pink is like red but not quite

WARNING TO MY FAMILY- POSSIBLE TMI!!!orangesAs I grow older certain parts of my body amaze me.

When I gain weight, it’s now my belly that gets inflamed huge. When I was younger the weight seemed to spread itself around more evenly. Now if I eat two heavy  meals in a row my middle feels bigger immediately! My pants grow tight and I’m not talking a food baby!

Oh, you know what a food baby is, right? That’s when you get a little pot belly right after you eat a meal. It feels round, like a pregnant belly!foodbaby2

 There are other things that change that no one really talks about, like the color of a woman’s nipples.

When you’re very young, prepubescent, they’re usually pink, like shell pink, very sweet and delicate. Then at puberty they start to darken a little and they get larger. All good things!!

When a woman gets pregnant nipples can become dark as night, dark like chocolate or purply and they grow bigger and bigger until a nursing mother can have nipples as big as a fried egg!fried_egg__sunny_side_up

But then after a certain age, during or after menopause, they start to change again. Mine have become that same shade of pale pink I had as a girl.

They’re still a woman’s nipples. They still love a caress or a kiss. They still respond amazingly to touch or the whisper of cold air or water. But they are such a sweet pink!

Pink is my favorite color. I used to HATE pink but I find it’s a nice color for women des certain age, as the French call older women.  I love that term: “la femme des certain age” ( pronounced “la fem day sairtan odge”  a woman of a certain age. ) It’s so much nicer than old lady, isn’t it? That’s a name I  don’t mind being called at all.

 Aerosmith … I have seen them twice in concert and I adore them! Steven Tyler’s willingness to be androgynous and the mouth on him…well, how can one not be mesmerized by him? His music is awesome!

This song is for all the femmes des certain age that are on my blogroll and for all the women who one day will be ….

It embraces the beauty in every body, no matter size, age, or weight. I love it!

17 comments on “pink is like red but not quite

  1. Jeez, I had to just whip mine out to see what color we’re talking here but it’s too dark in my room. The next time I get up I’ll check. I love Aerosmith too. They come to the Cape sometimes. Stephen came a few years ago and stopped at a store I frequent and he ended up on their front steps picking on a guitar. Of course I didn’t go to that store that day.

    Joan- OOOoo! I would love to have been there when ST showed up!!! I would have been totally starstruck!
    You crack me up- “whip it out”, Joan! And get some light in there or are you going for mood lighting? 😆

  2. I never had the really dark nipples.

    *goes to dig out her aerosmith cd’s to continue grooving along her morning* Love that clip!

    Mistress B- So glad you got your groove-thang on!
    Mine seem to have been light, then dark, then reaaallly dark for a while then light again.
    I feel pretty in pink! I do kinda miss the dark color though. It seems more “Bad Girl” I guess!

  3. is there a gauge here for dark pink or hot pink? What if they glow in the dark? And what’s the right diameter for them? I think mine are huge…is it just cuz my boobs are big?

    JJ- I shoulda posted a color chart, I see!! HAHAHA
    If they glow in the dark YOU HAD TOO MUCH JAVA TODAY!!!
    Whatever size they are is the size they’re supposed to be, silly!!

  4. I just hope there’s not a time when la femme des certain age have to take the rings out of their pearly pinks. Then I will feel very old.

    Anja- No, mon petite! You can keep your rings always! They might come in handy to tie them up with when you’re 90+ ! LMFAO!

  5. Heeeyyy! Where do I fit into this conversation?! Foreskin vs no foreskin?

    James- Oh, pray, do tell! Foreskin or no?
    I think the better corollary would be does the male ballsack change as you grow older.
    WHAT??!?!?! Did I say something wrong?
    I’m just curious , is all!!!

  6. You I think at this point I am more concerned about the size and shape than color. I went from young and perky to full mommy boobs to looking like a have a couple of socks with sand in them. Thank god for good underwire and a little padding or else I would look like an Etheopian with a round belly and no tits.

    I agree the color is no way even close to what it was pre-baby. It sucks but what can you do unless you can afford new ones. Does anyone out there want to contribute to my titty fund lol.

    SunnyMom- One of the worst days of my life was when my ex (the fucktard) said to me, apropos of nuthin’ ” ya know, your breasts aren’t as perky as they used to be!” I SWEAR TO GOD he said that! I was depressed for weeks!
    I shoulda killed him right then.
    And to make matters worse, when I lose weight my tits look like two fried eggs…hanging on a nail!
    O, Lawd…..
    (I think I just lost my status as a sex symbol…..)

