Bongo, Douglas, & SuperPickle Visit Trisha

What a day! I am SO exhausted! I never realized how tiring it can be playing referee babysitter  hostess to three exuberant Buddies at the same time!

The first thing we did was to go down to my studio because I really wanted Douglas to meet someone special to me.  This is my own personal papier mache dragon posing with Douglas. They got along great! It was so cute to see Dougie acting like a little brother for a change rather than the big ,fire-breathing bad   boy !


Little Bongo met my studio pal, Mr. Music, who’s very old but still likes to play pranks on unsuspecting monkeys! Boy, little Bongo got an earful!


SuperPickle wanted to try his hand at painting so I let him have a go at one of my paintings in progress. He did OK for a first time! (Notice the part he wanted to paint?)


It was soon time for lunch so I made us a nice picnic: pimento cheese sandwiches, grapes, and lemonade. The sun was shining and the had quite an appetite!


Douglas wandered off and suddenly these voluptuous wood nymphs who live out behind the barn were giggling and rubbing themselves all over him!I had to take a broom to them and they gave me the evil eye as they flew back into the forest! Uh, oh… I think I’ll be sorry for that one!


Bongo got excited to see a hardy kiwi vine in the backyard. He climbed all the way to the top! I guess he had a sugar high from all that lemonade!


I promised them an edventure and so I took them for a hard rock climb to burn off some of that energy. Douglas and Bongo had no trouble scaling the wall but SuperPickle was breathing hard by the time he reached the summit!


Ahhh, the view was worth the effort!


As promised I saved one little challenge for Douglas… the burn barrel. He lit it like a pro! And he was mighty proud of his firey display!


They basked in the warm sun for a little siesta. They liked the view of the old barn and while they dozed I took a tiny break myself!


Before we even realized it , it was time to call it a day. They looked rather pensive as the gazed out over the pasture here at the farm. I sure hope they had a good time. I know I did! But MAN, am I tired!


22 comments on “Bongo, Douglas, & SuperPickle Visit Trisha

  1. oh my gosh..this is too cute!!!
    I love sp trying to climb the mountain…and painting.
    And bongo up in the tree (had to admit for a moment I had to hold my breath) 😉 he looks like he’s having a blast!

    You are a great group hostess and these buddies and their mommies are never gonna forget these adventures!
    ….gotta go back and look at the pictures again!

  2. your artwork is beautiful and that’s YOUR FARM?? R U SERIOUS? That’s it..the next box you find on your step will be much bigger and have air holes in it…and it’s gonna be ME!

    javajunkee- Don’t say it if you don’t mean it! I would love LOVE to have a wordpress bloggers get-together here!! Wouldn’t that be awesome???

    Thank you, sweet thang, for your kind and thoughtful comments. You make me blush! 😛

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  4. Wicked idea!!
    I’m lovin’ it!

    anonymum- Oh, Baby, you don’t know how much I wanted to do an XXX-rated story line!! HAHAHA I control myself well for the sake of the others. Some of them have children who have been following these posts about the Buddies so…. 😛

  5. OMG java me and Tooters will meet you there!! Trisha you are an awsome artist!! I love the picnic but you know for some goofy reason I am falling in love with Super Pickle, his face and body just fit any situation.

    Sunnymom- He IS a handsome pickle, isn’t he? Anyone could fall for that face!!
    Thanks, sweety, for that nice comment!

    You and Tooters are ALWAYS welcome here!!

  6. SP looks like he’d have better luck climbing if he’d turn his foot around. I’m cracking up over that picture! That’s too flipping funny and he’s breathing hard. Shouldn’t he be able to just “fly” up there. That cape just for decoration? !!!

    Javajunkee- OOPS! I missed that little detail until after I posted it! Heehee!! If anyone saw me they would have cracked up ! I was lying flat out on that cold, wet ground trying for the perfect angles!! I had to take a LOT of shots to get these right!!
    Yeah! Come to think of it, he should have been able to fly up there! WTF?

  7. sunnymom….let’s go. I say we go there first and then all hop a bus over to Joans house…then we can just make our rounds.

    as for the pickle..isn’t it the truth. If you go look at all the positions and prediciments he’s been in..his face just play the part! That was a great choice on the queens part to send him around.

