you MUST read this!!!

As someone who has battled with the same 30 friggin’ pounds my whole adult life, I consider myself to be a professional dieter. BUT I read this post by Flurrious today and I realized that I have met my match if not my superior.
PLEASE go HERE and read the funniest thing you’ve ever read about dieting in your life!!!

8 comments on “you MUST read this!!!

  1. Thank you, Trisha.
    Gosh she’s a great writer. And funny.

    i needed that.

    c.- You’re very welcome!! Yes! She is really good and she has the wickedest sense of humor!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed her as much as I did!

  2. Thanks for the link. Also, the feet on that scale are freaking me out. They look like they come from two different bodies.

    Flurrious- My pleasure!! Keep up the great writing!!

    Ooooh the feet are rather weird, aren’t they??? LOL

  3. I have the brain of road kill. You sent me to check out Flurrious and I got sidetracked. I meant to say thanks for the tip. Damn, I’m an idiot.

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