She’s Come Undone

Sorry I have been AWOL lately, folks, but my home computer has fried its little self and needs a new power source or some such thing so I cannot post lest I sit and hog D’Bear’s laptop.  I will be back up and running my mouth soon enough, I suppose.

I miss jabbering to you all. I have sooo much to tell you!

Ta for now, my darlin’ blogger friends!

9 comments on “She’s Come Undone

  1. First of all, I’m here tattling on your daughter, do you know what she’s been up to?!!! GAH!
    Second, I have missed you Trisha. My home connection is giving me grief as of late too and I have been busy at work.
    I’ll wait for your post to fill us all in. If you are not aware of what BP has been up to, I suggest you get over there and check it out. Please give her a hearty spank’n for me too!

  2. It’s good to know what is going on and that there is a reason behind your absence that isn’t health related. We can all relax and will wait patiently for your return. Allright – maybe not so patiently, but we will wait nonetheless. 🙂

  3. I hog my wasband’s computer all the time. He can fight my cane for it but once I sit at it he can’t get me out. Not that he tries that hard. He has been really good about it since my laptop broke over a year ago. I’m hoping he buys me a laptop so he can have his computer back.

    Well, at least now we know why you are among the missing. Glad it is only computer related and not anything else.

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