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This morning it was 48 degrees Fahrenheit. I went to bed with a few windows left open and when I awoke I was shivering under my quilt and spread. I am not ready for winter. I still have too much to do!


I went to Home Depot today to buy a paint sprayer. I have over 500 feet of three-rail wooden fencing that is in dire need of painting. In the past I had access to a husband who was willing to either

a. have me paint it all summer

b. hire someone else to paint it

c. bribe one of our daughters to do it


 d. leave it go till it rotted and fell over.

I, on the other hand, do not have access to his money nor am I willing to paint it with a brush over the course of weeks and weeks. My life is too short to do that! I am old, dammit! And letting it go to rot and fall down is not an option if I am ever hopeful of selling this money-sucking monstrosity of an estate beautiful, classic farmhouse and surrounding acreage.

I was just in the last bit of cursing and kicking at the self check-out due to the fact that I had indeed, despite the damned machine’s insistence that I had not “placed items in the bagging area” when my friends Jay and Pinky showed up. Jay informed me that my idea of using the electric paint sprayer wouldn’t work. I had told him I was willing to use several extension cords rather than pay for a gas-powered sprayer which could cost hundreds of dollars. He tells me this after I check out!

I had spent 20 minutes in the paint department with two lovely male employees who were both willing to help me find exactly the right items. Of course one had no idea where the exterior paint was located so I am pretty sure his advice is fairly unsound. This was the really adorable one with the dreadlocks….in HONESDALE, PA! We don’t normally DO dreadlocks here in Nowheresville, USA but hey! We are becoming quite the trendy hot spot! They tended to my Home Depot needs quite attentively and I left with my new Ryobi paint sprayer. I like Ryobi products! I also like attentive male employees!

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I had on extremely tight jeans or maybe it was simply “Be Nice to the Old Ladies Day”. I prefer to think it was the former.

So now here I am with my purchases and Jay, aka Mr. I Know Everything, tells me it will never work. I can only hope to prove him wrong. PLEASE let him be wrong!

I also bought a 2 gallon pump sprayer for insecticide. Ever since I fired my exterminator and started spraying Spectracide Once-and-Done Bug killer around the perimeter of my home I have had far fewer invasions of ants, spiders, and other creepy-crawlies than ever! The fact that my urine glows in the dark is a small price to pay for not having earwigs crawling on toilet seats in the middle of the night, let me tell you!

I leave you with this bit of wisdom today:



“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” —-Muhammed Ali





14 comments on “brrrrrrrrrr……..

  1. I too and curious as to why it won’t work. And I have agonized over those sprayers myself. The sheer plethora of options (do I NEED it, or is it just HELPFUL?) leaves me shaking my head and in the end, not purchasing a sprayer.
    Also, “” is my bestest friend.

    Dobeman- I plan on giving that paint sprayer a whirl asap but it may be a few days before I can try it. Tomorrow is calling for an all-day rain!
    Yep! Do-it-yourself is definitely the way to go. In many , many ,many areas of my life! LOL

  2. You “fired” the exterminator? What did he do to deserve that? (Do I want to know? LOL)

    Wish I were there to help you get that fence painted! Or not… I really hated doing that!

    I bet it was the tight jeans. 😉

    Birdpress- Thanks for that vote of confidence on the tight jeans thing! I needed that!

    I fired the exterminator when the company reassigned “my guy George” to a different area and sent this dipshit in his place! Hey! It took years to develop that Bug-killer rapport! Also they raised my rates AGAIN! I found I could do the job myself for half the cost of one month’s fee for the whole year! And do it better!

  3. Glow in the dark urine, totally kewl! ROFLMAO! You are so funny Trisha! If I lived near you I’d help you with your (EXTREMELY LONG ASS) fence. And to the guy who said you couldn’t do it, PAH! HA! and a HA! You are going to do it even if you need to spend HUNDREDS of dollars in extension cords, you’ll show him!

    Mabel- He claims (Mr. Know-it-all) that for every extension cord there is a loss of electrical output, which I understand, but that it won’t work?? PSHAW!!! I will be the judge of that!

    If you lived near me, Mabel, we’d make painting fence something to BEG for! Drinky-poo in hand, dancing to the Black-eyed Peas, and having a grand old time!!! YEEHAW!!!

  4. Well…please let me know how that sprayer works out for you because the picket fence in my back yard has been waiting, oh, about 4 yrs. to be painted. I just can’t FATHOM grabbing a brush and doing it. Funny how I can paint my life away as long as I’m getting paid but when it comes to doing something around my own house. Pfffff!

    2LD- OMG! That is SO funny! YOU! The PAINTER!

    I will be sure and let you know how well it works. Heck, if it works, I will let you borrow it as long as you invite me over to see the results!

  5. OMG you make me literally LOL! Glowing pee and all!! And I’m quite sure it was the tight jeans! You’ll prove him wrong, because you won’t die until you do!!! You have to lemme know how this turns out!! But unlike you I am ready for winter, this means no more mosquitoes eating me and no more tornadoes, although we got lucky this year. I probably shouldn’t have said huh? Knock on wood. Good luck lady!! 😉

    Nikki- Let’s see…. I have about five 20 foot-long heavy-duty extension cords at approx. $5 each. That’s $25! The paint sprayer (electric!) costs $80/ So I’m into this, minus the exterior paint (which 2 hunky salesmen and I had to spend a great deal of “Quality Time” tracking down in the veritable jungle of retail-DIY-goodness known as Home Depot) for $105. The next level gas-powered paint sprayer costs upwards of $250! I am so saving a bucket of moolah that if this works I am hiring myself out as cost-consultant for every home fixer-upper in ten counties! HAHAHAA!!!
    I so hope this works!
    Keeping you posted!
    Watch out for late-season tornadoes!

  6. As a fellow woman who is now alone — I have full confidence you can get that fence painted! Maybe those young men at Home Depot could help on their days off!

    LUCM- Oooo! That’s an idea! I could probably offer to pay them at least what Home Depot gives them…or not.


    Thanks for your vote of confidence! We women are very capable, aren’t we, when we have to be!

  7. Ooh. I am anathema to decorating. I can make a mess of almost anything. Give me a farm, a fence, a spray gun and some paint and you’ll have a broken fence, green cows and a broken spray gun.

    SJAT- It’s OK. I kind of anticipate that’s gonna happen here anyway. The friggin’ instruction manual for that damned sprayer is the War & Peace of content. Does anyone really read the thing through?? WTF?
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  8. When I lived in my other house I tended to let things that needed work just rot. I am now left with a rotted house that needs tons of work before we can rent it. Yuck! I hope your paint sprayer works. Rot isnot a good thing.

    Lilah is entertaining herself more and more so that I am finally getting time to visit everyone. I’m glad you’re on Facebook.

    Joan- I am glad YOU are on FaceBook! Otherwise I would sometimes completely lose track of you and all my WP friends!

    Lilah must be such a beauty and a joy by now. I’m glad you have a little more time for visiting now though!
    We both are busy ladies with all these grandbabies popping out!

  9. You mean urine doesn’t normally glow in the dark????
    Hmmm…I may have need to send Mark to the doctor then…

    Mum- Ureic phosphorescence is an actual term. Maybe for him it IS normal! EEK!

  10. I’m betting it was the tight jeans too……..

    Hope the sprayer works for you

    Mistress B.- Aww, not likely but thanks, sweety. More likely the second reason, BNOL Day!
    I hope the sprayer works, too! I may never get a chance to try it if this danged rain doesn’t stop soon!

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