I love this stuff!

Yesterday I made something that is so yummy and so easy I thought I would share it with you.

I love Greek yogurt. Sometimes I buy it at Wegman’s but it’s so expensive! I found a neat and relatively inexpensive way to make it and you will love this stuff!

I buy organic low-fat plain yogurt in the large container ( 32 oz.) . I like Stonyfield’s brand! I take a large stainless steel strainer and I line it with a double layer of cheesecloth if I have it or a white paper towel if I have to make do. I pour the yogurt into the strainer set over a bowl and I refrigerate the whole shebang for about 12 hours or maybe a bit more.

The whey drips out and what you end up with is this creamy, thick yogurt cheese that’s so delicious!! I enjoy it with cherry preserves!! What a treat!p4300150


The results are so yummy! According to my sources Greek yogurt is lower in lactose, carbohydrates, and I suppose if you use non-fat yogurt to start with, fat-free!Β  I personally like the low-fat version but a full-fat version would be even creamier if you don’t mind a few more fat calories.

Happy eating!

18 comments on “I love this stuff!

  1. I’ve never been a fan of yogurt but my husband loves it so I will try this. It sounds like it’s a lot better for you and it looks delish. Thanks for sharing it.

    Joy- I hope he loves it as much as I do! Really, try it with cherry preserves for either breakfast or dessert! Other preserves and jams work well, too. Or mix it with herbs and seasonings for a great spread. Just don’t forget the salt if you want a tasty savory spread.

  2. Sounds very tasty and really perfect since it is a low-fat version : ) I love yoghurt!
    Thanx for the recipe!

    Jeanette- You are welcome! and I love the European spelling – yoghurt! πŸ˜†

  3. Ummm. It does look good.

    James– HAHAHA!! I ate more than half of it before deciding to take a photograph of it thus the schmeary bowl and sloppy presentation. You can tell it was good though, right?? Yum!!

  4. YUM!!! Sounds like a lot of work. What makes it Greek?

    JJ- If that sounds like a lot of work then baby you should see me make Julia Child’s Duck Pate with Pistachios wrapped in the whole duck skin! I have to completely remove the duck skin in one piece, WITHOUT TEARING IT, then grind the meat with pistachios, spices and other wonderful ingredients , stuff it all in the skin in a pate pan, and roast it. Then afterwards it gets pressed for several hours in the fridge before it gets removed, sliced and served.
    Not THAT , my love, is WORK!
    And I have no idea what makes the yogurt Greek.

    • I need a friggin nap after reading that!! πŸ™‚ But honey..if you invited me over to eat it I would be hop, skipping and jumping over there..cuz that sounds good!!!

      ok so …if I don’t skim all the stuff off the yogurt and just slap some jam on it…can I call it Iowa Yogurt πŸ™‚ Or Lazy Ass Yogurt? πŸ˜‰

  5. Holy crap that sounds orgasmic. I wonder what would happen if you mixed in cream cheese? I would have to at least use some kind of high fat yogurt, if they make that. I could mix in brownie chunks, or crushed up butterfingers, the possibilities are endless! I’m totally going to try this. Word up on the sweet idea!

    Josh- LOL! You make me laugh!!!!! Hear I was thinking this would appeal as much for its healthy qualities as for its scrumptious flavor!! By all means, use regular yogurt! It would be so delish with that extra bit of milk fat in there. I wouldn’t necessarily add cream cheese. That would be gilding the lily, so to speak! But hey, go for it if that’s what floats your boat!
    I love the idea of crushed brownie chunks!!! OOoo, Baby!!!

  6. ooh dat sounds and looks good!

    Crabdaddy- well, it doesn’t go really well with beer but it’s not half bad!! It would make a yummy dip if you mixed some sweet red pepper, diced garlic, pepper sauce, lime juice, cilantro, and maybe some finely diced tomatoes in there with some salt and pepper. You could serve it with chips or veggies! I like to think that would make it more Costa Rican!
    Pura Vida!

  7. I have never been a big fan of yogurt but this does look good. Maybe I will give it a try and see???

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Gary- Unless you like to putter around in the kitchen you probably won’t go to the trouble to make this but trust me! It is delicious with the cherry preserves, kinda like cheesecake in texture!!

  8. guess what I’m making on my day off! πŸ™‚

    Glassowater- COOL! But do yourself a favor and set it up in the drainer the night BEFORE your day off. That way you can EAT IT on your day off!!! πŸ˜†

  9. I used to buy greek yoghurt fro a shop just outside the Coles where I work, it was delicious. then the shop changed hands and became something else, so I bought an EasiYo yoghurt maker from the supermarket and now I make my own. It’s just as delicious as the one I used to buy and it works out cheaper.

    River- Much cheaper, I’m guessing!! I suppose because it’s so reduced that that’s why it costs more to buy Greek yogurt than regular. By the time it’s drained it’s about half the volume! But GOOD! I love yogurt!

  10. That looks great! I love yogurt and thought I was going to be missing it like crazy when I gave up dairy products. But, I found yogurt made out of coconut milk so it is non dairy and it is delicious! Yay, I’m back in business! LOL. I love preserves on my yogurt too, but my favorite is raspberry. Of course, I’d probably eat any kind though. πŸ˜‰

    Teeni- I never heard of yogurt made from coconut milk!!! Wow!! Ya learn something new everyday!! And oh, yeah, I love raspberry preserves too but only the seedless kind. Those seeds drive me crazy!!! πŸ™‚

  11. I am going to sound really stupid and ask, do you eat the stuff that is in the bowl or the stuff in the cheesecloth?

    And is the non greek yoghurt stuff good for anything?

    Widdleshamrock- There are no stupid questions, silly!! You eat the yogurt left in the cheesecloth and throw out the clear liquid (whey) that accumulated in the bowl beneath, although some people use the whey in breadmaking.
    HAHA!! Yes, the non-Greek yogurt is good!! Pour it over fruit or make smoothies in the blender with it!! YUM!!

  12. Thanks Trish I am sitting here at work starving because I forgot breakfast and now I am salivating all over my keyboard.

    I don’t think I could make it but it sure sounds great. If me and Tooters get out that way will you make some for us??

    Sunnymom- πŸ˜€ Sorry bout the ‘puter keyboard, hon!
    You could easily make it but yes! I will make it for you and Tooters anytime!!!

  13. Although I thought I understood it all — cause I always think I’m so smart — I need widdleshamrock to travel with me and ask all the dumb questions – lol. I don’t even know where in the hell you buy cheesecloth!

    But I’d definitely eat it:) I have to be careful with regular yogurt cause of the sugar in it — which is a crazy amount for those who’ve never had to pay attention to that kind of crap — but this stuff would be great with low sugar jam.

    I’m doin’ it:)

    Pamajama- You frackin’ crack me up! I forget that not everybody ran a cooking school/kitchenware shop!! I think everyone knows what a chinois is! πŸ˜†

    It really is scrumptious, Pam, and not a lot of work at all. Honestly you can use paper towels in place of cheesecloth. Just remember to use the plain white ones!

  14. Just a suggestion… Use a basket style coffee filter instead of a paper towel if you don’t have cheesecloth. πŸ˜‰

    twisted therapy- Great idea..except I don’t ever have those kind. Thanks for the tip, though!

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