I am sitting here in my little aerie waiting patiently for D’Bear to return from his meeting. I haven’t had much time for computer-puttering since mine fried almost three weeks ago. We ordered the power source thingy and it didn’t fit. Seems Dell parts are very brand specific and so we wait. I believe the part to be at my house in PA but since I and my personal tech service guy (aka D’Bear) are here in Rochester it isn’t getting fixed until perhaps tomorrow when we return there.

We have a car load of things to bring back with us for the second round of garage sale weekend. We had one hell of a garage sale on Labor Day weekend and did really well money-wise. However..we still ended up with beau coup stuff left sitting in the garage so decided to just do a repeat with even more added household detritus. This go-round we’re putting in tons of clothing, both his and mine, since we’ve both been such pack rats for so long.  And we’ve found (ta da!) even more closets and drawers filled with a lifetime of crap that we only hope others will find absolutely essential enough to pay a measly price for.

I am sick of the process but I love the results. We can now find D’Bear’s long lost dining room table and chairs which had formerly been buried under the weight of his mother’s household goods since she went into nursing care three or more years ago! And it turns out he DOES have a living room! Before Garage Sale (BGS) we never used it much because all the boxes kinda blocked the TV and the stereo speakers.  The couch was difficult to use lest one topple a dust-covered cardboard container filled with old photos of long lost and unidentifiable relatives. Now it is amazing to discover there is a usable room underneath all of that stuff!!

I intend to get back to joining in and commenting on all of your blogging efforts, my friends. I am simply trying to sort out two households-in-transition for the time being. Please bear with me. I love you all!


She’s Come Undone

Sorry I have been AWOL lately, folks, but my home computer has fried its little self and needs a new power source or some such thing so I cannot post lest I sit and hog D’Bear’s laptop.  I will be back up and running my mouth soon enough, I suppose.

I miss jabbering to you all. I have sooo much to tell you!

Ta for now, my darlin’ blogger friends!