Merry Christmas

As I sit here at my computer waiting for all my loved ones to arrive safely, I am pondering all my blessings.

You, my blogging friends, are incredibly precious to me. You’ve helped make this past year something bearable and oftentimes, wonderful!

 As some of you know, I filed for divorce from my husband of 33 years back in July. It has been a bitter and sweet time for me, a time for re-learning who I am and for learning to allow myself to be loved again.

 Thank you all for being that comforting presence in my life, that constant warm stream of friendship, laughter, and thoughtfulness. As I look back I realize just how much your friendships have meant to me. Many nights my fears and doubts kept me awake into the wee hours but you all kept me sane and comforted.

Thank you.

And I wish you all a blessed and happy time spent with the ones you love, eating, drinking, dancing, laughing and loving !

Please enjoy this video of my favorite song for the special time that is Christmas.

Merry Christmas

from your friend,   Trisha


“Let It Snow” For JavaQueen

This is for our favorite crazy woman,  JavaQueen, that talented, funny, and wonderful gal who just today introduced me to this man Jamie Cullum. Go to her site to see more of this hunky man singing.


JavaQueen, this one’s for you!

Duhhhh, I’m Sloooww…

My life is outa control. I am sooo behind on my reading and blogging. I think it’s the road hypnosis. Too much commuting between here and my long-distance honey is making me feeble-minded!

 I was looking at my stats here at wordpress and lo and behold I saw an incoming link from my pal, JavaQueen! What? Where did this come from?

I zipped over there and found that the darling woman had given me this award:


JavaQueen is one of the most evolved women you’ll ever meet so if she says “I’m working on that!” then you can bet she will “get ‘er done!”!

So many people inspire me to work on being a better person.

Every time I hear about selfless sacrifice and the many people who toil tirelessly for barely a “thank you” I am inspired to do more to help make the world a better place.

Every time I see someone calmly soothing the tensions when tempers flare I am inspired to remember that my own attitude can help make changes.

Every time I read or hear about someone challenging themselves to grow as a human being, whether it’s by education, or physical demands, or spiritually, I am inspired to take chances, to push myself just a little bit harder.

Thank you, JQ, for being  MY inspiration.

As for my blogging and commenting, well….”I’m working on that!”


Oh, What a Relief It Is!

 stork1 This is the BEST day! My Christmas is complete now.

 Yesterday my oldest daughter, who is 14 weeks pregnant, had the  first sonogram for this baby. She was so excited because she really wanted to know whether it is a boy or a girl. She has a 2 1/2- year-old son at home so I was kinda hoping to hear that maybe it was going to be a granddaughter. I don’t really care but (shrug) ya know, it would be kinda nice to shop for pink things with lace for a change. I have 3 beautiful, intelligent, and wonderful grandsons and it would be cool to have a female grandchild.

 I insisted she call me the moment she left her doctor’s office with the news. She called around 3:15. The conversation went like this:

  “Hi, Mom.”  …..”Hi, so what is the good news? Is it a boy or a girl?!!!”… “It’s a boy.”…….. “Well. that’s terrific!! Cole will have a little brother!”…… nothing. I hear crying.

 “Mom, the technician is sending me over to Scranton to a Pediatric Imaging Specialist because she thinks there might be something wrong with the baby’s heart!”

 “What? Is she sure? Why does she think this? ”  She explained what the tech said and why she was a little concerned.

” I don’t understand why this is happening! I did everything I’m supposed to do! Why can’t I just have a healthy baby?”

 She had recently miscarried early in her last  pregnancy so she thought that this time at 14 weeks everything was doing well.

 I carefully told her not to get all excited and worried, that maybe the sonogram tech was just incompetent, that maybe there was a shadow in the way, anything I could think of to reassure her. She was devastated.

 She left for her appointment this morning with my son-in-law. Their hearts were heavy. I got a call at 11:20 telling me the good news. The baby is PERFECT! The specialist believes that the baby was positioned at such an angle that its spine was blocking the sonogram from seeing the main chamber of the heart. The tech at her doctor’s office was just being cautious in referring her to the specialist.


 I am not especially religious but I had the music channel on my satellite TV station tuned to the Christmas music channel and as soon as I hung up from hearing the good news I raised the volume and “Ave Maria” came on.

I lost it.

 This is the best Christmas present I could ever have received, to know that this little child is , indeed,  doing well inside my beautiful daughter’s womb. Thank you, God, Jehovah, Yawa, Buddha, the Cosmic Guru, whomever! My grandchild is, for now, healthy and growing and my wonderful daughter is smiling like the beautiful Mommy that she is.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

The Letter N




 My friend Sue over at Lupusranting had a marvelous meme that I meekly asked to be tagged for .

The rules are:

You leave a comment on this post and I’ll assign you a letter.  You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place.  When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

You DO NOT have to do the meme if you only want to comment. Tell me if you want to do it. Otherwise you will not be tagged.

 She did a marvelous job.  I became caught up in the anticipation, partly because my little brain has been stumped for a blog topic for days!  This is my attempt:

I was assigned the letter “N”. 

1. Niobium-

I am severely allergic to jewelry containing nickel so wearing costume jewelry has always been out of the question for me. BUT recently I discovered a metal called niobium and I am so excited because #1, it’s cheap compared to gold, and #2 it’s so pretty! It changes colors when it’s heated in a particular way so often you will see it as earwires in bright colors like teal, hot pink,  blue or simply in copper or bronze.  Few companies are using it because it can be difficult to work with but I’ve made some simple earrings by attaching beads to earwires I purchased .                            My pretties!

