i think i’m weird because

  • I love to read while I eat. My father did this and at least one of my kids, too. It’s not very sociable but I love to do it!
  • I don’t have any hair in my “pits” since “the change”.
  • I get words stuck in my head for days at a time. One time the word “vegetable” drove me nuts for two weeks! “veg-a-TABLE”, “VEGE-tble”, “veg-A-table”, and on and on and on…..
  • I can’t flair my nostrils but I can curl my tongue into a tube.
  • I really hate talking on the telephone. Really! Hate! It!
  • I love sardines in tomato sauce on Saltine crackers.
  • I like porn. Not ALL porn but enough…..  sheesh. One category on my “Favorites” list is labeled “porn & smut”.  And I’m not embarrassed about it.
  • Whenever I walk down stairs I have to count the number of steps to the top or the bottom (depending on which direction I’m going).
  • I see faces in wallpaper patterns, tree branches, wood grains, clouds, everywhere there is texture.
  • I think Lyle Lovett is sexy.
  • I am becoming “germaphobic”.  I have antibacterial gels everywhere: in my house , my car, my bag, and I keep wipes at every toilet, and I wash my hands twice whenever I come home from the stores.
  • I hate to go to bed when I’m home alone. I LOVE to sleep but there’s something about crawling into an empty bed that’s so sad. I stay up WAY too late!
  • I love liverwurst on toasted English muffins with mustard and onions.

I made these guys:p50101792

Bob #2




They are all named Bob. I am Bob.

So what makes you think you’re weird?

21 comments on “i think i’m weird because

  1. the fact that people tell me I am 🙂

    Ok for instance. I go on spurts and then on obsessiveness. Like ok..the Bay City Rollers. Lived /loved them in the 70’s. Still listened to them today but when misstfied brought them up on her website it sent me into Rollermania again. Hunting down all my gear and wanting to make a new outfit …listening to the music in the van NON STOP and at loud volumes.

    WEIRD? I certainly hope so! 😉 One of my mantras is…

    You laugh at me because I’m different…I laugh at you because you are all the same.

    JJ- Now see? I do that. too! Like the hooping. Last summer I really got into hoop dancing. Every song I heard was rated as to its “hoopibility”! I made about 12-15 hoops and GAVE them to people! I wanted others to share my obsession!! LOL
    OK, so maybe weird is OK. 😆 😆 😆

  2. I also read while I eat, can’t eat without a book in front of my plate. Even when meeting my daughter in town for lunch, we both sit at the cafe table with a book and read while we eat. I’ve been doing this since I was about 5 I think. I don’t get words stuck in my head, but I do get songs. For days at a time my brain will be on a loop, then suddenly, it’s a different song. I don’t mind this unless it’s a song I don’t like. Then I’m irritated and have to do something deliberate to change it. I also count steps and see faces in things.
    But, I find Lyle Lovett repulsive and I LOVE going to bed alone.

    River- OH! I have actually never known someone other than my family with that “reading while eating” thing!! Neat! I’m somewhat relieved!!! Not that I would ever want to change it or anything!!
    And I’m still gonna love Lyle. His music makes me happy. I would have his children. He’s one of those ugly/sexy people that I find sexy because of factors other than looks.
    As for the bed thing: I sleep better alone. I just hate going to bed alone. Hmmm.


  3. I love to read while I eat too! You definitely have some interesting food tastes- but I’d have to try them with you just for the laugh at least….
    I wrote a post similar to this one about all my little “habits” – LOL! We all have them… it’s fun to read what yours are because they are so different from mine.
    I LOVE green olives on buttered toast w/ cheddar cheese sprinkled w/ garlic and melted in the wave. My daughter created the recipe and calls it, “Smolive” –
    I am addicted to gladware containers and buy crazy amounts of it. It makes me happy to have new gladware- especially coordinating for the holidays. I also count stairs. There is also a delicious nick in the wall of one of the elevators at work that I simply must touch when I get in, and hold my finger on it for the entire ride- regardless if someone is on there with me or not.

