Is this what it’s gonna be like??

My dearest friend, W. , is 9 years older than I and in the past two years has gone through several serious and life-threatening health issues. Her husband has also had a few surgeries the past few years after a lifetime of really bad habits. Now they spend half their time going from one doctor to another. Her calendar is filled with doctor appointments, lab tests, MRIs, and check-ups with one specialist after another.

Recently I re-injured a badly torn rotator cuff injury in my left shoulder while doing any one of a dozen chores around this big old farm of mine. It could have been caused by picking up huge rocks from the field or from restacking the wood pile, or perhaps moving 5-gallon gas cans around. Who knows?

Either way , the result has been that I am often brought  to tears from the wrong movement of my left arm. In the mornings I have learned that the only way to tackle the day is to get up, put the coffee on, and take a pain killer! Then maybe twenty minutes later, after a hot shower, I can hook my bra and pull up my pants without being brought to my knees from the pain.

 I have an appointment with my internist tomorrow to get the ball rolling on repairing this injury. Insurance companies have a whole series of procedures one must endure, in the proper order, in order to get anything done. So I see my internist  who will send me for x-rays and an MRI and then from there I will see an orthopedic surgeon. Having a daughter who is a physical therapist comes in handy here because she sees first-hand the work done by our local surgeons and knows who to recommend.

 Yesterday I had a follow-up visit with my gastroenterologist and today I had a check-up at my OB/Gyn’s  and tomorrow I see the internist. AAGGH!!! I am becoming like my friend! Every day filled with doctors and tests and poking and prodding and co-pays!!

 I hate getting older.

7 comments on “Is this what it’s gonna be like??

  1. Ouch, that is one painful injury, oh yes indeedy.

    Anja- I never thought of myself as a wuss and yet this injury can make me cry!

  2. I never dealt with doctors until I decided to do something about my knee. I’m hoping that with the sweight loss and eating well I might be able to eliminate seeing too many doctors.

    I do hope you can get that shoulder fixed. It’s no fun being in a constant state of pain.

    Joan- I had carpal tunnel surgery a couple of years ago and it was such a great thing!! Makes me have hope for this one!!
    Thanks, sweety! You are so right. It’s no fun at all!

  3. You know Crabmommy was havin a lot of problems wit her shoulder to the point of thinkin about surgery. Then she had one of those professional massages and it is 100% better. Good luck!

    Crabdaddy- That must have been a heck of a masseuse! Could you send her/him up here to Pennsylvania?? 😀
    I’m glad Crabmommy feels better!!

  4. I also have a router cuff injury that rears it’s ugly head every now and then. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you pick up but HOW you pick it up and it’s only “after” you do it that you know you’re screwed. I know the pain of what you’re talking about and I hope you feel better. No more tears okay? We’re here for ya.

    Joy- AMEN, SISTAH!! I picked up a piece of paper yesterday and it hurt so bad I literally couldn’t breathe for a minute. Back pain can be like that. too. Tricky.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts. You know what I’m talking about!

  5. It’s so hard when life hands you something you don’t choose. So frustrating and sounds very very painful. I hope the surgery helps if that’s what they recommend. I hurt my shoulder slipping on the ice a couple years back . Not being able to do stuff that you normally take for granted can be so madding. Hang in there!Aww poor poor bunny. That’s for you that’s what Ive been getting my husband to say to me lately it actually helps a little.;+)

    Starlaschat- That’s so adorable- “poor poor bunny”!!!! What a sweet guy he is!!!
    Ya hear that, D’Bear? THAT’s what I need!
    Thanks, sweety!!

  6. I hope your shoulder is a bit better now and that the pain is more bearable if not totaly gone.

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