Let’s just say….

It was a crazzzzy weekend, last weekend.

My BFF’s youngest daughter got married. She (the BFF) is originally from Norway. Oodles of Norveeejuns vas ober here for dis vedding, ya! OOf Dah!. The groom’s family is from Turkey. They came. They saw Americans. They’ll never be the same.

 They combined many of the rituals and customs of both nationalities in this four-day-wedding-extravaganza! Evidently drinking and dancing are universally recognized as the way to start off a marriage. ( I happen to know it helps the rest of the time, too!)

On Thursday there was a ceremony for the women where henna is applied to one palm  of each lady to assure luck. I got a big blob of it in my right hand. A piece of gauze was placed over that and tied in the back of my hand. I was told to leave it for 20 minutes then wash it off.

Platter of Turkish wedding henna and accoutrements

Platter of Turkish wedding henna and accoutrements

The bride has henna applied to both hands, then a lacy bag is tied over her hands while the henna does its dying magic, leaving the bride-to-be with stinky orange palms.

Bride-to-be before henna

Bride-to-be before henna

Supposedly it signifies purification of some sort. All I know is it doesn’t come off for a couple of weeks and it kinda smells like sour cooked spinach.

Then there were the belly dancers who tried to teach us how to shake that groove thang.


I tried it. I think I am missing some extra hinge-y  thing in my hips  that lets her do this!

The next morning I woke up, went to the bathroom, did my business, wiped and then saw that brownish-orange blotch and thought I’d shit on my own hand! It took me a minute to realize that it was indeed the henna and not me being nasty. Well, we drank some the night before…

 Friday evening was more dancing, more drinking. Then some more eating, drinking, and then more dancing.   One lady snuck a grab of D’Bear’s ass while he was on the dance floor!  It pretty much made his whole weekend! LOL

Saturday, Wedding Day, turned out sunny and beautiful. The bride was radiant, the groom marvelously handsome, the ceremony poignant and heartfelt. Then there was more dancing. LOTS of dancing! Drinking and dancing and dancing and drinking! A good time was had by all…. I think. I know I had fun!

 Sunday I paid the piper (f*cking piper!). D’Bear and I mowed fields for six hours in the hot sun.  It’s amazing what a few Excedrin, a pot of strong coffee, and a tractor rumbling under you can do!

Not a DAMNED THING!  I still felt like hell!

14 comments on “Let’s just say….

  1. Sorry about payin the “piper” but ahh the memories you made, and it was a GREAT story for the rest of us! Real glad no one fell off the tractor !

    Crabdaddy had decent luck cleanin his hands wit WD-40 , but you probably tried that.

    Crabdaddy- I was just ready to head out the door but decided to check my comments first (can’t help it. I’m addicted!)

    I am also very glad no one fell off the tractor although I did some major cussin’ down by the wet area where my damn logger left a pile of rocks. Nicked the hell outa my mower blades!
    WD40– tried it. It didn’t take the stain off and it stinks, too, but thanks for the handy suggestion. It is one of my favorite “tools”. That and Duck tape, of course!

  2. One lady snuck a grab of D’Bear’s ass while he was on the dance floor!!! LMAO!!! Hilarious. Ya you betcha! Those Scandinavians really do have a talk all their own now don’t they?? Living in MN and being an Erickson should say it all.

    I’m so glad you had fun. It’s just to bad there was no drinking or dancing 😉

    Joy- Oh sh*t! Ya know, sometimes this Cracker girl speaks before she thinks but I am SO glad you didn’t take offense !! I FORGOT you are an Erickson!!! LOL I’m glad you can laugh! I talk to my BFF like that all the time!!

    Yeah, too bad about the lack of booze and dancing, huh?? 😆

  3. I’m thinkin’, if I can locate some henna somewhere, and swipe it under their nose when their sleeping — instand Dirty Sanchez! And the fun continues when they can’t get it off for a week or two.

    Note to self: Don’t get any on your palm.

    J.W.- Now THAT would be a mean (but FUN) dirty trick!! Let me know if you do it. I want photos!!!

    Good thinking, too, on not having incriminating evidence on your hands… literally!!! LOL

  4. LOL …..sounds like we both had a fun weekend last weekend. I paid the piper for 3 days. It’s been years since I’ve had that much to drink and wow.

    anyhow the shittin on your own hand is cracking me up!

    JJ- Ahhh that damned Piper got you too!!! What a bastid!!!
    Sometimes ya just gotta let loose though. What comes after is just the price ya pay!
    (Worth every bit!)

  5. I did a Middle Eastern Belly Dancing class once, it was very sensual.

    A 4 day party, wow, I don’t know if I could recover too quick from that.

    Widdleshamrock- Sensual, yes. Achy-Breaky–YES! I don’t recover as quickly as I used to!
    I LOVE a a four-day party but my old out-of-shape body thinks 4 days is 3 days too much!! LOL

  6. Wow sounds like a great Wedding and really fun weekend. I almost spit my coffee when I was reading about finding your forgotten hena palms the next morning! LMOA!!! And too bad about the morning after, cruel and unusual punishment on the tractor. My hips don’t swivel much must be frozen hip syndrome.

    Starlaschat- THAT’s what is!! Frozen Hip Syndrome!! I will say I have FHS from now on!! LMAO!!

  7. Now THAT sounds like an interesting wedding. I wish I could have been their photographer! Sounds like it was a lot of fun! 😀

    Gary- Oh, hon, it WAS fun!! Hey, grab a camera and come on out anyway! 😆

  8. wow – that sounds like quite the celebration!!

    my swil learned belly dancing at one stage. I still can’t figure out how the hell they do it!

    Mistress B. I’m not sure what a “SWIL” is ( I know SIL) but bravo to her!! I think I sprained my ass trying this! LOL

  9. Note to self – stay away from the henna. That’s all I need…because I, like you, would think that I’m shitting orange/brown goo. Hahahahaha.

    Damn, I wish I could have been at that wedding…cause I could sure use me some Norveeejuns. Glad you had fun!

    2LD- HAHAHA!!! Yah, dose Norveejuns shore are a fun bunch a peoples!! Oof dah!!!
    I wish you’d been there, too! We could SO hang!! LOL

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