    Is it possible to love you more now than I did yesterday? My soul sista!

    Javaqueen- Whew!! This is fun!! You ARE my soul sista!! (or I could be your soul auntie?)
    I am SO gonna try Smolive!!! This could be the new obsessive food! I love toast! I love green olives! I love cheddar! Garlic is heaven!! OMG!! The perfect food! Better than Pimento Cheese, that southern staple, which I also adore….on toast!!!!
    I save containers from anywhere: Chinese take-out, ricotta containers, etc!! Open one of the overhead cupboards at your own risk!!
    Darling, the sentence that truly made me love you was “There is also a delicious nick in the wall of one of the elevators at work that I simply must touch when I get in….” Baby, that is so awesome! I do shit like that , too! I may have to amend my list!
    Hugs to my fellow weirdos!!!!

  4. ps, what did you sculpt Bob with? Clay? Paper mache (sp?) hmmm… I wanna make someone too!

    Javaqueen- They are papier mache with mixed media (clay, plaster, etc) I made them ages ago but they are so my alter egos that I would never sell them. I sold so many pieces I wish I’d kept but not these.
    GO. Make!

  5. Good God, let me count the ways I’m weird!!

    I nearly vomit when I have to toch something {anything} frozen
    One of my favourite things to eat is tomato sauce or sweet mustard pickles on burnt toast {burnt is the operative word there}
    If I have butter {not marg} on toast it’s got to be cut in nothing but triangles or I won’t eat it {it tastes different}
    I color coordinate my pegs with my clothes when I hang them out
    All hangers MUST face the same way in the wardobe
    Pork makes me dream {weird things like human sized, purple grasshoppers all playing poker}
    Mints make me sneeze
    I’ve always thought Meatloaf is one of THE sexiest men alive, regardless of what his size was

    Do I need to keep going??
    Im not just weird, I’m sad!

    anonymum- THIS is why I blog!!! ROFLMAO!

    You are NOT sad! You are unique and wonderful!! I must say there are two items you wrote that kinda make me pause: the touching something frozen and the pork dreams. HAHA!!! It’s why I love you so much. Forget Lyle. I would have your babies!!!

  6. I can’t even bite into an ice cream or icy pole, i have to suck it to death…and if it’s one of those frozen in a plastic tube things, I need to hold it with a tea towel or something cos i can’t handle the feel of it and almost heave…it does have a beneficial flow on though, and my husband loves that side of it as much as he makes fun of me…and as for a frozen chicken?? O.M.F.G! I can almost throw up on the keyboard just thinking about having to pick up one of those little fuckers!!!
    **gag** <—– this is actually happening as i type!!
    And the pork, well, some of the dreams are quite erotic, so i’ve woken up in a few interesting situations…

    Anonymum- “icy pole” ?? What does that translate to in U.S. talk?? LOL!!

    I hear ya on the “interesting situations”, grrrrlfriend, but not from eating pork…..wait,…. OH HELL YES IT WAS but not the way you meant it!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  7. “I love sardines in tomato sauce on Saltine crackers.” Trisha! WTF??? YUK!!!

    “I like porn.” Ok, now that’s HOT!!!

    I think I’m weird because I really don’t take life seriously enough. I joke around MUCH more than I take things seriously. I don’t think this is a bad thing though but it can drive my wife nuts when I NEED to be serious. 😀

    Gary- Don’t knock it till ya try it, Bub!! Sardines are what made me the sexy broad that I am today!! They made me strong! and horny!!! 😀 I’m convinced that they contain very important minerals and vitamins that make women feel…well, HEALTHY!

    Hey, seriously…. WTH?? No! Serious is for Satellite radio!! (okay, spell it your way) LOL

    • Is that right? Well, strong and horny are both good but if got any hornier, my wife would be in a world of trouble! LOL I guess I shouldn’t eat Sardines.