 2. NightgownsI usually like to wear something cute and sexy like this:nightgown 





But sometimes I wear this:grannygown1

 I’m not proud of that but it’s true. There’s nothing like a soft old granny gown and a cup of hot tea with lemon when a nasty cold hits you.

3. Novels–  

I had a strange and violent childhood so when things got too crazy, I would grab a book and run to the woods where there was a perfect tree for climbing. Its branches hung low enough for a short little girl to shimmy up and yet it was full and leafy enough to be well hidden in. Novels became my escape from an extraordinarily nasty family. I became Tarzan when I read Edgar Rice Burroughs, or Crusoe when I read Defoe.  I got a thrill reading novels that my family had lying all around our house. We may have been poor and crazy but we had tons of books! Stacks of them everywhere! And thank the goddesses for that!

4. Names-

I collected them for years! The sillier the better! We had a farrier by the name of Preston Sprout. Every time I heard his name a mental image of a wee little leprechaun of a man came to mind! In reality he was anything but!  I recently found a great one on a MySpace friends list: Pontificus McSmarmy ! (Sorry George!)

5. Nutmeg– 

I love it freshly grated over bananas in milk! Yum!

6. Negromaro– 

salentoparticularly Salento Rosso Puglia and Salento Rosso 2003 !  Inexpensive and so very yummy!



7. Naughtiness

By the time I reached 50 I realized it was time to embrace my naughtiness. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with understanding that it’s really OK to be as naughty as you like (as long as you’re discreet!)spanky

8. Noodles

Carbs are supposed to be a no-no if, like me, you’re prone to pudginess, but damn! Noodles are one of my favorite things to eat in the whole world.  Soba noodles with sesame, egg noodles with butter and parmigiana cheese, homemade noodles in chicken broth, and on, and on!! noodles1





9. Nakedness

Yep, you heard me! I love looking at nekkid people. As an artiste I find the naked body to be endlessly fascinating. Not just the beautiful ones either! I think the human form is incredibly interesting and wonderfully varied!naked4



and finally-




Nesbitt,James   Terry and Gaby show  swoon….His Mr. Hyde was amazing!

Norton, Edward   norton  I never saw a movie of his I didn’t love..especially Fight Club!

 Neeson, Liam    liam_neeson_98  Ahh, those Irishmen!

Nolte, Nick   nick-nolte-5  I have aways loved him….

Now ..anyone????



Making it Pretty For Christmas

I am in the throes of Holiday Decorating!!

Every year I say “No more!” because taking it all down is really a bummer . But then December rolls around again and I get twitchy thinking about those Rubbermaid containers just filled with all my Christmas goodies and aghhhh!! I have to go out to the garage and bring them all in and make things festive!!
My daughter, Birdpress, and and her new hubby will be arriving the 24thfor Christmas with the fam so I am using that as my excuse this year.

So many of my decorations are ones I have made over the years,

pc110419This is a picture of a few of my canvas Santas. I form them from painter’s canvas, stitch them up , then paint them just like a regular painting. They’re weird and silly and fun to make!pc110420pc110421










pc110417These are two of my old papier mache Santas. I haven’t made any in this media for a long time and most of them are long gone, having been sold. I’m glad I hung on to these two.

This is the small Christmas tree I put in the living room. 99% of the ornaments are ones I made from wool felt. I embroidered them and added beads and doodads. I have a few that friends and family made on there, too. I like that there is one tree with heart every year. Nothing fancy. Just simple home-made pretties.pc110408






This is my mantle decorated with garland and berries. The fireplace gets used almost daily. It’s not an efficient heat source but I don’t care!pc110414


This guy is a three-feet-tall wooden Santa I cut with my scroll saw and then painted. pc110418

Here is a display I did with my Christmas gnomes. When I had my store I found these one year and had to have them for a display. I took them home with me when I closed up shop and every year I’m glad I did. They have so much personality! They are BIG! Nearly two feet tall!pc110422

pc110423Today I’m playing hooky. Since the presents are wrapped, the house is decorated and it’s raining cats and dogs I think it is a stay-in-my-jammies day! There’s a bottle of beer with my name on it to go with lunch and a couple of old movies on TCM I may want to watch. The fireplace and I have a date! Wanna join me?



My Challenge


 My challenge this week has been to find the good in people and in situations.  I’ve challenged myself to beat negative attitudes and to stop saying or thinking negative things.

    I had an occasion to practice my new rules yesterday.  I had parked at the mall and was walking through the parking area when I saw her. She was a handsome older woman, loaded down with packages and fighting to get her umbrella up before the rain came. As she came wandering towards me,  I heard her muttering ” where the hell is my G-D car?!!!”  The sky was almost black with rain clouds but just to the northeast was a brilliant rainbow arched right over the Barnes & Nobles Bookstore.  I said to her “I don’t know where your car is but there is a rainbow just for you!” and I pointed to it. She looked up and then smiled the most beautiful smile and said” Oh, my! I haven’t seen one of those in years!” and then she turned and said “OH! and there’s my car!!  Thank you!”

 I didn’t find her car for her. I made her see a rainbow. rainbow2

 I think I may have found my own pot of gold right there.