a close call

p4240121This is my Grand-Dog, Shelby. She’s approximately 12 years-old and she’s the sweetest little roly-poly dogger you could ever ask for.

I almost killed her the other day.

My daughter came over for dinner with my almost-three-years-old grandson, Cole. She never brings Shelby but that night she did.  As I was prepping our dinner I heard “crunch, crunch, crunch” and suddenly my brain understood what it was hearing and I RAN into the other room to find Shelby scarfing down a tray of mouse poison.

I have had problems with mice in my old farmhouse and ever since I let the exterminator go I have had to deal with them myself. I placed a tray of Tomcat Mouse Bait in a little plastic tray underneath the stereo where I know my grandson would never go. Shelby must have smelled it and pulled it out from under and by the time I found her she had eaten most of the bait. And it was  a lot!

I screamed to my daughter to call the Vet  while I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the bottle of hydrogen peroxide. I then ran back to the kitchen and found my turkey baster in a drawer. I sucked up about a 1/4 cup full and holding her fat little body between my knees pried her mouth open and forced it down her throat. I kept telling her “I’m sorry, Shelby!” over and over. My daughter came back into the room and said that the Vet said to do exactly what I was already doing. Thank God I knew what to do and had the supplies on hand. In about 3 minutes the dog started to vomit and there on my kitchen floor came up the foamy undigested chunks of poison.

After she stopped for a few minutes I re-dosed her with a smaller amount of peroxide and again she vomited up a bit of the bait.

When I was fairly certain it was all out of her system I bundled her up and drove her the 17 miles to the Vet clinic where she was pronounced OK.

There was a slight chance that the poison may continue to act and the doctor said to watch for signs of bleeding but as of today the little beasty is just fine. She’s past the time for the poison to have acted so she’s perfectly sound.

Look at this face.  I am so glad she is still with us.p4240123

18 comments on “a close call

  1. ahh that’s hard to deal with when stuff like that happens. You sure kept your wits about you.

    she is a cutey and I’m sure glad everything worked out ok. So now I know what to use if anything like that happens here.

    JJ- This dog was a rescue from a shelter in Florida where my daughter first lived with her husband down there. She is their “first child” so to speak. I would have died if something had happened to her because of me.
    I was lucky to remember what a friend of mine had to do when something similar happened.

  2. Oh my god! I’m so glad you knew what to do. Poor little Shelby. Of course it wasn’t your fault; that dog lives to eat. She’ll sniff out anything that might taste good. I’m kinda surprised she’s lived this long. 😉 Don’t worry, I’m sure she will be fine, thanks to your quick actions.

    Birdpress- It’s true, the darn dog does live to eat. She was really enjoying that mouse bait, too, until I screetched at her!! HAHAHA!!
    Yes, I am pretty sure she will be fine. Of course she IS old so if she dies in the next year I will somehow feel responsible, you know.

  3. thank goodness you knew what to do and were able to act so quickly!!

    That sure was a fright and a half you gave yourself though!

    Mistress B. – Yep!! A little too close for comfort on that one!! Woof!!

  4. Shelby is an adorable little dog and you are quite the hero.

    River- Dah dah da DAH!!!!! (That was me in hero mode!)
    Thanks, River! I felt rather heroic…. AFTERwards! But I still feel bad about the whole thing. She really is a cutey and SOOOO sweet. She never growled or pulled away the whole time I was forcing that turkey baster down her throat and she didn’t hold a grudge. She layed her little head down on my lap on the ride to the Vet’s office!

  5. You didn’t panic or freaked out instead you kept to you senses and acted in the best way ever. That is a very good thing. I am glad it turned out well in the end. : )

    Jeanette- HA! You wouldn’t quite say that if you’d heard me muttering “Oh, f*ck” over and over and over the whole time except when I kept on apologizing to the dog! All’s well that ends well, though. Right?

  6. I wonder if that peroxide trick works on people too. I’ve always had this feeling that someday someone will try and poison me, and I’m not great at making myself barf, at least not without drinking a lot. But I could take a couple of shots of hydrogen peroxide no problem, and then presto chango, I could pretend to die of poisoning, vomit bubbly crap out my mouth, and then when my killer was laughing in sweet victory, I could stand up behind them and snap their neck, or at the very least foil their plans to off me. It would be like something out of Shakespeare, but not boring and pretentious.

