randomness, mental debris, physical exhaustion

 I know, I KNOW! I haven’t posted anything in a week! I am mentally sans muse!     This is the most random bunch of shite I have ever considered posting but hey. …You’re here. You might as well continue reading the post, eh?

  1. Someone pinged me from a Swedish language site and I think I know who she is but regardless I am learning how to use Google Translator and I commented on her post, too, because that’s the kinda gal I am!  How cool is it that someone in Sweden reads my blog!
  2. My amazing, handsome, and brilliant son, Dobeman, made some very nice remarks after spending a long weekend here with his bio-mom. BUT I think I have to do some upgrading on my interior decor. I was already considering a new sofa and a new dining room ensemble but now it is a priority! Have you ever entered the home of someone who has lived in their home for 20 years or more and right away you know the the year the moved in, because nothing has really changed? It’s not retro! It’s just freakin’ old!  If I have to eat Skippy Creamy  PB (’cause meat is so damned expensive!) then so be it! I will have moved into the year 2009 rather than living in 19-frickin’-81 which is what my home screams when you see the decor!
  3. My oldest daughter is 7-months pregnant and being quite nasty to her family. She tries, God knows, but she may just drive us all ’round the bend by the time this little boy is born.
  4. bearcold4Man Colds are deadly and insufferably bad! Ask D’Bear! His is worse than anything I have ever suffered through. They always are. 🙂 To his credit he was absolutely amazing this past weekend. He came all the way down to my house after work on Friday, a drive of over three hours to spend some time with my family and me. He had never met my son, Dobeman, and I was dying for them toget to know each other. I see so many similarities between them.  Both work in the computer field, (tech writer, marketing, PR, for Dobeman..software engineering for D’Bear), both are Conservatives, both are cautious and frugal with their money, both have a wicked sense of humor and a love of wine and music and literature.  Unfortunately poor Dobeman came down with a bad sinus infection and a head cold just before his trip here and THEN D’Bear comes down with his nasty bug as soon as he gets home on Monday!
  5. What the HELL is going on with the male bloggers here on WordPress??? Both my darling bad-boy Evyl and my sweet-but-nasty Spidey have been noticeably absent of late. I am a little concerned about that!
  6. I have to have another colonoscopy. Yeah, I know…TMI! But seriously! Two years ago I had a couple of nasty, pre-cancerous polyps removed so I have to do this scope-up-the-ass thing every two years!  The only good thing about it that after 24 hours of fasting and laxatives, I lose between 6-8 pounds and I feel PRETTY !! (Of course I am light-headed and starving but other than that… mah-velous!)
  7. steak_bjIf you missed Saturday’s amazing Holiday then make it a point to write down the date for next year. March 14th is the MAN VALENTINE’S DAY! Yes, you heard me. It was Steak & a Blow Job Day. HA!! D’Bear got two steaks this past weekend but with so much family in the house, he will have to take a rain-check on the rest of the Holiday’s promise!! HAHAHA!!! I hope your man got his!!
  8. Spring is on its way! YAY!!! I went outside without a heavy jacket today and I did not die of frostbite and hypothermia!!!!!! Soon here in Northeast PA we’ll be hearing this:
  9.  .  I’m making Beef Curry, Basmati Rice, Cucumber Lime Salad, and … I’m lost as to what else to feature on the menu for our Saturday dinner with the NY neighbors.  There are three couples, one on each side of the lovely D’Bear and then of course, us. All last summer we spent hours and hours on each others’ porches in the evenings, drinking wine, and sharing good food that we all contributed to the cause. When the cold of winter forced us inside we decided to start a sort of Supper Club. One  of us hosts a dinner each month.  This month is our turn and since I’ve served this recipe for Beef Curry several times to accolades I feel it will go over equally well with this group.ly I’ll have condiments like chopped peanuts, raisins or currants, shredded coconut, etc. but I am at a loss as to what else to make to round out the menu. I need one more thing as a side and a dessert. Any ideas?
  10. Yesterday I watched the Martha Stewart Show and guess what!! She’s getting fat!  She had Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives on and Martha looked HUGE next to her!  Yes, Ms. Martha of the “I am a former model and I am so much richer than you!” fame. Yep, she and Oprah have packed on some poundage! If Oprah tries to tell me ONE MORE TIME how to lose weight I’m gonna take a gun to my TV!  How can she preach to millions of women (and she does!) and not see the irony?       OK, that sounds mean , but Boo-fucking-Hoo.

 OK, that’s today’s scintillating post, y’all. Thanks for making it to the bottom of the page. Comments are not only welcome but incredibly appreciated!! 

