were “in love“.   ……..huh?

 I thought we were in the process of repairing our marriage and he MET SOMEONE and THEY’RE IN LOVE?!! WTF????

 Oh, and the  girlfriend? She’s the recently divorced ex-wife of one of his good friends! And even better? She has the same first name as me!  Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

I later ran into his girlfriend’s ex and he told me my bastard of a husband had been planning on leaving me for years!!

Was I angry? Shit yeah!

Am I still? No, absolutely not. It is over and I am now happier than I’ve been in many years. But the divorce will probably be messy considering we have many assets to divvy up and the STBE is a selfish prick who hides things really well and always has. I have never known, in thirty three years of marriage, how much money he makes a week! I am in the process of trying to figure out just what my half of this marriage is worth, thus the appraisals.

 I just started this whole legal battle and already I am tired of it. I wish it would all go away. I just want to be able to spend some time with D. and get on with living the rest of my life as happily as I can. I know I am not much of a fighter. I never have been but this battle may just determine the quality of the rest of my life. I had better be prepared to do whatever is necessary to make sure things get done fairly.

 I like my new attorney. He is calm but feisty, someone who speaks quietly but can be as tough as nails if he needs to be for a client. I like that! I feel calmer knowing he’s got my best interests at heart (or checkbook, whatever.)

 OK, tomorrow I get to work trying to make this thing go as smoothly and as painlessly as possible.