    Nice save with the dog btw. Thumbs up!

    Josh- You are SUCH a guy. According to one source I read:”Hydrogen peroxide is nonflammable, but it is a powerful oxidizing agent that can cause spontaneous combustion when it comes in contact with organic material.” That is in very high concentrations, unlike the household antiseptic but Josh PLEEZ! Do not try that!! It wouldn’t be worth the risk,(even though the effect of foaming at the mouth is quite appealing!!) I wouldn’t want you to go up in flames!!!!! 😆

  7. dat is one cute doggy, and you one cool lady. Glad Shelby still wit us!

    Crabdaddy- Thank you, Sweety!! (Don’t tell Crabmommy I called you Sweety!) Has Crabdoggy ever done something that crazy? He seems pretty darned layed-back.

  8. Oh my goodness! I’m sorry this happened! But you know what? Now I know what to do too. I don’t have a dog, but I am sure this is something I’ll remember if I ever get one.

    Heather- It was only luck that I knew what to do. Somebody was looking out for us!

  9. OH wow! I’m SO glad you knew what to do and acted so quickly! NICE JOB!!

    I’m glad to hear Shelby is doing well!!

    Gary- Like I told Heather, it was pure coincidence that I had seen this done once before. Otherwise I don’t know if that sweet old dog would still be with us!

  10. Oh shit, that’s scary. I would have freaked out! I’m glad she’s alright. I’m always worried that one of my beasts will eat something poisonous. So far, it’s been just phone books and cardboard boxes.

    My friend’s dog (a large, 12 yr. old Lab) just ate her second box of rat poison and survived…with no side affects whatsoever. What the heck?

    2LD- Oh, I did sorta freak oout!! The vet said that he gets dogs in his clinic all the time who have eaten rat poison because it is sweet! That’s why rats like it too!!! Scary stuff. though!!! EEEGHhH!!

  11. Wow – good thing you kept your head on in that situation! Kudos to you for that! I never would have even known to use hydrogen peroxide! Thanks for sharing this story with us and I’m so glad there was a happy ending. Whew!

    Teeni- Sometimes you get lucky, Teeni! I am glad I had the stuff to help her with.(BAD GRAMMAR ALERT) From now on there will always be a bottle of peroxide in my house!!

  12. Yeah, like you need THAT on your concience! You think momma would have ever forgiven you?

    Dobeman- 😆 Ain’t THAT the truth!!!!1 NO! She would probably never have gotten over it! I would be forever known as the Shelby Murderer!

  13. My moms dog did that. Luckily they live around the corner from the vet clinic. After that all of the mouse traps were taken out of the house. Not just cuz of the dog but because of Tooters too. I am glad everything is ok!!!

    Sunnymom- I will continue to use the mouse poison but I will be much more careful about where I place it. I HATE mice and they love to come in this old house with its stone foundation which makes it impossible to seal it against invaders! Thanks, darlin!

  14. BaJesus, thank goodness ya knew what to do! I panic when that kind of shit happens. I’m bad like that. I probably would have just ran around screaming.. at everyone, including the dog for eating the poision… and a few minutes later my daughter would point out that it wasn’t the dogs fault- it was mine. GAH! You are great in ER situations… I’m much better these days, I’ve come a long way… but I still need to work on that. I’m so glad she’s ok!!!!

    Javaqueen- HAHA My ex was like you. He couldn’t cope when things like that came up. He woould literally wring his hands and yell “Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God” over and over till I would want to slap him!!
    You should have been there when I worked with them at the knife shop. One of the guys there was buffing a cleaver and it came up and whacked him in the face! The blood! OMG! One of the senior guys came screaming over to me yelling “Call the paramedics!!!!” all panic-y. I went in and found the guy bleeding profusely. I made him sit on the floor while I assessed the damage (not good) and put a compress on the wound till the EMTs arrived. It turned out to be not so bad (a cracked orbital ridge) but I learned who I could count on there at the knife shop.. NO ONE!! HAHAHA!!! All those big tough guys and one of them FAINTS at the sight of blood… and they sharpen knives for a living!!! Holy hell!

  15. I had no idea that’s what you should do! But then again, I’m a big city boy and out here in the arid southwest we fight roaches and scorpions far more than mice. Mice are cute and fuzzy compared to the other two alternatives!
    Very glad everything turned out well. :^)

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