Cowboy Coffee and PPL


Ever have one of those mornings when you wish you could get a do-over?

Last night I watched my 10-week-old grandson while my daughter and her husband had a night on the town for her birthday. This was her first real outing since the baby was born and she really needed it so I told her to stay out as late as she wanted.  “We’ll be fine! I’ve watched babies before!” I said smugly.

Five hours into the evening I was watching the clock. By 10 o’clock I was totally exhausted! At 10:30 they came for the babe . I had planned on making a birthday cake and making potato salad for the Sunday celebration the following day but at that point I said “screw it” . I emptied the dishwasher, washed the coffee pot and went to bed.

At 4:20 A.M. the phone next to my bed chirped once, loudly and woke me up. I reached for it and realized the power was out. Grreat……..

No sleep for me after that. By 5:30 I gave up trying and went downstairs, wrapped myself up on my wooly throw since it was a chilly 60 degrees and took my book to the window to read while waiting for the electricity to come back on.

By 7:30 I was SO jonesing for some hot coffee I considered going to town to grab some Dunkin’ Donuts coffee…and maybe a donut or three. I resisted the urge. I am so good! Had I not cleaned the coffee maker last night I would have considered heating that up somehow.  I decided instead to try my hand at making coffee on my gas grill. I got out a heavy saucepan, metered out some water ( I have a well so when the power goes out the water is limited to whatever is already in the water tank downstairs), and popped it on the grill. After about 20 minutes the water was somewhat hot so I measured some ground coffee into the pot, covered it and took it off the grill.

 I waited five minutes then carefully carried the hot pot into the kitchen, grabbed the finest strainer I had and poured myself a mug of rather murky looking but FABULOUS smelling java.

Then the lights came on.

16 comments on “Cowboy Coffee and PPL

  1. Well hey, at least you know it works. Isn’t that just the way it goes? I love the cavewoman in you!!!

    Joy- So true! Murphy’s Law in action!! I always think that if there a true Armegeddon or some such apocolyptic event that there are only a handful of people I would want to be on my team. And they better know how to make coffee in a pinch!!! LOL

  2. My eyes started to twitch at the thought of a morning without coffee.

    Anja- I really considered the ten mile drive to town to get coffee at the Dunkin’ Donuts shop but decided that the cost of gas is just too prohibitive for even that!! *shudder* I never want to go through THAT again!

  3. That always happens – as soon as you solve a problem, the cause of the problem is fixed lol

    Mistress B- Now isn’t that a truism?!! I divorced my ex and soon after, his new girlfriend “fixed” him! I think ahe took his balls!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HA I love it!! It’s amazing at what lengths we will go for our coffee!! Great idea, not sure I would have thought about doing that! I will now though! LOL
    Oh and I bet you just loved having the lil baby over! Baby boys are so special!!! Girls too, but having just a boy myself, my feelings are deeper for baby boys.

    Nikki- Oh I completely understand my incredible addiction to caffeine but it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be!! LOL
    I DID love having the baby for the evening. We chatted for hours. ….well, you know… I jabbered and he thought I was cute. He smiled and cooed and made sweet baby noises, the best sound in the whole wide world!

  5. Yes, but think…had this not happened, what would you have blogged about.

    Huh? Huh? Uh-huh.

    I was late calling el-sister, but in my defense, I was in God’s country with no cell phone service.

    Dobeman- …..damn, I hate to say this but ….you’re right…….

  6. Hey, now that is improvising at it’s best! I don’t think I could have waited two whole hours before my first cup of coffee so hats off to you for that Trisha!

    Gary- I wishy-washed on going to DD but it’s so far! Plus I really didn’t need those donuts….

  7. “Then the lights came on.”

    Of course. i’ve got to say though, i’m impressed with your cowboy coffee. i would’ve been to DD in a hot second! Nothing else would’ve crossed my mind.

    c.- You must be easily impressed! LOL
    Eh, living in the country will make a person fairly independent. You learn to make do a lot more than if you live in an urban setting where everything you could possibly want is always a block or two away.

  8. “…and maybe a donut or three” *snort* OMG, you are sooooooooooo MY GIRL! I remember chit-chatting w/ you on FB about this day, nice to come here and read all your thoughts and the little details. 🙂 How was the party?

    JQ- You ARE the JAVA Queen!!!
    Thanks, sistah girl!
    The party was…..truth? borrrrring….. Too many old farts there! LOL

    • I’m tellin’ ya, you are sooooooooo missing out! I’d buy one to send to you, but chances are excellent it wouldn’t make it, you know, in the front door, much less to the post office.

      Next time you’re in Dunkin Donuts GET ONE!

      Trust me on this.

  9. I totally can’t sleep when the power is out. It’s creepy!

    Heather- Me, either!! I keep hearing weird shit and thinking someone’s creeping up the stairs ’cause they cut the wires to my house!

  10. You’re so resourceful! The battery ran down on my cell phone last night and woke me at 4:45 when the warning beep went off. At least I had power and of course, I made a pot of coffee.

    Bam- Thanks! It’s not so much that I’m resourceful as I am addicted to caffeine! But YIKES! Up at 4:45? I probably would have thrown the cell phone across the room and lived to regret it later .. *shrug*

  11. Awwwww! Trisha, did you drink that murky cup or did you brew a whole new pot- inquiring minds!

    About your grand baby….. I know how much you love your grand babies so this next comment is really just my feelings. A few weeks ago, my sister stopped by with her 3 kids. They stayed for an hour and when she left, I said, “OMG, I’m EXHAUSTED!” and my hubs said, laughing, “After 1 hour?” and we both just laughed.

    Mabel- Oh, boy, don’t I know it! My three-year-old grandson is a ball of energy wrapped in whirling dirvish! I guess that’s why nature planned it so that grandparents get to say ” OK, they’re yours now!” 😆

    The newest one, little Ryan, is so sweet and sleeps and smiles and is a very easy child…….so far! 🙂

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