GOOD NEWS About JoanHarvest!!

I just got a note from Joan’s daughter Sarah. She said to tell all her blogger friends that Joan is out of surgery and doing well!!!

 YAY!!! We knew that cane-wielding mama would do great!!

Send those cards and letters, folks! Let’s swamp her with  mail ’cause we love her!!!



 Joan will be at this address until Saturday:

 Falmouth Hospital

100 Ter Heun Dr.

Falmouth, MA 02540

Then she’ll spend a week at this address:

JML Care Center

184 Ter Heun Dr. #1

Falmouth, MA 02540

15 comments on “GOOD NEWS About JoanHarvest!!

  1. Good for Joan! i hope she keeps the cane though. You know. For caning morons. 🙂

    i’m so happy for her! Thanks for letting us know, Trisha.

  2. Thanks for the info and updates! I appreciate it. I’ll be sure to send her a note. I’m so glad she came through Okay, I’ve been praying for her.

  3. You’re a sweetie to do this….nice to know all is well…I know I don’t comment over there, but I do read…
    Amazing the things blogging can achieve isn’t it?

  4. Trisha, Nibbles is in my Loving care, not to worry. If you see a giant growling bear on my blog don’t worry, he’s really in the little box, in my plate cupboard. ;+).

  5. This is so nice that you did this for Joan. I’m glad everything went well for her, I sure hope she recovers nicely and FAST!! 🙂 Thanks for this Trisha!

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