another list of “things I’m grateful for”

  1. Antibiotics…my throat has hurt for three days and I am blessed to have a doctor who believes me when I tell him I need them!
  2. Hot apple cider with rum! Good in the morning, afternoon AND at night!
  3. Fleece pajamas- the ONLY way to get comfy on a rainy and cold afternoon.
  4. Cuddling with my honey in the morning under the covers. Wrapping yourself in each other’s arms and legs and nuzzling is the sweetest feeling in the world.
  5.– Ever since my Satellite dish was disconnected I am grateful to watch my favorite shows here!
  6. My trusty 2000 Subaru Forester… 100,000 miles and going strong! Not cool but damn, Suzi Subaru is the best car I ever owned!
  7. My Visa card (the bastard LOVES me, too!)
  8. Bacon- Thank you, pigs!
  9. A daughter who “gets” me.
  10. Used books stores.. Thank you to Rick’s and Houghton Book Store! You let me be able to afford to have books always in reserve. That comforts me SOOO much!
  11. Potatoes–mashed, fried, scalloped, latkes, boiled, gratineed, salad, baked, hash browned, and…drum roll, please…CHIPS!
  12. Warm, enthusiastic, smoochy, clingy, happy hugs from my grandson  Cole EVERY time I come to see him!
  13. Gummy, sweet, and beaming smiles from my 6-month-old grandson Ryan. Oh, and the wonderful way he smells right there on that special spot at the top of his widdle head!
  14. On-line shopping. Better than dealing with the insanity of malls and big box stores.. ANY TIME.
  15. My hair colorist. Jodi, you perform a miracle every 5 weeks!
  16. Sharp cutlery.
  17. Mascara. Black. Always black. Maybelline. Cheap and wonderful!
  18. Orgasms!   Well DUH!
  19. My blogger friends and my Facebook buddies. You know who you are and I love you all!
  20. My darling, handsome, and loving boyfriend, D’Bear.  He’s my best friend and the best playmate a girl could ever ask for.

This is only a partial list of some of the many, many things I am blessed with.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!


Dobeman has a BIRTHDAY

birth When he was born,in 1973, I was in an Army hospital in a now-closed Army base. I was pretty sick. I had pre-eclampsia and my blood pressure was creeping up hourly. The doctors decided to induce labor.

I insisted I did NOT want anesthesia. I wanted my baby born free of any chemicals, alert and and as healthy as I could make him. They patted me on the head and told me, in the nicest *cough* Army way, that they would do what they felt best. Can you say patronizing?

 Then they had a sadistic ,woman-hatingnurse come and shave my entire pubal region with a cold basin of water and a rusty razor. After that I got a lovely enema and was told to “void when you feel you really need to”.

It was fun, let me tell you. Nine months pregnant, guts filled with soapy water, in labor and all alone. I had just turned 19 years-old.

 Lying in that sterile labor room by myself, no radio, no TV, no one to hold my hand through the contractions, I decided to be proactive for what was probably the first time in my life. For my baby. I began to push a little with each hard contraction and left alone for most of the next two hours I was not told I couldn’t or shouldn’t.

 The next time the nurse came to check me I told her I thought the baby was coming. “Oh, don’t be silly. You have a long way to go yet” she said in her most condescending voice. Then she checked my status and her mouth fell open. “Oh, my God! ” and she ran to get another nurse to help wheel me to the delivery room.

I gave birth to “Dobeman” on the labor room bed.

He was a healthy and beautiful baby. Do I hear a TA -DAAAA!!!

He’s still beautiful and with the exception of having some back problems and some wicked sinus issues he’s still healthy.

He’s the father of two of his own beautiful boys and he and his wife are pregnant with my new grandchild who is due in August.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son. I love you. You are the best Mother’s Day gift in the world.

what a “waist”

cookie1I have to throw out, give away, or freeze all the leftover Christmas goodies. I am on Day 1 of ….dramatic drum roll….THE DIET.