      Gary- Oh, I don’t know, Gary, ask her!! She might surprise you!!!! 😀

  8. I have been called eccentric a few times, I think maybe that is a polite word for weird. But I’m not sure. At first it hurt my feelings but now I take it as a compliment. Ive been trying to make peace with the parts of myself that may be considered a little strange because I realize lately these are some of my best qualities. I really like JJ quote “You laugh at me because I’m different…I laugh at you because you are all the same.” That’s so great. Actually most of the time I think most of us are more alike then we are different. Even though we feel the reverse.

    Starlaschat- I hate to break it to ya, babe, but eccentric is just another word for weird!!! And yes. it is a compliment!! Count yourself amongst the chosen!!!

  9. Wierd or not,who is to tell what is right and what is wrong ; )

    I really love Bob x 3 : )

    Jeanette-EXACTLY!!! Who am I to judge???
    The Bobs love you, too, Jeanette!!! Thanks!

  10. Holy crap – those are some creepy looking little Bobs. But also, kinda cute too. They are growing on me. Like mold. LOL. You truly are creative though. What are they made of? I hate the phone, count stairs and see things in the wallpaper too. I read while I eat – usually blogs these days though LOL. And I get songs stuck in my head. Try the Smurf cartoon theme song for about a year. Not fun. I blame my niece for that one. I also love some strange foods but can’t say I’ve tried the ones you like.

    Teeni- Thanks, Sweety!! Mission accomplished!! Bobs are indeed weird. Deliberately so! They are my alter-egos! (Made of papier mache and bits and pieces<) They portray parts of me that are not necessarily socially acceptable!

  11. Well, my mother is kinda weird…

    Doesn’t everyone read while they eat? Even when Josh is sitting across the table, I have to have a magazine or something in front of me.

    I thought you could flare your nose? It is kind of weird that you can’t.

    I get words stuck in my head too. Tamarind. Taaamarind. Tamariiiiiind. Tamarind.

    Also, your eyes change colors.

    I can wiggle my ears.
    I can cross all my fingers over each other, making sort of a giant claw. It looks really weird.
    I’m kind of weird-looking.
    I like plain, black, unsweetened coffee and tea.
    I like cooked spinach sweetened with splenda.

    Birdpress-Well, my daughter is kinda weird….

    Tamarind is a GREAT word. Thanks. Now that word is pretty well lodged there.. TaMARind. TamaRIND!! AGHHHH!!
    Oh, yeah. My eyes do change colors! If I cry they get reallly green!!

    You are not weird looking. A little strange acting maybe or weird in the thought processes but I count that as a plus! (Ref.: JJ’s comment above)

    Spinach with Splenda??? Good God, girl!!! That’s just wrong!! LOL

  12. The easiest way to explain it is to say it’s frozen flavored water on a stick….make sense?

    Anonymum- Completely. We have those too but I don’t even know what to call them. Thanks for clearing THAT up!! 😀

  13. Me, weird? Pshaw. I’m so fucking plain, jane vanilla it’s not even funny.

    Ok, here’s the one and only thing that makes me weird. I cannot, will not chew a piece of chocolate. Ever. I have to let it melt in my mouth. Even dark chocolate, even an itty bitty single chocolate chip.

    2LD- Sorry, Miss Plain Jane Vanilla, but that’s weird! LMAO
    What do you do about chocolate chip cookies??

  14. I also read while I eat. In fact, it bugs me when somebody I know comes into the restaurant and sits down *chuckle*

    OK, I like a good Stilton or other smelly cheese, but you eat some weird shit LOL

    Gadfly- If you eat stinky cheese you’re just a step away from joining me in some of my “weird shit”!! LOL As a matter of fact I bet there are things you eat that others already think is nasty! 👿

  15. I do six of these. Reading and eating is good, except, the food never lasts long enough!

    Dobeman= Oh, inscrutable one! HA! You made me go back over the list to figure out which six!! I’m pretty sure you have armpit hair so that’s out. I’m guessing (just a guess, mind you) that you DO like porn. Who doesn’t really?? You probably don’t love Lyle Lovett like I do and I’m taking a stab on this one but you probably aren’t a huge sardine fan, Am I right??
    Oh, hell. Why didn’t you just tell me the danged six!! LMAO!!!!

