who you calling paranoid?

Birdpress took one of these on line personality test that determine your mental health. Hers was quite intimidating..to her. For those of us who know and love her, well.. we know and love her.  She’s NOT nuts! She’s awesome!

 But curiosity got the better of me so I went over there and took the test and here are my results:

Disorder Rating
Paranoid Disorder: High
Schizoid Disorder: Moderate
Schizotypal Disorder: Very High
Antisocial Disorder: Low
Borderline Disorder: Low
Histrionic Disorder: High
Narcissistic Disorder: Very High
Avoidant Disorder: Low
Dependent Disorder: High
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Moderate

Sheesh!! No wonder poor little Birdpress was worried. It seems I am a Paranoid, Schizotypal, Histrionic, Dependent with moderate OCD!!

 Fuck ’em. That’s what makes me interesting!! LOL

9 comments on “who you calling paranoid?

  1. I’d rather have a dozen psychological conditions than be boring — keep doing what you’re doing

    Davis- THANKS! I KNEW the really cool people would GET it!!

  2. I am headed over to take that test just to see what it says. But I actually pride myself on not being normal and besides I think to deal with life we all have to a little crazy. I enjoy being off my rocker and living in my own world it is more fun this way. Visitors always welcome lol.

  3. As I said to the lovely Birdpress, these tests are a load of bollocks. Everyone has a little of this and a little of that – or they should.

    I should post my results. Everyone would get a giggle out of that.

    anja- I don’t think there’s a test big enough to qualify where you would fit!! MMmmwwwaaaahhhhhaa!!!!

    Yeah, I know these things are shite but I play along for the sheer fun of it all! 😆

  4. I took it too, I’ll have to post my cway-zeeness!

    JQ- Cway-zee is GOOD!! Let me see!!! ((claps hands))

    HAHAHAHA At first I wrote “claps hans” and that made me imagine slappin’ some dude named Hans and that made me smile!

  5. I took the quiz and all it did was confirm what I already knew. I am highly crazy on many many different levels lol. But then again don’t we all go a little crazy in life and with kids. But you know I am not upset about it I like being different and living in my own world most of the time. It is such a nice place here. Visitors welcome anytime!!!!

  6. Of course I had to go over there and do the test myself ; – ) Though I am surprised over the results ….. Thought I would have more pointed towards me as a total mental case LOL
    Gonna put my results up too.

    jeanette- Wow!! I have friends who aren’t certifiably insane! Who knew??

  7. I did the test and it confirmed what I already know, I am very highly crazy on many different levels lol. I think we all become more crazy the older we get especially if we have kids. What fun it is to be normal anyways I quite enjoy my crazy life and my little world I live in. Visitors are always welcome!!!!

    sunnymom- Oh, grrl, you ain’t seen ca-razyyyy yet!! Wait another 20 years! By the time that sweet little kid of yours grows up you’ll be holding out your arms for the straightjacket!!

  8. Listen, if we all had lows on these things, we would be boring as donkey doo.

    I love being batshit crazy. And I ensure all my friends are too.

    Never a dull moment that way. 🙂

    WIDDLESHAMROCK- 😀 I am in good company!!!! No donkey-doo people ’round these parts!!!!!

    I love that you’re crazy! I wouldn’t want you (or me ) any other way!

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