By Dose is Stuff D’Up

Yes, this really is my nose. Count the pores....

Yes, this really is my nose. Count the pores....

This is so random and pathetic. My brain isn’t working up to capacity but I am blaming the cold medicine.

    I got a lousy cold. I just know it’s from some snotty-nosed person touching the same shopping cart as me. I am going to turn into one of those germophobes. I just know it.

According to one source ( and this will gross you the fuck out) “University of Arizona scientist Dr. Charles Gerba, who’s made a name for himself as a top “germ cop,” says kids in carts only add to the problem.

“Many of them are diaper age and don’t have good sanitary habits. You’re putting your broccoli right where your kid’s butt was,”said Gerba in an interview this month on Good Morning America.”

AGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  YUCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are lots of intelligent folks with germ phobias: Mandy Moore, Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell, the late Howard Hughes, to count a few. I am going to count myself among them. I think I’m in good company.

Before I got sick,this was my week:

I returned to PA from Rochester amidst a snowy white-out. I arrived home, threw some wood into the woodstove to warm up my house and while I was making dinner I saw this little fellow:pb110360
This little deer was looking for more apples. The apple tree unfortunately is now bare. There were several who came every evening to scarf up the windfalls.

I don’t know if this is a “she” or just a young “he”, pre-antlers. I just call it “cute”.


I also caught one solitary wild turkey “gobbling” up the stale bread I threw out . I sadly did not get a picture. You’ll have to take my word for it.

I had a couple of pumpkins that came up voluntarily in my garden. I decided to make pumpkin butter so I roasted them and then pureed them. I then cooked them with some pumpkin pie spices, brown sugar, a bit of apple juice and some orange zest and then some toasted pecans, chopped. The results were spectacular! I almost hate to give the stuff away but I think it will make a great Thanksgiving gift! Two medium-sized pumpkins reduced to this:pb210390



It is SO good on toast or English muffins or scones!

Or, as I most enjoy it, just me and a spoon!






I head back to D’Bear tomorrow if my cold isn’t too bad. I love it there. I have some “wildlife” there that I also enjoy. There are at least three feral cats that my soft-hearted  D’Bear feeds daily. They won’t let us come too close but they have come to expect a daily supply of kitty kibble which we dutifully supply. Here is one of them:pb150383

 He thinks he’s hiding!

I call him and his partner “the meatloafs” because they look alike and they often sit with their bodies all bunched up into a meatloaf shape in the driveway! Isn’t he the cutest fellow?





The neighbors have a pretty kitty that I often chat with through the window. Her name is Marley and she is quite the little princess.pb150384


She loves the attention because her mommy and daddy work all day and she doesn’t like to be left alone.

We have incredible conversations, she and I.

Me: Hey, Marley, what’s up?”

Her: “Get in here and scratch my neck, you lowly peon! I am bored!”

I’m off to take some more DayQuil. And there’s a book waiting to be read.  Or maybe a nap……….See ya.

Beak Cool

  I went over to the barn today to get the big tractor to mow the fields and

this is what I found instead:

    As I drove around the side of the barn I saw this white dove sitting right up against the whitewashed sides of the dairy barn. I stopped the tractor, got off, and approached the little thing, certain that it would try  to fly away. It appeared very calm until I tried to reach my hand out towards it and then it jogged away to the left and then to the right. I remembered how we used to corner heifers who’d escaped the pasture by holding both arms out to the side very wide and pushing in towards them in the direction we wanted them to go and sure enough, I soon had the little bird securely in my hands.

  It didn’t fight me at all and I wanted to release it after making sure it was not injured but there are a half dozen feral barn cats who make this area and the smelly dumpster their home and I knew this dove wouldn’t stand a chance against them. I held the bird close to my chest, aware that I may be putting myself at risk for some horrid avian virus or at the least some nasty bird lice but I couldn’t leave it there. I covered its head with the tail of my T-shirt and drove slowly back across the road to home.

  I remembered how my youngest daughter (you know her as Birdpress) was always rescuing wild animals and we had an assortment of cages and hutches in the basement long ago so I set off clutching the dove to my chest to find it a home. Sure enough there was a large cage down there just right for a frightened bird.

  With a tiny souffle dish filled with water and one with birdseed I placed the dove in the cage and left her on the deck in the shade from the old maple tree. It seemed happy and even ate and drank and sat calmly watching me as I went about my yard work.

  I think I should post a notice in the newspaper to see if anyone misplaced a white dove. If no one claims him/her I guess I have one animal at least on this old farm who needs me. It’s been a long time….