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I‘ve always had a “thing” for crows and ravens. Here at my farm they are constantly visible, swirling across the pasture, hopping about on the fence posts, sitting high in the maple trees calling to one another. They are playful and loud! When startled the have a very specific call, “BAWK! BAWK! BAWK!”

I see two of them sitting really close to one another sometimes, preening and kissing.

 According to Raven Lore:

“Raven is a creator – he is mankind’s protector and sometimes saviour. He brought light and fire to the early people so they would not die. He gave them salmon so they wouldn’t starve. In some stories, he even brought water to break a terrible drought.
He is a cultural hero. He is also a Trickster. Raven steals from man, and from other spirits. He plays jokes on us, and he laughs at mankind’s expense. Sometimes his tricks go awry and he ends up the butt of his own joke, but even then, there is humor.
Raven is a juxtaposition of opposites: A provider and a thief. A hero and a fool. He brought light out of darkness, but he is himself cloaked in midnight black. He is a symbol of dark brooding sadness, and of death, yet he brings life, and unrivalled joy.
He is credited with creating the earth and all its mysteries, but even the smallest secret attracts his attention. He is a silent spy, and an unstoppable chatterbox. He is many things…. And sometimes he is nothing. That is Raven.”

That’s  how I would like to be remembered:  “A provider and a thief. A hero and a fool. She brought light out of darkness, but she is herself cloaked in midnight black. She is a symbol of dark brooding sadness, and of death, yet she brings life, and unrivalled joy.

And yes, I am often the butt of my own jokes but always there is humor.

This is why I identify with crow.

5 comments on “My Avatar

  1. “Quoth the raven: ‘Nevermore!'” One of my favorite works. Did you know that crows can be taught to talk, and can live more than 100 years? I’ve always liked crows too. In the small town in which I grew up, we had lots of them in the fall, and not so many during the rest of the year, so I associate them closely with autumn, so much so that when Autumn rolls around, I change my new email alert sound to the sound of a crow cawing. It always makes my coworkers wonder what’s making that noise.

    Regarding food and your most recent comment: Thou SHALT purchase “Appetite,” by Nigel Slater. He is my biggest influence on what I cook and why I cook it. I think you’d like it too.

    CulinaryGeek- “Appetite” is now on my wish list! Thanks for the advice!
    I actually did know that about teaching crows to talk. I have always wanted to raise a crow from a hatchling for a pet but somehow that just seems wrong, you know? They are so intelligent it would feel like a cruelty to separate it from its own kind and from the freedom to just be a crow.
    AAhh, E.A. Poe! My childhood hero!

  2. oh I LOVE that!!!! My dad had a pet crow when he was a teenager. Said it was the best pet he ever had.

    Javajunkee- Whoa! Your dad sounds cool! (See my comment to Culinary Geek above)

  3. I had noticed the change…I love it!
    So nice to have an avatar with a meaning!

    cowgalutah- Thanks for noticing! My last one was pretty good (as far as having meaning goes) but I like this one better.

  4. Love the crow. Having grown up in Oklahoma, with broad wheat fields and open country never far away, a crow’s call takes me instantly back to those fields, fresh air and sunshine, and the smell of dust and leaves in the air.

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