weekend update

soaking sun
I LOVE having people visit me. The farm is plenty big enough for company and I was born to cater parties and make people welcome.
So D’Bear and I had some friends from “the city” down for a country weekend. They are younger than us by almost 10 years. She’s 47 and he’s just turned 40 ( bless his heart! he’s a boy toy!) They always act so excited to come to the farm and go biking and kayaking and hiking and of course drinking, smoking, and eating!

They arrived Friday and, while they are lovely and friendly and sweet and complimentary, they are also lazy!! I kept asking if anyone wanted to GO DO SOMETHING but all I kept hearing was ” maybe later…” and “Nah, I’m enjoying just lying in the sun” (as they ate the quesadillas and homemade pizzas I prepared.)

While I enjoy lying in the sun doing nuffin’ as much as the next middle-aged woman, I also get the screamin’ meemies after a day or two of sunworshipping and magazine reading and eating and drinking. I NEED to MOVE IT! No one wanted anything to do with activity. NADA!

OK, that’s cool. I busted my nut trying to make this a weekend get-away to remember but I really think the only thing they’re gonna remember is the vaguest memory of a hangover on Monday! I mean, after all the posturing about fitness that he does (he goes to the gym 6 days a week) and the comments about how cool it would be to kayak out on our local lakes or bike along the river, I made sure the bikes were in good shape, I pumped up all the tires, oiled the chains, checked the gears, etc. I loaded the kayaks in the bed of the old Dodge pick up so that we could be on the water in 15 minutes or less. I even found lots of extra gear like hiking boots and hiking poles, flotation devices, water bottles, old sneakers and water shoes, back packs, and so on. The weather was more than adequate for any of these activities most of the long Memorial Day weekend.

I never really expected D’Bear to go kayaking. He doesn’t really like the water and doesn’t swim well. She has been working crazy hours and I know she needed some plain old down time but HIM!
Oh, well. I can feel pretty good about myself now when I am sitting on D’Bear’s porch of an evening and he walks past in his workout clothes being all Mr. I-Am-Going-To-The-Y-Now-But-You-Are-Too-Lazy-To-Go-With. HAHAHA!!!

I could probably kick his ass if I needed to.

13 comments on “weekend update

  1. That sounds like a wonderful weekend. Tooters and I did a lot of playing and thankfully we did everything with my dad. We had to travel to some of the places and took a while so I brought my textbooks with me and studied while we traveled. That way I did not feel as guilty for neglecting some of my homework, I got the reward of a wonderful weekend with my family.

    Sunnymom- It was an incredibly relaxing weekend! I am tanned and mostly relaxed. if I didn’t have some pretty intense obligations bearing down on me I could almost say it was blissful!!
    I’m working on the compartmentalizing thing! LOL!
    I’m glad you and Tooters had fun with “Dad”!

  2. I know you soooooooooo could have kicked his a$$. Awww, while it sounds lovely I can’t help but to see that you were a little let down because nobody would PLAY WITH YOU! And, after you went to all that work…. Poo! POO! Oh, well, at least you got your drink and smoke on, right? That’s gotta count for something! 🙂 I love you sweetie and if I ever get to see you we can go play – we’ll hike, ride bikes, and act like kids- it’ll be awesome!

    JQ- See? You GET me!! I do love to play!! (The drinkin’ and smokin’ was pretty awesome, too!) I always hear our friends TALK about doing stuff but when it comes down to it they just sit. It kinda reminds me of what D’Bear always says when we see kayaks on car roof racks “Oh, look, they’re taking their kayaks out for a ride!” because we never see many actually ON the water! Just tied to vehicles!
    So when are you coming for a visit?

  3. that’s right you could do a major ass kicking.

    hey I’m coming with JQ..the 3 of us can tear the shit up!

    that’s funny taking the kayaks for a ride. My bff had to have one because her brother and his wife had one. I dont’ think she’s used it more than once. Those are not cheap by any means either.

    ok so we could like go into town and torment the local townspeople. OOOOH we would have so much fun it would be declared illegal!

    JJ- We would get into SO much freekin’ trouble, you, me, and JQ all together?!!!! Oh, hells YEAH!

    Can we go to WallyWorld after midnight? That’s when the true flavor of the country comes oozin’ out!!! Heheheheeee!!1

    Gawd, JJ, I love ya!!

  4. Ha! I can understand that. Get out to a quiet place in the sun by the lake after a hectic life in the city. Hell yeah, just lay out and keep the margaritas flowing LOL

    Gadfly- Well YEAH! I get it! I also kept hearing them go on and on about how they wanted to get out on the water and bike down by the river and walk in the woods so like a good little hostess I took them at their word. I got out all the toys!!
    They’re more than welcome to come again! I love ’em. But they can bring their own toys from now on or deal with shit “as is”!

    Margaritas float your boat? I have those! Come on out! Anytime, Gaddy!! 😆

  5. Kinda sucks to go to all that trouble and nobody even uses any of the items you found for use. Sorry to hear that and it does get VERY BORING just sitting around all the time.

    Gary- EXACTLY!!!! (See comment to Gadfly above)

    I learn something new about life every day, Gary…people are full of bullshit! But bullshit makes the flowers grow, doesn’t it? 😀

  6. *drinking, smoking, and eating* How can I get in on this???

    I love laying in the sun and being lazy but I’m with you. I’d like a few other activities just to get the blood moving. I know how much work it was to get all that crap ready and then to just sit idle.

    AND…I KNOW you could totally kick his a@@

    Joy- Thanks for that vote of confidence!!! I really appreciate it!
    It wouldn’t have been so bad if only they hadn’t made such a big deal about “activities”!
    I kinda wanna kick his ass! (In the nicest possible way, of course!) LOL

  7. Wow! Great! I will be the old dude with the 10 year old son. I don’t smoke, drink or ride bikes. Fortunately my son only rides bikes 🙂

    FP- No problem!! You’d be easy company!! You do eat, doncha??
    Sorry, no kids allowed…. 😀 Too bad an influence!!

  8. a couple of drinks though and me and any piece of gadgetry that moved would be a death threat for me and anybody with me 🙂

    JJ- In a kayak the only person you could hurt would be you!! But I wouldn’t turn you loose in one of those if you was a drinkin’ and a smokin’!!! No sirree!! I luz ya too much, Babe!

  9. Lazy houseguests are the worst (and yes, I felt pretty lazy when I was there last time). You don’t want to leave them there alone, but you also want to get up and go do stuff!

    Dobeman- You had a good darned excuse! You was sicker’n a dawg!!

  10. Ah, drinkin, bikein, and water sports, sounds like fun, or maybe a news story, count me in.

    Crabdaddy- Consider yourself counted in!! Anytime! Bring Crabmommy and Crabdoggy but you could maybe leave Re-Re and Ya-Ya at home? They might be more work than I’m ready to handle right now. 😛

  11. gawd i’d love to go kayaking!

    And damn straight you could kick ass if you wanted! lol

    Mistress B.- LOL, I wish you could go with me!!! I would love it!!

    (and thanks for that vote of confidence!!)

  12. Aww that was so sweet that you went to all the trouble to have gear ready! Wow I don’t know if I would have thought of that you are a wonderful hostess! We would have gone hiking and biking and kayaking darn you had the wrong couple over!

    Starlaschat- Heck, next time YOU get your butt out here and we’ll do all that!! Good food, too!! I hear there are a few good cooks among us! LMAO!

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