  7. OMG!!! I wet my pants with this one!! I am laughing so damn hard!!! ST is to die for. I’ve been in love with him forever 😉 To be honest, I had to whip mine out to see the color!! What crazy ass’s we all are!! It’s fun huh?????

    Joy- Isn’t that a great video??? I luz me some Stephen Tyler, yes I does!
    Yes, we are indeedy some crazy mutha fuckas!!! And I am proud as hell of that fact, my sweet friend!!!
    I’m glad you got a chuckle!!

  8. How do you imprint a video like that there is a video I want to put on my blog but I don’t know how?? Some one help me I am lost lol?????

    SunnyMom- You “right click” on the URL at the top of the page of your video or where it shows you, like on YouTube. Hit “copy”.
    On your “Post a new blog” page there are several icons at the top of the editting area where it says “Upload/Insert” Next to the icon for adding an image is an icon for adding a video. Click that and a box will pop up. You will see a tab at the top of that that says ” From URL”.
    Clcik that and then at the top is a space that says “URL” with a red asterisk next to it. Paste the copied URL there and then click “Insert into post”
    That’s it!

  9. OK …that’s it I am gonna need a new monitor….sunnymom what has to be one of the funniest things ever said on a blog about boobs….

    a couple of socks with sand in them…HTH did you come up with that??

  10. Well java after careful consideration one morning and a lot of studying and moving them around I looked down and there was Tooter’s socks full of sand. I picked one up and holy hell it was my boobies. Even had red sand stains on the toes to resemble…… well you get the hint.

    Thanks Trish I am going to try it and see if I can figure it out

  11. Since I don’t know you very well Trisha, I will bite my tounge and keep my comments to myself. Anyone that knows me KNOWS this is VERY difficult for me to do. LOL

    However, picturing all you lovely ladies whipping your nipples out to take a closer look at them has made me pee my pants from laughing so hard. If you will excuse me now, I must take a shower and change into some different clothes. Maybe I will check out my nipples while I’m at it??? 😉

    Gary- Hey!! Laughing is not the comment I was hoping for. Panting, hyperventilating, sweating, heart palpitations, excitement, all acceptable. Laughing?? ……… well. ok, it IS kinda funny… I guess…..

  12. I didn’t whip my out, cos they are NOT pretty {and I HATE having them touched, even by myself!!} but I did look…they’re nipples..I’ve never really taken a lot of notice before so I don’t have a point of reference other than they’re big..and when I’m cold {or I sneeze} you could hang Christmas decorations on them…now there’s a vision for you!!
    Steve Tyler? I LOVE the mans voice..could almost cream my pants over it, and as to his lips…well he didn’t get them sucking icy poles I’m sure…
    he’s not an attractive man, but can he sing?? FUCK yes!!!
    And might I add that I’m seriously jealous that you’ve seen him live…twice…
    As to the ex? I would have told him dick wasn’t as hard as it used to be either, but we all have our crosses to bear….fucking prick!

    Moe- Really? You hate having them touched?? Oookay, is it because they’re too sensitive? 😉
    You crack me up!! Stephen Tyler’s lips….. “he didn’t get them sucking icy poles” NO!! Nor icy Ruskies or icy Irish lasses either, I’m guessing!! HAHAHAHA
    I want a do-over with the ex and that comment!! Why couldn’t I think of that???

  13. I love fried eggs. Not as much as nipples but quite a bit.

    Evyl- 🙂 — These fried eggs of mine… ..well, let’s say their yolks got hard when I read that!

  14. No. I’m eccentric and think in weird terms. I’m just coming to this reality. I always wondered why people didn’t understand me. Now I know.

    As far as a nut sack goes, it doesn’t change colors I don’t think, but with all the “old men with hanging sacks” goes, I haven’t had that problem as yet. Don’t want that either. You said nothing wrong.

    James- you silly! I didn’t mean it that way, either!!! I luz you, man!! *hugs*

  15. They’ve just always been that way.
    I can’t handle them being touched and if Mark should be foolish enough to even look at them, he said he feels like he’s taking his life into his own hands {or mouth as the case may be}
    Breastfeeding left me feeling literally sick too is another thing.
    *shudder* Even the thought of it is making me woozy…
    They react the way “normal” boobs do in every other way, just don’t touch/lick/go within 2 feet of them…

    anonymum- Well, see? That’s why there are so many different ways to pleasure a woman! For some of us it’s tits ;For others its kissing or more intimate caressing. Variety is the spice of life !

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