Finally! Buddies are here!!

After ten days in Rochester with my honey I have finally returned home to PA.  On Saturday we had temperatures in the 60s there and enjoyed sitting on the front porch in the sunshine for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Today’s ride home was another matter entirely!  I hit misty rain for most of the 3 1/2 hour drive but when I got nearer to home I found I had just missed a pretty big snow squall. Passing a couple of horses out in their pasture gave me proof. They still had snow on their backs!

   I had three buddies waiting for me when I got home! I hate coming home to an empty house so this was the BEST!

 Sometimes the buddies go to their host’s homes one at a time but since I am away a great deal of the time they tend to clump up. That’s kinda fun for all of us!!p3310655

Douglas used his special Dragon skills to light a few candles in the house to warm the rooms. He liked showing off for the others, I think. They were appropriately impressed!! So was I!

SuperPickle wandered into the kitchen and OMG, before I could warn him he saw it!!p3310657 He held on to that jar of Zesty Pickles and tried to get them out but I had to gently tell him they aren’t like him, all super and everything. They can’t fly. They can’t play. They have to stay in the brine or they go bad. He was sad but after a decent amount of grieving, I was able to get him back on track and then all was fine. {smack self on head! } I am so sorry I didn’t think to get those zesty dills out of the house so as not to upset him!


Meanwhile Bongo, (that cutey!) just jumped around from the pot rack in the kitchen to the palm tree in the sun room, happy as a good monkey should be!!

The three of them will accompany me for a little adventure tomorrow. Stay tuned for all the fun!!

13 comments on “Finally! Buddies are here!!

  1. I love all of your stories about the buddies and Douglas did great with the candle and I can just see Bongo just hanging around with you. But I think that the best is the pickle jar that is just priceless and I choked on my yogurt I was eating. Cannot wait to get home and show Tooters she is enjoying this as much as I do.

    Sunnymom- Thanks! You are such a sweety!!! Sorry for ths choking incident but just imagine how poor SP felt!!! 😦
    That was quite a shock even for a Super Hero!
    (Hi, Tooters!!!)

  2. Great story! I loved the pickle jar and SP. Poor thing. It must have been quite a shock to see fellow pickles in a jar.

    Can hardly wait to read all about tomorrow’s adventure!

    Allison- Thanks, love!! Yes, poor SP had quite a shock to his widdle cuke heart. But he knows now what a lucky Pickle he really is!

  3. *gasp* Evyl is back

    Sorry Trish – your buddy stories are so funny!

    Mistress B. No need to apologize! I almost dropped a load in my panties when I saw his comment up there!!! Whew!! I’m so glad he’s BACK!

    Thanks for the nice comment, Mistress! Coming from you, I’m all verklempt!

  4. I can’t wait till my daughter sees this one! Don’t you love the expression on that pickles doesn’t matter what he’s doing the expression always fits!

  5. and my little bongo looks so content just to be “hanging”! And of course Douglas showing off…don’t let him near sunglasses and/or “bling”! His alter eg0 “lil-d” will come out!

    Javajunkee- I am having such fun with these guys! We’re going for a ride in the car today. No telling what kind of trouble we’ll get into with these three crazy boys!!! OMG!

  6. This is so amusing. I just love these stories that comes along with your traveling buddies!

    Douglas and SuperPickle are just to funny and little Bongo, being the monkey he is, jumping around : ) Can’t wait to hear more of the buddies adventures. : )

    Spellbound Sky

    Jeanette- Thanks!! Today I’ll be posting more Big Adventures With the Buddies! Stay tuned!

  7. Oh, poor SP, I hope he’s not damaged for life. Just don’t let him see you chomp into one of those pickles. Oh, the horror.

    2LD- I think he’s OK. He did have some bad dreams last night but he seemed chipper this morning. No harm done, I think!

  8. Did SuperPickle ask for his mom after that little incident? He had bad dreams? Poor little guy. After thinking on this – I think Douglas got the bad end of the stick after being accosted by the voluptuous wood nymph’s…. SP will be just fine! It’s Douglas I’d worry about.

    Lawdy…. love your answer to Evyl too “he’s a bad ass mutha”- omg the way you write kills me!

    Javaqueen- SP misses his mommy BIG TIME! And don’t you worry about Douglas. I think he kinda liked those big broads and their amazing TaTas!! He had a grin on him for hours after that incident!!!

  9. I know I’m late on this one but I am literally LMFAO at SP trying to free the others!!!!! OMFG!!!!! Now that is some funny ass hit!

    Nikki- Thanks, darlin’! I’m really glad you had a giggle!! 😆

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