27 comments on “randomness, mental debris, physical exhaustion

  1. tiddlypom! 🙂

    ….ok and I also agree Martha stewart is a bitch!
    it’s too bad that little girl wasn’t quick enough to point out how chunky stewart was.

    Javajunkee- I editted this post so the reference you made to the little girl is gonna look weird but I found out too late that that story was inaccurate . I really dislike Madam Stewart but fair is fair. 😀

  2. wow. that was a mouthful.
    i miss our boys .. evyl and peter. *sigh*
    and YES, mister got his steak and bj.
    colonoscopy .. mm.. mister had one, a double. down the throat, up the butt. i told the doc to be sure and use ONE tube, and put it up the butt first. 🙂
    Really, though .. hope yours goes okay and that all tests come back negative!

    Red- You’re very sweet… well, your mister might disagree. 😀
    He did get his S.& BJ so he can’t bitch too much!

  3. Now that was a post and a half. Bugger posting every day; do posts like this and the punters will be happy.

    No, “The Bunny” didn’t get steak and bj. If he wasn’t a thousand freakin’ kilometers away he would have received the latter. Somehow tofu and bj doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    How’s Martha Dipshit Stewart’s form? Pleasantly plump? I’d like to pleasantly pump her face with my fist. I looked at that kid and she looks healthy to me. Pleasantly plump?… Martha, you’re a skank.

    Anja- (** see comment to Javajunkee at the top**) I would still pay good money to see you “pleasantly pump her face” with your fist!!

    HA!! TOFU and a BJ! Only in vegetarian-land!! 😆

  4. The Swedish woman is Jeannette. She is on my blogroll and she has an English language blog too, http://www.spellboundsky.wordpress.com. We just met recently and I like her a lot.

    I think I would rather get a new knee than a colonoscopy.

    I really miss Peter. I hope he’s OK.

    My daughter’s friend always makes spring rolls which are easy and delicious.

    I like anything with fresh pineapple for dessert. It’s clean and fresh and helps you digest your food.

    Joan- AHHHH!! I know her!! Jeanette is a sweety!! (Welcome, Jeanette!!)
    As for the colonoscopy.. well, you SHOULD get one! Everyone over the age of 50 needs to (I know you’re only 29-years-old, sweety!) It’s really not so bad. REALLY!
    Thanks for the menu suggestion! Does she do the fried ones or the California-style? I LOVE the pineapple idea!! I am definitely gonna run with that!! You da best!!
    I hope you’re feeling better with every day, Joan, my friend!! Hugs!!

  5. I’ve got nothing in the way of food suggestions but the sound of your meal plan is great – do you even need to add anything? Meat, Rice, Salad…. hmmm? I’m not good at hosting shit. I’ve got the twins 13th bday party coming up and am already dreading the company- anxiety sucks. You sound like such a fun person- I wish I could be like you when I grow up Trisha! I loved this random post- it’s nice you had a chance to just get it all out! xoxoxo {{HUGS}}
    PS anyone wanna fill me in on Spidey and Evyl? It’s just plain weird without them.

    JQ- It IS weird about Evyl and Peter, isn’t it? I guess they just needed some down time, without having to deal with the likes of us for a while. 😆 They certainly are missed!
    As for the meal, well, I don’t really need much more but I always feel the need to do things
    B I G ,
    ya know? I already have the dinnerware, the table linens, and the music picked out! I am nothing if not a perfectionist control-freak when it comes to hosting a dinner! I knew the people on here would come through with some wonderful suggestions!!!
    Don’t sweat the twins’ birthday! Make the music loud, feed them stuff off the grill, and for dessert make a great big sundae bar to go with the cake and everyone will leave thinking you’re a genius! 😀
    I DO love you!!!! I really do! You make me feel so good!!!

  6. LOL! I have you (& Joan) on the bloggroll of both my blogs 😉 But it never crossed my mind that it would show up as a “Ping” on yours. But I am happy you took your time and stop by at my Swedish blog as well 😉

    Though I am sorry it wasn’t someone more exciting person ;0). Even do I think you except me for what I am, right? LOL

    Also Thanks to Joan for her sweet words about me. I like her too : )

    Good Luck with the colonoscopy check-up. It’s one of those “a necessary evil” things that we sometimes just have to accept. But as I always keep telling myself “Always Look on The Bright Side of Life”

    jeanette- You ARE adorable!!! That ping gave me a new appreciation for my Google account! I first had to figure out just what language it was and then copy the URL and voila! It translated!! Ta DA!! I had a hunch it was you ! I mean, I don’t have that many Swedish folks wandering around this way!! And yes, I definitely accept you as you are, which happens to be pretty darned great!
    Thanks for such nice comments, Jeanette!

