He’s ba-acck!

hangintoughha Yes, you heard it here first!

Our dear friend Peter Parkour is back at Hate & Anger !

I suggest you all run right over and check things out. He has awarded this Hanging Tough award to all the loyal followers who stuck around , of which I am PROUD to be a member. There are many of us who , over the time he was blogging, fell in love with this wacky, wonderful man.

Thanks, Spidey! I love the award… and I am so glad you are back.

7 comments on “He’s ba-acck!

  1. I like his blog, but like always I never get into the habit of commenting. 😀 I try to catch up with everyone, it’s hard sometimes.

    Glad to see your post! 😀



    This video doesn’t exist

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