the sun warms me

discoveryI pray for the warmth of spring and the chance to be outside daily. I do not like cold weather or snow or windy skies. I like warm, sun, temperatures above 70 degrees and my deck and my gardens and my ponds.

Last year I learned how to hoop dance, thanks to Safire, an on-line instructor/ hoop dancing goddess.

This is her newest video. She inspires me. If you like what you see, I highly recommend viewing her tutorials. Thanks to Safire I learned to do the tricks and have since learned to make my own hoops. I have given away more than two dozen of them to people who show an interest. Last year after the Park Avenue Festival in Rochester , NY Β D’Bear’s neighbors had their annual Park Ave. backyard party and I taught several people there to hoop dance. We had a few drinks and by midnight there were takers for every one of the 8 hoops I made to give away!

Β See if this doesn’t inspire you!

ps. : this is great exercise!!! If I want to be able to wear that cute little French Maid outfit for D’Bear I need to be hoop dancing every day!! Hurry up, sunshine! It’s hard to hoop dance indoors!!

7 comments on “the sun warms me

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  2. Ok first of all there is no way in hell I could do that. I have been cursed with what is known as a J’Lo ass, the hoop would get caught and be left spinning in that area alone. Besides my body has been restructured as a playground for my daughter and hard rough work, dainty dancing is just not in my cards any more lol.

    SunnyMom- HAHA!! NO you would do fine!! I have taught all sorts of people to hoop! It’s really much easier than you think! The hoops I use are wider and heavier by far than the toy ones you buy in the toy stores!
    You should give it a go! It’s so much fun! And sexy as hell!

  3. That is AWESOME!

    Wow. Unfortunately I’m so uncoordinated I’d spend more time flat on my face on the mat than dancing with the hoop lol

    Mistress B. – Oh, YEAH! Safire is awesome! She’s my hooping hero!
    And believe it or not, Mistress,you could do this! Would I lie to you??

  4. Ok first I want a body like hers! And I want to learn that!!!! TEACH ME OH WISE ONE!!!!!

    Javajunkee- Oh Hells YEAH! I want a body like that but that ain’t gonna happen for me!!
    I’d love to teach you!! But if you want to learn NOW just go to her website and there are like 20 tutorials that you can learn from or go to and type in Safire!
    Honestly, JJ. hoop dancing is something that changed my life! It puts you back in touch with your body, gets you dancing, and it is SO MUCH FUN! It looks hot, too!!

  5. I know you wouldn’t lie to me love. πŸ™‚

    This could be something that captures my daughters imaginations too – will have to show them

    Mistress B.- YES! And then you’ll catch her enthusiasm and before you know it you’ll be hooping, too!

  6. For some unknown reason, I found this video HOT! I gotta go take a cold shower or something. πŸ˜‰

    Gary- I know, right?? For some reason it affected me in a similar way! It’s why I hoop!

  7. Ok I looked at making one of those. First of all it looks like it involves sharp objects which I am banned from 😦
    Do you make the ones that collapse? How much would you charge for one? πŸ™‚ There is no way in hell I could make one and have it look anyway decent or be big enough to get my ass through and not so big that I’d put it through a window.

    tell java how much you need to make me one. My favorite colors are purple, black and pink. I could probably even find the ribbon for you if I knew what I was looking for you and send it to you.

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