  7. I love your randomness today. Very funny. And I can’t stand Martha or Oprah. Good for them for gaining weight. Nee-ner nee-ner… (is that how you spell that?)

    SLF– BWWWAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it! Nee-ner nee-ner nee-ner!!! Awesome!! I could see your face all scrintched up saying that!!!
    Thanks for the laugh and the nice comment!!! LOL

  8. Heh …

    I guess I am the anti-guy when it comes to being sick. I want to be left alone. I’d rather just be alone in my cave until I feel better *chuckle*

    Gadfly- I am exactly like that. I want to just sit in my corner ALONE to nurse my wounds ALONE and be pissy-pants all ALONE! I hate when people try to help me get better. Leave me the hell ALONE!
    See? We’s alike in sooo many ways!

  9. I too LOVE the randomness of your post today!! I like random. My house screams 1960 and I have only lived her fr 2 years!!! How freakin scary is that! Blue carpet and brick walls to boot! Eehhh whatever…adds character I say! Hey Lulu is here and we’re having a great time…gonna go for a stroll around the neighborhood soon. See what kinda trouble we can get into!! 🙂

    Nikki- Ahhh, but at least the ’60s have panache!! Why darlin’, that’s tres chic, that retro look!! Mine is just “old-people ugly”!! HAHAHA!! I will say I wouldn’t necessarily want blue carpeting. I am anti-blue, as a rule. Skies should be blue. Water , too, maybe. But not cars or dinnerware or hair!!
    Have fun with Miss Lulu and tell heer I miss her little Ho(lstein) self!!!

  10. Wow that was a post of all posts, but loved it. I am glad you resurfaced I was starting to think you ran off with evyl and spidey lol, what would D’Bear do then???? Can I come to your house for dinner sounds like an awsome dinner????

    I would rather deal with Tooters when she is sick than a man lol.

    Sunnymom- Oh, BABY! If I ran off with the those two Amigos i would have a hell of a post to write!!! HAHAHA!!!!! Or maybe I would be too busy and tired to blog at all!!! 👿

    Yes, you are cordially invited, as is everyone else here, to D’Bear’s house on Saturday evening for an Indian feast!!! Couls ya maybe RSVP though? I ,ay need to make a liitle more than I’d planned! 😀

  11. I also love these random style of posts. You and your Oprah and her Boo-Fucking-Hoo has me LMAO!!!!

    Joy- Thanks, Grrrrlfriend!! I’m glad you aren’t easily offended ’cause I can surely be a nasty bee-yotch sometimes!!
    You are da bestest!!!

    Loved reading this.

  12. I enjoyed that post it was chalked full of goodness. Dinner sounds really good. Oprah and Martha it must be rough being rich and famous and on TV all the time. I’m glad their doing it and not me. A guest appearance I guess would be OK but every day.

    Starlaschat- can I just say something that I don’t mean for you to take the wrong way? I LOVE YOUR BLOG NAME!! When I look at it, though, I don’t think I see what you intended : Starla’s Chat. Instead I see Starla Schat! 👿 Sounds Yiddish kinda, doesn’t it?? “Starla Pooped” !!! HAHAHA Gawd, I love you!!!!! Hugs, sweety!!!!

    Please don’t be mad!!!! 😀

  13. There’s a lot to be said for Steak & BJ. I’m waiting for mine this weekend.

    I, too, miss Evyl. Damn where is this guy when you need a good freaking post?!

    I had to change sites. Too many mean people visiting my site so I moved. Jim

    Jim- Ahhh, deferred gratification!! Isn’t the anticipation wonderful? Steak and a BJ … good anytime! Kinda like a nice Lager!!! 😆

    I miss Evyl, too. It’s just not the same around WP without the resident Bad Boy!!

    OH! I changed your URL on my blogroll! Thanks for letting me know!!

  14. S&B DAy? Why am I just hearing about this?
    Oh wait. It’s because it’s my first time to your blog. But not my last! Cheers!
    alantru- It’s a real day, swear to Jeebus! So I can assume you did not get to celebrate the big day? Sorry, old chap.
    Thanks for stopping by!! I wandered over to your cubicle at Hamish Industries. Like Old Oleg, you weren’t there. Where were you?

  15. The springrolls are not fried. They are actually healthy so they must be the California ones. Grilled pineapple is good too.

    I can’t wait to hear how the dinner went.

    I know I should get a colonoscopy but I keep putting it off. Someday I will.

    Joan- I figured as much. Probably like the Thai ones, wrapped in lettuce leaves. That sounds like a good first course!

    Joanie…. get thee to a Gastroenterologist! “Cause we love you !

