facts about 55 year-old women

birthday-candlesI’m in great company!

Condoleezza Rice was born in 1954 as was Oprah Winfrey. Also born in 1954 :

Ellen Barkin  (we share April 16th as our birthday!), Lorraine Bracco , Christie Brinkley, Lesley-Anne Down, Catherine O’Hara, Rene Russo,Kathleen Turner, and Annie Lennox.

Women 55 years-old and older constitute the largest number of new members on Facebook! According to Facebook the  ”  Fastest growing segment: Women over 55, up 175.3% in the last 120 days.”

This movie was made the same year I was born- 55 YEARS AGO! I especially love the alien woman “NAYA”. She sounds so much like Katherine Hepburn. “You speak unwisely.” Check out her bodyguard robot with flowerpot arms!!! What a great old movie!

According to The Hindu News Service: “

55-year-old New Zealand woman claims Cook Strait record

WELLINGTON (Xinhua): A 55-year-old woman from New Zealand North Island resort of Rotorua has swum Cook Strait in nine hours 23 minutes, becoming the oldest person to do so. Pam Dickson, 55, completed the swim on Friday on her first attempt, despite suffering hypothermia on the last leg and swimming in a circle for the final 800 meters because she was so cold and disoriented. She said the water temperature was 18 degrees when she began the swim, but it then dropped to 16 degrees in the final 4 km. She swam the distance of 26 km from north to south. Dickson, a massage therapist and grandmother of nine, said she’ s jumping with joy at her feat, but will probably not rest for too long. She has competed in many Ironman races and marathons and is considering doing the Rotorua marathon in May.

I don’t feel old. It feels like every other day, as a matter of fact. I’m just happy to feel anything these days!!!  I kinda like where I am today, April 16th, 2009.

the sun warms me

discoveryI pray for the warmth of spring and the chance to be outside daily. I do not like cold weather or snow or windy skies. I like warm, sun, temperatures above 70 degrees and my deck and my gardens and my ponds.

Last year I learned how to hoop dance, thanks to Safire, an on-line instructor/ hoop dancing goddess.

This is her newest video. She inspires me. If you like what you see, I highly recommend viewing her tutorials. Thanks to Safire I learned to do the tricks and have since learned to make my own hoops. I have given away more than two dozen of them to people who show an interest. Last year after the Park Avenue Festival in Rochester , NY  D’Bear’s neighbors had their annual Park Ave. backyard party and I taught several people there to hoop dance. We had a few drinks and by midnight there were takers for every one of the 8 hoops I made to give away!

 See if this doesn’t inspire you!

ps. : this is great exercise!!! If I want to be able to wear that cute little French Maid outfit for D’Bear I need to be hoop dancing every day!! Hurry up, sunshine! It’s hard to hoop dance indoors!!

pink is like red but not quite

WARNING TO MY FAMILY- POSSIBLE TMI!!!orangesAs I grow older certain parts of my body amaze me.

When I gain weight, it’s now my belly that gets inflamed huge. When I was younger the weight seemed to spread itself around more evenly. Now if I eat two heavy  meals in a row my middle feels bigger immediately! My pants grow tight and I’m not talking a food baby!

Oh, you know what a food baby is, right? That’s when you get a little pot belly right after you eat a meal. It feels round, like a pregnant belly!foodbaby2

 There are other things that change that no one really talks about, like the color of a woman’s nipples.

When you’re very young, prepubescent, they’re usually pink, like shell pink, very sweet and delicate. Then at puberty they start to darken a little and they get larger. All good things!!

When a woman gets pregnant nipples can become dark as night, dark like chocolate or purply and they grow bigger and bigger until a nursing mother can have nipples as big as a fried egg!fried_egg__sunny_side_up

But then after a certain age, during or after menopause, they start to change again. Mine have become that same shade of pale pink I had as a girl.

They’re still a woman’s nipples. They still love a caress or a kiss. They still respond amazingly to touch or the whisper of cold air or water. But they are such a sweet pink!

Pink is my favorite color. I used to HATE pink but I find it’s a nice color for women des certain age, as the French call older women.  I love that term: “la femme des certain age” ( pronounced “la fem day sairtan odge”  a woman of a certain age. ) It’s so much nicer than old lady, isn’t it? That’s a name I  don’t mind being called at all.

 Aerosmith … I have seen them twice in concert and I adore them! Steven Tyler’s willingness to be androgynous and the mouth on him…well, how can one not be mesmerized by him? His music is awesome!

This song is for all the femmes des certain age that are on my blogroll and for all the women who one day will be ….

It embraces the beauty in every body, no matter size, age, or weight. I love it!

A Ray of Light Amidst the Horror

The wildfires that have ravaged so much of Australia this past week have been horrifying. Daily images of burned-to-the-ground towns and people devastated by loss are in the news daily. It is heartwrenching.  Today’s news held a much-needed ray of light.

I found this posted this morning:

According to News.com.au

Pictures of Sam, who turned out to be female, traveled around the globe and featured in major newspapers including The New York Times, London’s The Sun and on CNN.

The image provided a much-needed picture of hope in a week filled with news of despair.

Yesterday Sam was recovering in Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter.

Carer Jenny Shaw said she suffered burns on her paws and was in a lot of pain, but was on the road to recovery.

She was put on an IV drip and is on antibiotics and pain relief treatment.

“She is lovely – very docile – and she has already got an admirer. A male koala keeps putting his arms around her,” Ms Shaw said. “She will need regular attention and it will be a long road to recovery, but she should be able to be released back into the wild in about five months.”

Mr Tree said he was surprised by the reaction to the photograph, which was snapped by Mark Pardew – a fellow CFA volunteer – on a mobile phone.

Mr Tree said he was in the middle of backburning at Mirboo North when he saw the stricken koala.

“I could see she had sore feet and was in trouble, so I pulled over the fire truck. She just plonked herself down, as if to say ‘I’m beat’,” he said.

“I offered her a drink and she drank three bottles.

“The most amazing part was when she grabbed my hand. I will never forget that.”

Mr Tree and his brigade then received an emergency call-out to save a house, but minutes later Sam was picked up by wildlife carers.

She is one of 22 koalas, 14 ringtail possums, several wallabies and eastern grey kangaroos that have been handed into Gippsland carers.