ok…..maybe not…


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy a Ryobi Power Paint Sprayer.

I was so anticipating this to be a great day. Checking items off my to-do list makes me happy!

I was so ready to paint some fencing! Around 1:30 I assembled my items: new Ryobi paint sprayer, extension cords, Glidden Satin Exterior paint, large brush, and paint stirrer.

I first took the string trimmer out to get all the grass and weeds away from my fence.   I managed to get it running though I did have to keep the choke on over halfway the whole time.

 Once that was done I ran three heavy-duty exterior extension cords out  to the fence. I read ALL the instructions for the new paint sprayer, as only a woman would do. I lubricated the piston as directed. I filled the paint cup, primed the sprayer and proceeded to paint the fence.

The paint didn’t come out quite as I imagined it would , in a nice lovely, even mist but rather in a clumpy single stream with a slight misting overspray. After three 8-foot boards the sprayer stopped and I realized it needed more paint. I didn’t like the way the paint was sort of clumpy so I fetched a quart container of Wagner Paint Conditioner, guaranteed to thin without diluting. This particular sprayer had promised that thinning the paint was unnecessary but I thought the thickness of the paint might be the culprit.

The next round seemed a bit better  though I had some trouble screwing the bottle containing the paint onto the sprayer. Lining up the grooves proved to be difficult with hands slippery with paint!

The next sprayerful was not happy! I primed the sprayer , as directed, but the paint came out sporadically and then stopped. By this time I was completely covered in white paint and tried to remove the full paint cup but it refused to come off! AGGH!! I wedged my sneaker-laced feet around the container and whacked at it with all my strength! That’s IT!   Finally!!   Off it came, drenching my shoes and me with white latex paint.

 I’d had enough by now! Cursing the very day I decided that this was a good idea I poured the remaining paint back into the can and took the damned thing over to the hose and sprayed as much paint off it as I could. It then went with me into the kitchen and for the next 30 minutes I scrubbed and wiped and rubbed and rinsed that damned thing clean. I disassembled the parts and cleaned each piece thoroughly and packed it all back snugly in the handy, dandy carrying case.

It took me twice as long to put away extension cords, clean my kitchen, take a shower, scrub my fingernails, and get as much paint off me as was humanly possible.

I was prepared to do battle with the folks at Home Depot. Receipt in hand I marched in to the store and right to the counter marked for returns.  I said “I have a return!”. The young man took my receipt, the boxed sprayer and in less than 2 minutes I had a receipt for the credited amount.  No questions asked. No suspicious examination of the boxed item. I could have returned a dead woodchuck in there! He never even looked!


Ryobi -0

Home Depot-1000

I am back to imagining that I will somehow find the time to hand paint 5oo+ feet of board fencing before the snow flies.


14 comments on “ok…..maybe not…

  1. Naaw, I feel for you Trisha! Though I can’t stop laughing at the scenery I can imagine infront of me ; )

    You got such great writing skills, lady!


    Jeanette- Ok, OK! Stop laughing!! 😯 It was NOT a pretty picture, I tell ya! I am a white girl but I ain’t THAT white! LOL

    Hugs right back to you, darlin’!!

  2. 😆
    I don’t mean to laugh, but you do such a good job of painting a mental picture, it’s hard NOT to laugh….
    Having said that I can well imagine the frustration too {while I’m still giggling I have to admit}

    anonymum- At the time it SO wasn’t funny but now… removed by almost 24 hours , I’ll admit…it was kinda funny.

    And YES! Frustrating as hell! I envisioned having that whole damn fence painted by the end of today! AGHHH!

    Go ahead. Giggle. 😆

  3. LOL, yeah, you did do a good job “painting a mental picture”… probably better than you did painting the actual fence. 😉

    At least you got your money back! But how much better would it have been if you showed up at Home Depot covered in paint, holding that thing? That would have been priceless.

    Birdpress- Yeah , that #$%@&@% fence is a mess… I will tell you that Glidden makes some damn fine exterior paint though! I had a hell of a time getting it off my fingernails! If it stays on the fence half as well I’ll be very pleased!

    Can you just imagine?? Me walking into the local Home Depot covered in white paint? “Did you see that woman ? I think that was Trisha, from Kitchen Essentials! Remember? I wonder what’s happened to her! Has she gone a little …you know.. kookoo???” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!That would have been priceless! Why didn’t I think of that???

  4. Ryobi doesn’t seem like a very good brand. My dad has a drill set from them and the drill is basically a piece of junk. I hate using the thing. It’s broken too, so you can’t switch directions on it without taking it apart fixing it. He’s had it for about 3-4 years though. He had a Black & Decker that lasted almost a decade.

    I know it’s more expensive, but I would try a Wagner sprayer – They sell them at Walmart as well. I’ve heard they are good from some of my paint buddies… (I used to do Contracting)

    And as for Returns – Home Depot wins in that department. As a former General Contractor – I had a much easier time returning items at HD than I did at Lowe’s, who are the ones who scrutinize the whole return from start to finish and act like you’re a liar.

    Josh- Thanks for the tip regarding the Wagner sprayer. Funny thing is I almost bought a Wagner but put it back in favor of the Ryobi because I have several 18volt cordless tools from Ryobi that I love! Go figure!

    The last time I bought any of the Black & Decker stuff I had no luck with it so maybe it’s the luck of the draw with tools, huh?

    Thanks, again for the info and for stopping by!! 🙂

  5. Funny the way you wrote this but mucho frustrating! Grrrr! Oh JAM! Funny as hell!

    Mabel- Yep! VERY frustrating… and hells bells ..life IS funny, isn’t it? When I start taking things too seriously wouldja just come out here and smack me in the head?? LOL

  6. GUess who!!!???? I am still kicking here in Utah. Love the story. I have decided that in life, or at least mine, nothing is done correctly on the first try and must include one or several trips back to Home Depot.

    Sunnymom- HEY THERE, my little scholar! How’s it going? How is school and Toots and and the rest of the fam??? I know it’s been a while since I kept this blog up and Twitter? Forgettaboudit! So I am out of the loop with you and several more. Catch me up when you can! 😆

  7. Note to self: Ryobi sucks! Ok, I think I got it and thanks for the tip Ryobi.

    At this time I would like to thank Trisha for giving up her precious time to test out this Ryobi paint sprayer so that we don’t have too. Your a real trooper Trisha. LOL

    Thanks for the laugh this afternoon and I could soooooo picture all of this. LOL

    Gary- Well, I’m glad to be of service to you faithful readers out there! Is there any other appliance or tool you would like me to test? It seems good old Home Depot is willing to let me try things and they have no problem with me returning them if they don’t work!

    I’m glad you got a good laugh out of it, Gary!

  8. Um, next I would like you to go buy a decently priced air sprayer powered by a pancake compressor and then tell me if you like it or not.

    (Cuz that’s what I really would like to get but don’t want the hassle you went through if’n it sux!)

    Dobeman- Believe it or not I am considering doing just that!! Will get back to you on this….

  9. I’m actually visualising the entire episode. I see it as a sort of scene from a good sitcom.

    SJAT- Hey, at least you said “a good sitcom” as opposed to a crappy one… 😯

  10. Best story I’ve read in weeks! AND you got your $$ back.
    I want a picture of that fence!
    Better yet, how about a picture with a Home Depot Guy standing next to the fence!
    Honestly, your little paint story could have been straight out of an I Love Lucy episode. 🙂

    Lupusranting- Well, thank YOU!!! You made my day with your comment! I will make every attempt to lure the curiously attractive Home Depot man back to my lair for a photo shoot. I’ll tell him you asked! LOL

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