Bad English

Sometimes I just have to share the good stuff with the rest of you!! This video cracked me up!

By trishatruly Posted in humor

11 comments on “Bad English

  1. Sounds like me talking LMAO.
    No, I have give myself credit that my English is good and improving all the time = ) But this is funny! Thanks for sharing = )

  2. I will admit, those kind of people–each individual one– drive me certifiably insane when I have to read their writing. But, I must also say, that I think these actors did an incredible job pulling this off, especially the guy with “emphasis” problems. It’s so natural for us to emphasize things a certain way, and he had to completely undo that, if only for a few minutes.

    That’s skill!

  3. Oh, I recognize the blonde from It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia. Was this from that show, I haven’t seen it since season one.

    TGFTG- Gee, I don’t know! I have only watched that show once or twice. Maybe!! It’s good thought, doesn’t it?? LOL

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