  16. At the house we used to live in there were thousands of spring peepers in our vernal pool. Every year I used to patiently wait to hear the first ones. I don’t think I am going to hear them at the new house.

    Joan- It’s the one thing in spring that gets me so excited!! I could listen to that sound all day!! So you can relate!! I’m sorry you won’t get to hear it. 😦

  17. Dammit, how in the hell did I miss my favorite holiday of the year?

    I was just thinking about Spidey & wondering . . .

    And I want the details of how your daughter is torturing the family. I love that stuff:)

    Pam- HAHAHA!!! I know!! I love March 14th, too!! From now on make sure you mark it on your calendar!!

    I may get the nerve to post about The Pregnant One! Bear with me. I really need to vent!!

  18. Gwaahahahahah! So, my evil ploy of drinking for D’s wine glass worked huh!

    Feel my pain sucka!

    Dobeman- Oh, yeah! He feels it! I am staying home till Friday. I want his little snot thing cleared up a bit before I get there. He wouldn’t be that much company anyway nor any help with this dinner thing we have on Saturday. I might as well cook here in my own kitchen and NOT have to hear the gakking sounds one makes when one has a sinus infection. It’s so not conducive to inspired cooking… Beef curry tastes better when you make it ahead anyway. 🙂

  19. Sounds like you’ve been busy busy busy! In the good kind of way.

    If I were you, I’d run to the nearest furniture store and max out the credit card. But then again, that’s me, and I usually get into trouble for doing things like that, so maybe you better not run to the nearest furniture store. Unless of course, you want really new furniture, like 2009 shit, and then I would listen to me.

    I’m sorry to hear theDobeman got a sinus infection. It was probably nothing, you know how men go on and on about their alleged illnesses. Life is grand, isn’t it?

    Allison- Ahhh, the temptation is HUGE to go max out the old CC. but alas I am too cautious in my present state of economics to feel comfortable with that. 😦 I want to! I REALLY want to!!!!

    Hahaha Don’t let Dobeman hear you say that!!

  20. My male blogging action is still here… though not as exciting or naked as those two…

    Bronsonfive- You could fix the naked part. I think you’re already pretty darned exciting!!

  21. I miss Spidey and Evyl too. Hmmm – never do see them in the same place at the same time, either. LOL.

    So sorry about the man cold and the pregnancy hormones your family has had to be dealing with. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for good news on the colonoscopy.

    teeni- Hmm, you give me food for thought, teenster-girl! Maybe you’re on to something! Spidey and Evyl… the same guy?!?!? Interesting!

    Thanks, darlin’ for your sweet thoughts! You are a dear heart!

  22. Fuck me I’m exhausted now and need tea to revive…or maybe bourbon…that sure was a mouthful hon!
    Am I gonna get excommunicatedd if I say out loud how much Martha Stewart wants to make me puke???
    I hope she turns into the fucking Michelin man!!!

    Mo- I’m thinkin’ tea with bourbon!!! HAHAHA!!

    Ahh, fuck it if they don’t like it. I hate the Stewart bitch, too!!!

  23. I take my, “It’s OK to gain weight now” cues from Hollywood stars whom I have admired over the years.

    I figure if they, and all their money and free time and diets and personal chefs, can gain five pounds, then so the heck can I!

    Dobeman- AMEN to that!! My problem isn’t five pounds, though. It’s more like fifteen or twenty!!! Looks like Ms. Stewart has those same numbers now, doesn’t it? heeheehee

  24. Great balls of fire, woman! I’m coming over for dinner on Saturday!

    And I miss Evyl, too. 😦

    QFP- You are welcome ANY TIME, my darling! We femmes des certain age have such a duty to entertain, do we not? I want to have a “salon” like in the olden days of romance and elegance. I would entertain only those who amused me and my other guests! You , darling, would always be there, of course!

    (PS. the Saturday dinner was a hit but there are beaucoup leftovers! Get over here!!!)

  25. I misses Evyl too.

    Steak and BJ day! I did not know there was such a thing. Got to love it when I get a holiday right that I didn’t even know about! lmao

    Mistress B.. HAHAHA!!! Lucky man, your hubster!

  26. YUM YUM, everyone is writing about yummy food and my mouth is watering like mad.

    You know Hubby mentioned Steak and BJ Day, but I thought he was being silly.

    Widdleshamrock- That kinda sums things in March up, doesn’t it? Food and S-E-X! I think women need a better Valentine’s Day than that silly one on Feb. 14th where chocolates and hearts abound. How about Crabcakes and Cunnilingus Day or maybe Dessert and Massage Day?? HAHAHA

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