    And you are so right. The food runs out way before i wanna stop reading!

  16. Well now this was REALLY fun. I’m tempted to turn my answer into a blog entry!

    Your food habits are beyond my gag reflex. However, eating without something to read . . . well, I’d be so much thinner if I didn’t do that! Even in a restaurant with my husband I’m tempted to take in a paper cause God knows the man doesn’t speak. However, focusing on your food is one of the MAIN ingredients in a weight loss program I used to try to follow and I Just Could Not Do It! It made me realize that food is really so BORING! So bizarre. So many women say they can’t go in a restaurant by themselves — well, that’s just silly, as long as you have a book!:)

    The porn — now that’s where I’m weird — I hate it! I’m totally messed up in that arena, want nothing to do with that stuff. Mom ruined it for me! She loves that shit! However, I make every attempt to be better than a porn star for my hubby. LOL

    Lyle Lovette? How could you, when Trace Adkins exists on the planet? LOL However, I hate the phone, I am a counter AND a germaphobe!

    I can stand with my toes turned under my feet. I am a television addict and don’t know how people live without it. I hate to use a bathroom without wet wipes.

    My husband does almost all the cooking, laundry & shopping because I suck in the kitchen, wait till the laundry becomes a mountain & can easily spend 3 hours in a grocery store wandering the aisles.

    And last, if I had to go to bed alone, I would sleep in the recliner:) No way would I ever get my ass actually into the bed!

    Pam- You NEVER fail to make me laugh and keep me amused!!! Lordy, Girlfriend, you and I may be weird as shit but INTERESTING as hell!
    I don’t know when I started liking porn. I never really looked at it much till after the separation when I had too much horny time on my hands and the computer was just sitting there!
    I DO like Trace Adkins!! Honky Tonk Ba Donka DONK!!
    See, you can do cool stuff with your toes!!! Wish I could do that! I can bend just the top joints on my fingers!!
    This was fun! I learn so much about my friends from these random posts!!!

  17. I count every step when I’m going up or down staircases. I count in German.

    I cannot have a conversation with my father in English. I try to speak to him in English and I clam up.

    I am germ phobic and if anyone touches my keyboard I go nuts. If I have to use the keyboards at work I use surgical gloves.

    I also read while I eat.

    I cannot go to sleep unless I am reading (unless I’m smashed and then I will sleep in a bath tub)

    I cannot sleep in a room with the door open.

    I could go on. I have some weird obsessions. 😉

    Anja- Do you have any idea how much I miss you??
    Even your obsessions make me smile!! (Now I will have to count stairs in either French or Spanish! 😀 )
    And PLEASE! Do go on!!!
    Thanks for coming by, my friend. I hope you’re doing well.

  18. I love the Bobs. They pretty much rock the Casbah. They remind me of Where the Wild Things Are, and that whole style of art. Very cool.

    And as far as being weird, I don’t even have to make a list. Everyone knows I’m weird. Who want’s to be normal? Normal is just another word for average, and I know I don’t ever want to be average. I want people to remember me for the rest of their lives, so I just don’t compromise. I do whatever I like, and I try to be as expressive and fun as possible, and some people hate me because I have vocal opinions, and some people love me because I’m a shit ton of fun. I’ll never be perfect, but at least I won’t be average. Rock on darlin, the world needs more people like you.

    Josh- Thank you!!!! You know, my biggest fear is that I will die and be forgotten like that *snaps fingers*! I don’t even care if they say “What a bitch she was!” as long as they can also say “but she was never, ever boring!” and “She wasn’t easy but she was worth it!”

  19. I don’t think that makes you wierd at all, it makes you fun, unique and full of character!!! At least that is what I tell myself when I think of all the wierd stuff I do.

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