I am sitting here in my little aerie waiting patiently for D’Bear to return from his meeting. I haven’t had much time for computer-puttering since mine fried almost three weeks ago. We ordered the power source thingy and it didn’t fit. Seems Dell parts are very brand specific and so we wait. I believe the part to be at my house in PA but since I and my personal tech service guy (aka D’Bear) are here in Rochester it isn’t getting fixed until perhaps tomorrow when we return there.

We have a car load of things to bring back with us for the second round of garage sale weekend. We had one hell of a garage sale on Labor Day weekend and did really well money-wise. However..we still ended up with beau coup stuff left sitting in the garage so decided to just do a repeat with even more added household detritus. This go-round we’re putting in tons of clothing, both his and mine, since we’ve both been such pack rats for so long.  And we’ve found (ta da!) even more closets and drawers filled with a lifetime of crap that we only hope others will find absolutely essential enough to pay a measly price for.

I am sick of the process but I love the results. We can now find D’Bear’s long lost dining room table and chairs which had formerly been buried under the weight of his mother’s household goods since she went into nursing care three or more years ago! And it turns out he DOES have a living room! Before Garage Sale (BGS) we never used it much because all the boxes kinda blocked the TV and the stereo speakers.  The couch was difficult to use lest one topple a dust-covered cardboard container filled with old photos of long lost and unidentifiable relatives. Now it is amazing to discover there is a usable room underneath all of that stuff!!

I intend to get back to joining in and commenting on all of your blogging efforts, my friends. I am simply trying to sort out two households-in-transition for the time being. Please bear with me. I love you all!

11 comments on “Update

  1. For probably 20+ hours of work, I only made about $200 on my Garage Sale.
    Good luck!

    dobe- you obviously live in a far different world than I. I made great money a month ago. It IS a lot of work, but with the right marketing and the right buyers,..well, money can be made, I tell ya!

  2. Sometimes real life interferes with internet life. We all understand. Take your time, we’re all hopeless blog addicts and we’ll still be here when you’re done!

    talea- you sweet, sweet woman! Thanks you for that! I needed to hear it! Love you!

  3. Getting rid of old crap feels sooooo good. To just purge yourself of “things” that ya don’t need. I got you on my reader sweetness, so take your time.
    Love and miss you too! xoxoxoxo

    JQ- Do you know how much I miss you??? Yikes, life is far too busy but I needs my friends!! I’ll be back real soon, sugah!

  4. “pffffllubberr”

    Even the minority population here is picky over baby clothes. We had some excellent bargains I tell ya and sold very little.

    The weird crap, like the Turkey Fryer, GONE!

    Dobe- that surprises me, actually. Clothes sell really well here, at least grown-up’s clothing sells well. The turkey fryer? Oh, yeah, mine sold like THAT last time I had a sale too!

  5. Hey, What’s Happening? Glad to hear from you. We all have been missing you.

    My son is home for a few weeks and is selling off most of his fishing equipment. We put an add on Craigslist and he got 15 responses in one day. So all his equipment (and there is a ton of it) is on display in my kitchen and living room. It looks like a bait shop. he sold $800 worth this morning.

    I’ll be glad once it is out of here.

    Well, I’m glad everything is going good with you. We’ll all be here waiting for you. 😉

    joan- My friend!! Glad to hear your son is home safe and sound and makin’ some moola. How come he’s selling off fishing stuff? Was it a business thing or is he just tired of fishing? ( I ask ’cause I can’t imagine that!)
    I love you, gal! Thanks for your patience. It will be noted and remembered. Ya never know when it may happen to you.

  6. Sheesh. I was starting to get worried…glad you’ve just been bogged down by sorting-out…and you’re alright!

    Garage sales are a pain in the arse. I’m still trying to recover from mine this summer. Sold lots o’ stuff but had to bring what didn’t sell back into the house. Arggggh. And now I can’t find my dining room table, or my kitchen table, or my office…or my daughter. Hmmmm.

    2LD- Oh, please don’t say that! I am so afraid that’s going to happen to us! We still have two more days to go but the weather here has been atrocious and I can just picture us putting things back in boxes and storing them in my house. AGGGHH!!
    Love ya! Glad to hear you’re still there, my friend!

  7. Ok, I’m back, and I even read the post this time. 😉 I’ve missed you so much, and I’m still missing you, but I’m glad to hear that life is good for you. I just barely getting caught up on my reading. I hope to hear more from, and see more of your in the near future. 🙂

    Peter Parkour- Babe, that was SOOO sweet! I missed you, TOO! :mrgreen:

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