I will not post my weight because , well, it’s none of your business, and I am like most every woman in that I think I am really fat when I know, in reality I am only pudgy. I hate pudgy. This roll of blubber around my middle is pissing me the fuck off. I let it come on because I was living the “good life”!

 So now I pay the piper.

Interestingly, I think about my food consumption a lot. HA! I was thinking last night that my weight and, to a certain degree, my level of health and fitness is something I can change if I choose to do so. There are so many things I cannot change such as the aging texture of my skin, the fact that I snore loudly enough to wake the dead, and my propensity for sarcasm. My fat ass is something I can control!

 So I will post my daily weight losses. There will be no gains, I promise you that! When I put my mind to something, watch out!  I’ll be 25 lbs. lighter by my birthday, come hell or high water as my bitch of a  mother used to say.

My weight loss plan is a little extreme. Birdpress gives me hell every time I do this because she loves me but it works for me. I do Medifastfor a couple of weeks so that I can get the weight-loss-momentum thing going and then I just eat very light and healthy foods and start a workout regimen. Medifast is not for everyone but it jump-starts my diet and for me, that’s important. That and making myself get on the scales and really see what the numbers are. Right now those numbers make me want to cry.

 I will be back, crankier than all get out probably, and ready to chew the shoe leather off of D’Bear’s boots but I WILL LOSE WEIGHT!

Merry Christmas

As I sit here at my computer waiting for all my loved ones to arrive safely, I am pondering all my blessings.

You, my blogging friends, are incredibly precious to me. You’ve helped make this past year something bearable and oftentimes, wonderful!

 As some of you know, I filed for divorce from my husband of 33 years back in July. It has been a bitter and sweet time for me, a time for re-learning who I am and for learning to allow myself to be loved again.

 Thank you all for being that comforting presence in my life, that constant warm stream of friendship, laughter, and thoughtfulness. As I look back I realize just how much your friendships have meant to me. Many nights my fears and doubts kept me awake into the wee hours but you all kept me sane and comforted.

Thank you.

And I wish you all a blessed and happy time spent with the ones you love, eating, drinking, dancing, laughing and loving !

Please enjoy this video of my favorite song for the special time that is Christmas.

Merry Christmas

from your friend,   Trisha

Making it Pretty For Christmas

I am in the throes of Holiday Decorating!!

Every year I say “No more!” because taking it all down is really a bummer . But then December rolls around again and I get twitchy thinking about those Rubbermaid containers just filled with all my Christmas goodies and aghhhh!! I have to go out to the garage and bring them all in and make things festive!!
My daughter, Birdpress, and and her new hubby will be arriving the 24thfor Christmas with the fam so I am using that as my excuse this year.

So many of my decorations are ones I have made over the years,

pc110419This is a picture of a few of my canvas Santas. I form them from painter’s canvas, stitch them up , then paint them just like a regular painting. They’re weird and silly and fun to make!pc110420pc110421










pc110417These are two of my old papier mache Santas. I haven’t made any in this media for a long time and most of them are long gone, having been sold. I’m glad I hung on to these two.

This is the small Christmas tree I put in the living room. 99% of the ornaments are ones I made from wool felt. I embroidered them and added beads and doodads. I have a few that friends and family made on there, too. I like that there is one tree with heart every year. Nothing fancy. Just simple home-made pretties.pc110408






This is my mantle decorated with garland and berries. The fireplace gets used almost daily. It’s not an efficient heat source but I don’t care!pc110414


This guy is a three-feet-tall wooden Santa I cut with my scroll saw and then painted. pc110418

Here is a display I did with my Christmas gnomes. When I had my store I found these one year and had to have them for a display. I took them home with me when I closed up shop and every year I’m glad I did. They have so much personality! They are BIG! Nearly two feet tall!pc110422

pc110423Today I’m playing hooky. Since the presents are wrapped, the house is decorated and it’s raining cats and dogs I think it is a stay-in-my-jammies day! There’s a bottle of beer with my name on it to go with lunch and a couple of old movies on TCM I may want to watch. The fireplace and I have a date! Wanna join me?