20 comments on “doin’ the nana dance

  1. Oh do I ever want to plant kisses all over than brand new face. ADORABLE. So is Cole. You are one lucky grandma. Babies are so great. Congrats.

    joy- Thank you, Sweety!! I give him SOOOO many kisses he probably thinks he’s drowning!! LOL
    I am a very lucky Nana!! I love this little one more than I thought was possible! How does this happen???

  2. Your gonna get a big AWWWWWWWWW from me! I LOVE babies!!

    Your a lucky lady Trish! You have beautiful grandchildren!! 😀

    Gary- This is why you and I are such good buds; you love babies, too!!! I adore men who love babies! That is THE most attractive trait a man can have, IMHO!!
    Thank you, darlin’!!!!

  3. AAWWWW he is adorable, I just want to squeeze those little cheeks!!!! You have tons to be proud of, your grandchildren are so sweet looking and cuties!! CONGRATS

    Sunnymom- It’s like God granted you such a blessing when you get to hold these sweet little grandbabies.
    I squeezed his widdle cheeks and said “This is from Sunnymom”.

  4. And Cole is saying, “You better not think this kid is cuter than me. I AM THE CUTEST”

    Congratulations, bubba is beautiful. 🙂

    Anja-Thanks, girly! I have been paying extra-special attention to Cole. He needs it right now with all eyes on the wee one!

  5. OMG !!!!! He is gorgeous !!!!!

    How does Cole like being a big brother?

    Widdleshamrock- Thanks, Love!! He is rather spectacular!! LOL

    Cole likes it MOST of the time. He has little moments when you can see him wondering when the heck that kid is going home!

  6. He has cheeks for days!
    He looks so healthy. And look at that big brother! Could they favor each other more?

    How’s Mama?

    c- He does have chunky sweet cheeks, doesn’t he? Oooo, they are so kissable!!! His brother actually had roundier cheeks when he was a baby. Imagine?? LOL

    Mama is much better and she has finally agreed that after this- NO MORE! Too too dangerous!!
    Thanks for your concern, my dear friend.

  7. He is so sweet it is leaving me almost speechless. I can’t believe I’m going to have one of those myself. We can do the nana dance together.

    He looks like he’s smiling in the first photo. I’ve scrolled up to look at him about 15 times. Cole is a cutie too. How is the mom doing?

    Joan- He really is that beautiful. I sit there and hold him and just stare at that sweet little cherubic face of his and wonder how much love a grandmother can have before she simply explodes from sheer joy!

    Thanks, Joan, for your sweet comments. Mommy is doing great. Today I took her and baby out for a drive to buy some plants. He slept the whole time and his mommy felt really good! She seems to be out of the woods, health-wise! Thank Goodness!!!

  8. awwwwwww such a little treasure! I just love those cheeks : )

    You are one lucky Nana : )

    *hugs* to all

    Jeanette- Thank you!!! His widdle cheeks are the bestest!!! I AM very lucky!!
    Hugs back at ya!!!

  9. Very Sweet picture!!! Awwwwww lucky lucky..

    Starla- Isn’t that the truth!!! I am very very lucky in so many ways: he is healthy and happy and my daughter is doing well finally!!
    Thanks for the comment!!!

  10. I’m back again to see the pictures. Can’t help myself. I now am a baby stalker. The pictures put the biggest smile on my face.

    Joan- Haahaa!!! I SO understand!! Stalk all you want! I can’t get enough of looking at him either!

    Just think, in a few weeks you’ll be kissing the sweet cheeks of your very own grandbaby!! Ahh, they smell like heaven!!

  11. LOOK at his chubby little cheeks! It kills me! Congratulations my dear!

    Talea- Don’t you just adore chubby baby cheeks??? Ooogy-woogy-oogums!! Thank you, darlin’!!!

  12. Sorry Mike, but this one has OUR genes all over his face!

    Dobeman- HAHAHA!!!! That is TRUE!!!!! Poor guy, he gets nothin’!!

  13. What great lookin little guys! You been really blessed “Nana”.

    Crabdaddy- That’s for SURE! Nothing better than grandbabies!! 😆

  14. Bee-yoo-tee-ful:) Nothing better than a baby, not a thing. You are SO LUCKY:)

    Pam- Sometimes I think I was born with an extra maternal gene! That’s how much I love babies!!!
    He is purty and I AM lucky!! Thanks!!

  15. Oh goshy. He is so cute! Oh no, I’m feeling clucky, gotta go..

    Hay– LMAO!! It makes me all clucky, too!!! 😆

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