Holy Sugasm, Batman!

dictionary-thumb-430x322Lately I’ve started noticing some words floating around that ,frankly, have me baffled.

When my kids were little they would ask me what something meant and of course being the mother that I am, I would say “look it up!”

This week I made a short list of unfamiliar words and terms. Thank goodness for my Google!  How did we ever live without it?

Sugasm– Ok, I stumble adult sites from time to time and this word popped up (no pun intended) over and over again. From what I can figure out it simply means sex blogging or sexual content. If you can come up with a better definition, please do tell!

obesogenicadj. tending to cause obesity.
   Whoa! All the foods I eat are obesogenic! They never used to be. It seems to have happened after I hit that number that rhymes with nifty!

  Yogalates (also trademark Yogilates) n. a fitness routine that combines Pilates exercises with the postures and breathing techniques of yoga.origin 1990s: blend of yoga and Pilates.

 (  So can I make up fitness words, too? Let’s see.. the following are MINE!
 Jumping Jackalopes– It’s Jumping Jacks when you’re e little horny in the morning.!
 Strevetching– that’s when you stretch and complain about it.
Booty Mass Index *BMI) – a number that reflects the percentage of general body fat in proportion to your ass fat.
Wait Training– I’ll just wait and see if the pounds come off without me doing any exercise!)
POTUS/VPOTUS/FLOTUS, n. President of the United States, BarackObama; Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden; and First Lady of the United States, Michele Obama, respectively [acronyms].
 ( Does that make me a SCROTUS? n. Senior Citizen Retiree Of The United States? acronym ) Again,  I want credit for this original word!

I will add words from time to time as I come across them.  For the longest time I didn’t know what IMHO meant( “cause baby, I is NOT a HO!), and I thought a Waitron was the word for a robotic waiter!

11 comments on “Holy Sugasm, Batman!

  1. Sugasm? Isn’t that a mouth orgasm from too much sugary delight?

    Heh… remember years ago there was a band Presidents Of The United States Of America – they had a song called “Peaches” a dirty little ditty.

    Acronym: POTUSA and they did use a lot of pot.

    Anja- then would you say sugasm is obesogenic? 😆
    I LOVED THAT SONG!! “Movin’ to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches”!

  2. You consistently make me spit all over my fucking monitor!!!
    This time it was the SCROTUS that got me!!! I’ll giggle every time I think about it now!!
    I enjoyed this post no end…what a hoot!!!

    Moe- AND SHE SCORES!!!!! *the crowd roars*
    Mission accomplished! HAHAHA If I can get you to spew on the ‘puter, then I feel GOOD!!!!
    Thank you!

  3. ok I did not know any of those! (well except for IMHO)

    You learn something every day

    Mistress B. – a day without a new word is like a….very bad day.. 😯

  4. Well I’ve been spewing most of the day today {and most of last night} so there wouldn’t have been any victory if that had been the case!!
    Not today at any rate…keeping nothing down and nothing in for about 24 hours….YUCK!!

    Moe- Aww , baby, I am so sorry!! That just SUCKS monkey balls……Feel better soon, love.

  5. See this is why I love you. I will keep up with your vocab and when Tooters starts spitting these words at me and I will know what she is talking about. I had to learn to talk IM becuz I txt so much but that is as far as I got.

    I think I will go home and try SCROTUS ut on my mom.

    SunnyMom- Ahh, see- You’re in the “Texting Age” which is somewhere below 35. When I do it, it takes me sooooo long! I can never figure out how to punctuate or start a new sentence…AGGH

    And I love you! and Tooters!

  6. This was a hilarious thing to read this morning!! I’m loving it and love this one the most and do plan to use it in the upcoming future: “Wait Training- I’ll just wait and see if the pounds come off without me doing any exercise!)” LMFAO!!!!!!

    Joy- Hey, Grrrlfriend, we strive to amuse!!! I’m glad I increased your vocabulary !!!!1 😆

  7. The old adage “You learn something everyday” holds true here. I certainly learned something new. I actually had heard of sugasm. Urban dictionary describes it as follows. “Sugar high…In other words, sugar orgasm. Like, excitement from sugar.” I guess I have a sugasm everyday when I eat my little bit of chocolate.

    Joan- This was totally a new one for me! I think you and Anja hit the nail on the head. It simply means what you said! And like you, I think,…no , I KNOW I have one at least once a day!! LOL

  8. HAHAHA! I love YOUR definitions of those last words better. You need to write the dictionary from now on. 🙂

    Teeni- Hey, it would be a job!! And I’d LOVE IT! I love words and playing with words. If only I could write my own dictionary!
    Thanks, Teeni!!!

  9. I had to buy a cell phone with a full keyboard on it because I txt so much but could not get full words out with a regular phone. My mom txt’s almost as much as I do. It is addicting and I have become a moster at it. I think my last bill had 1200 txts on it. Thank god for unlimited txting from Verizon lol.

    Sunnymom- Really? Your MOM??? I’m impressed! I can do it if have to and I can usually get a coherent message across but it takes me like an hour to do it!! Too much trouble. I usually just give up and call the danged person!!! LMAO!!!

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