the 360 Tour

Imagine sitting at the very top row of the Rogers Center , home to the Toronto Blue Jays, a building  which could contain a 31-story office building, and which for concerts can hold 55,000 fans!  (Note: I was just informed by my friend Marlaine, a Toronto native, that for Wednesday night’s performance there were 63,000 people in the stadium, a record!) Over my right shoulder stands this, the CN Tower, which at 1,815 feet tall is the tallest freestanding structure in the Americas! It’s dark and I am waiting to see U2 and their world tour .
photo courtesy of Wilson Coley

photo courtesy of Wilson Coley

The band Snow Patrol is rocking the Skydome (aka the Rogers Center ) and thousands of fans are still pouring into the stadium.

When we first arrived and were directed to our seats we began the long hike up, up, up , up the stairs and thought WHAT THE FUCK? We paid for nosebleeds? But once we settled in and quaffed a couple of beers and looked out over this massive body of fans and saw the skyline of Toronto with the sun setting directly in front of us, framing the high rise apartment buildings in golden light… well, we realized it was all right. Very all right!

The CN tower has lights running up and down and around it and the light show they put on is nothing short of mind-blowing. Seeing the elevators going up and down while the lights blink and spin and change colors is amazing!

Then Bono and the band came out.

U2 tour

The set, one of three used for the tour, cost 40,000,000 dollars. YES! 40 MILLION DOLLARS! The “starship” was unbelievable.



While I would have liked for the sound to have been a little better, this was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever seen.  It’s hard to expect the sound quality to be excellent for every seat in a venue this large. It was still worth the trip and every penny we spent to attend!

U2imageThanks, guys, for an unforgettable night!

After the concert D’Bear, two of our good friends from Rochester, Mark and MaryJo, and I went for some food. We found a pizzeria with outdoor seating and sat and enjoyed gobbling down a couple of hot pepperoni pizzas and talking about the concert and our impressions of Toronto. I noted that it is a very quiet city! While we sat only a few feet away from a busy street, eating our post-concert meal, the traffic was heavy with thousands upon thousands of U2 fans filling the streets. And yet it was quiet! No one seems to blow their carhorns, or shout obscenities at other drivers, no screetch their brakes. It seems a very civilized and friendly city. People actually walk around with smiles on their faces! I kid you not!

The next morning, after a tummy-filling breakfast at Cora’s,  evidently a chain of restaurants in Ontario, where we ate a delicious meal of crepes, fruit, eggs, and coffee we made our way home via the wine trail. We stopped off at Tawse Winery and sampled some delicious Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. I highly recommend making the difficult drive to find the place. The are an amazingly beautiful winery located in or near Grimsby. They are an organic winery which uses geothermal heating and gravity-fed systems to make some absolutely amazing wines!

Home at 8:30 and four tired but happy people got to dream of the great mid-week roadtrip we had just had!

13 comments on “the 360 Tour

  1. Cannot tell you how seriously jealous I am! I mean, s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y!
    Sounds like you had a great time overall, and that can only be a good thing…

    Anonymum- I can tell you it was amazing! And yes, a very good thing! I wish you could have been there! We could have shown those Torontonians how to ROCK DA HOUSE! heheehee

  2. I’m glad you had a good time – you needed it after that whole fence/Ryobi sprayer debacle.

    I’m glad you’re back!

    Josh- Well thank you, darlin’! It’s good to be back! Unfortunately I still have to return home tomorrow and face that ugly in-need-of-paint fencing but I had a great hiatus from it! 😆

  3. Woah, what a spectacular stage set-up! Glad you had fun!

    Hay- As a photographer you would have loved it! It blew my mind! If you ever get the chance to go see it, then GO, by all means! 😆

  4. Trish,

    I am adding you to my blogroll. I hope it’s not too premature but I love your blog, haha. : )

    Josh- THANK YOU! I added you, as well! Which reminds me I need to do some serious editing of my blogroll. Some links are defunct and some are just dead in the water but I hate to lose someone for not posting frequently as I am guilty of that from time to time.
    ps. do you often have issues with premature blogrolling? I hear they medicine for that!

  5. Sounds like an awesome concert! I have yet to see U2, they are on my to do list!

    JustaMom- Definitely make them a must-see! I was never THAT big a fan of theirs but WOW! Whata concert! It was a true spectacle.

  6. Girl. this sounds like a dream! is it actually psbl to spend $40 mill on concert sets? they put so much into thei show that it makes ppl still want to come out and c them aftr all these years – it sounds incredible and I am so happy that u, d’bear, and friends all had a great time!!!

    Mabel-That’s it exactly. Like I said to Justa Mom, I was never that huge of a fan of theirs but they sure know how to do a show! Day-am! 😯

  7. What a trip Trish. I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself like this. What photo’s. Wow. U2 is awesome and they are on my to do list as well.

    Joy- You get better and make sure that every day counts, my friend! This getting sick thing just sucks! I hope you are feeling better!

  8. WOW, U2 !!!!!

    Sounds like you have a blast.

    P.S. I didn’t realise you were from Canada. That’s where they film Supernatural with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

    Nikki- HAHA! No, hon, I’m from Pennsylvania in the U.S. but D’Bear, my friend is from Rochester, NY and the drive up to Toronto is only a bit over three hours from his house! We can be in Canada in little more than one hour.
    They do film a LOT up there! I adore Toronto!

  9. Man I wish I could have been there with you guys. That sounds like it was a BLAST! U2 was in Chicago just a few days ago and I missed them. DAMN IT!

    Maybe next time??

    Gary- Oh, that would have been great!! Maybe one day we can meet up for a concert!! We’d have a ball!

  10. wow that all so-nds amazing!!! A fab trip with I’m betting great people…nothing better than that!! I AM SO happy yo- enjoyed yo-r self……for those who happen to read this I am not typing code..Trisha -nderstands perfectly right? :}

    nikki- yo- sho-ldn’t give o-r secret away! Yes, dear readers, nikki and I have o-r own secret code. It is deeply mysteri-us and quite diffic-lt to -nderstand! Only great cryptographers are able to break this -niq-e way of comm-nicating! 😆

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