    Javajunkee- GET THEE TO Pennsylvania! We needs a par-tay!

    (HAIL to the QUEENS! They done good!)

  8. ROFLMAO!!! This is just to awesome. I love the little chairs they’re sitting on for the picnic!! I also love your place. The voluptuous wood nymphs are totally making me wet my pants!!! TFF!!!

    You’re a great hostess.

    Joy- HAHA!!! Thank you, my lovely!! I’m glad I could contribute to your dampness!! 😛

  9. I’m surprised just as the pickle got to the top the dragon didn’t light his little pickled head on fire!

    Javajunkee- He and Douglas actually got along quite well, being the two mature males of the group. Little Bongo is still a bit young and innocent, ya know.

  10. This is friggin’ awesome. There’s a kid’s book in development here. It’s amazing.

    Anja- Wow! Ya think so? Know any editors who want to front me an advance? 😀 Thanks!!

  11. OMG! Look at Super Pickle trying to cop a feel with the paint brush. Hahahahaha. Perverted pickle.

    Now, where on earth did you find mini folding chairs? Those are too flippin’ cute! And your property *sigh*…gorgeous, gorgeous.

    2LD- Thanks, Grrrrlfriend!!! Oh, that SP is a little lech! We should nickname him SPP- Super Pervert Pickle!! HAHAHA!!!
    Thanks for the compliments!! You are very sweet! I like it here pretty much, but it IS a LOT of work to maintain alone. ((deep sigh))

  12. we are planning a road trip there. I was gonna take my tent but she mentioned something about bears….so she better be making room for lots of cots! 🙂

    Javajunkee- Tents SCHMENTS!! You’re staying in the house!! We gots ta par-tay all night long!! All night!! All night long!!

  13. Holy fucking hell, I don’t even know where to start! “Douglas wandered off and suddenly these voluptuous wood nymphs who live out behind the barn were giggling and rubbing themselves all over him!I had to take a broom to them and they gave me the evil eye as they flew back into the forest! Uh, oh… I think I’ll be sorry for that one!” – I think I bust my gut laughing at this- where on earth, on this planet did you ever come up with this? I laughed so hard, I’m sitting here at my desk LOL! Oh, and SP painting her breast! LMAO! They all look so darn cute together! Are they going to travel together? OMG, this is such a fun post, I really enjoyed your story-telling mama! Oh, and if you really have a wp gathering, you can count me in for sure- panic attacks and all- I’m in!

    Javaqueen- You are most certainly invited to come join the par-tay!! There won’t be any panic attacks ’cause we are just too silly to take seriously! Really!! Think about it! What could we possibly do that could make you feel anything except loved, and wanted (hey, not THAT way!) and one of the goofy-girls!! You are so much fun!! Just inagine the trouble we could all get into!!! HEHEHEEEE!!!
    Thanks for the sweet comments, Sugah!! You are TOO MUCH!

  14. Wood nymphs, are you kidding me?!!! That picture made me spit coffee! ALL OVER THE PLACE! Rubbing up on him… ROFLMAO!

    JQ- They were all the frick over him!!! Yes! They knocked on my windows yesterday trying to see if he was still here but I just ignored them! They finally gave up and gave me the finger before they flew away! I don’t think I’ve seen the last of them!

  15. OMG…how damn cute is this!!!!!! SP tried so hard to climb that mountain!! TFF!!! And Bongo in the tree!! Typical monkey, monkeying around!!lmao…very cute Trisha!!

    Nikki- Thanks, love!! I try!! 😀

  16. My face hurts from smiling! Thanks for that, I also thought the little chairs were very cute. Little party outside . Three at a time ,one time we had two at a time and I felt like I was patting my head and rubbing my stomach. The painting scene was wonderful. Your property is amazing and I know that can be a lot of work. The climbing party great shot looking up it looked like they were on a high mountain top. anyway Loved it! great work.

    starlaschat- Why thank you!! That was some nice comment!! 😀
    It’s nice to hear great feedback from this post. I had to get into some pretty weird positions to take some of those shots!! heehee!!

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