Day 2 with my Buddies

This time change messed with my head. I woke up at 7:45! Normally I am awake without an alarm clock between 6:30 -7:00!

The Buddies, Nibble, Posey, and Lulu were waiting patiently for me to lift my head up and then they pounced! I was bounced upon and patted and giggled at! I’m not used to that! I liked it!

We had a leisurely breakfast, toast and coffee for me, grains and veggies for the Buddies. After primping and brushing we all piled into my little Subaru and headed into town.

Β Lulu and Posey almost wet themselves when they saw this truck in front of us with one of the baling wires loose. The hay was blowing all over my car and the two of them were hootin’ and hollerin’!

Grade A Prime for Horsies and Heifers!

Grade A Prime for Horsies and Heifers!

I had to run to WallyWorld for some things so they stayed in the car. My purse was too small for them all to fit in so they agreed to sit quietly while I shopped. When I came back out, they had a guilty look on their faces and I knew they had been up to no good. I still don’t know what they did. Maybe over the course of time they’ll tell someone.

We stopped at the waterfall along Rt. 6 for a closer look. They thought the water was pretty but I had to warn them not to get too close.p31106241


Next was a drive along Church Street where Nibble thought this furniture store had an interesting feature: a giant chair on the roof!
Giant's Chair

Giant's Chair

This is our town square with a view of the Courthouse.
Home of The Roots & Rythm Festival

Home of The Roots & Rythm Festival

Posey says she’d like to live in this house!
Historic Home

Historic Home

Then we stopped to admire the Library at Seven Maples.
Seven Maples

Seven Maples

On the drive home we also passed the Bethany Library, another Historic Landmark, having been the City Hall Building when Bethany was the county seat back in the 18oo’s.
Bethany Library

Bethany Library

We were all tired when we got home so the girls decided to take a bubble bath. p3110633
Pretty Pretty Pony!

Pretty Pretty Pony!

Then they had to check out the jewelry box!p3110638
Meanwhile Mr. Nibble was left to his own devices and I came down and found him wrestling with Al Ligator! I thought he was a goner for a minute-
Oh, NO! What will Joan say????

Oh, NO! What will Joan say????

But luckily Mr. Nibble won that round and they shook hands and are now good friends!
And the Feather-Weight Champion IS...Mr. Nibble!

And the Feather-Weight Champion IS...Mr. Nibble!

Posey wanted some music on so I turned up the volume and they all started dancing. Posey has some mad break dancing moves! Her Buddy Nikki told me but I had to see this with my own eyes!
Posey on the dancefloor

Posey on the dancefloor

Posey enjoying a local merlot

Posey enjoying a local merlot

Lulu and Nibble had themselves a laugh!

Lulu and Nibble had themselves a laugh!

Nibble danced a little too close to Lulu. Break it up!

Nibble danced a little too close to Lulu. Break it up!

Before we knew it the evening was over.
I had a great time with these three! I can’t wait to see what the next batch of visitors brings!!
Me and my new friends

Me and my new friends

22 comments on “Day 2 with my Buddies

  1. Wow, it looks like Nibble is having a great time. I’m glad he has things to do while I am having surgery otherwise he would worry too much.

    Thanks for showing him a good time.

    Joan- He did have fun with “the girls” and Al Ligator! He’ll be off to his next stop tomorrow!

    He was a pleasure to have around! Don’t worry about anything except getting well quickly!!

  2. ROFLMAO!!! I told ya!! πŸ˜‰ The pics with her in the mirror and playing in the jewelry box were too f’in funny!!!!
    Never did a bunch of fake animals make me laugh so hard!!!!!

    Nikki- You did tell me!!You sure know that Posey well!! She’s a dancing Queen! So pretty!!

    Yeah, Nikki, fake animals have made me smile more than real people have this week!! πŸ˜€

  3. Wow, look at that sparkle in Posey’s eye while she’s enjoying her merlot. She’s my kinda gal!

    Whoooaaa…Nibble was getting a little too close for comfort on the dance floor with Lulu. Break it up, Trisha, break it up!

    2LD- I know, right??? Posey is HOT and she knows it! But that Nibble, well, just keep an eye on the women and girls while he’s around. Ya know what I’m sayin’. yo?

  4. ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!! Ok so I can see I’ve got to move all the breakables up when these party animals make their way here. At least I’ll only get them one by one! Even Noah only got them 2 by 2! are one brave woman..or…ccccaahhhhrrazy! πŸ™‚

    JJ_ It was exhausting.. but fun! I hope I get them one at a time from now on! They wore me the hell OUT!!
    And maybe I is a wee little bit caaaaaaaaaraaaaazzYY!


  5. The hay was blowing all over my car and the two of them were hootin’ and hollerin’!

    ha ha ha ha that cracked my ass up!!!

    JJ- Hey, somebody got that!! I kinda imagined what it would be like for me driving behind a truck spilling Dove chocolates!! Heehee!! Outa my mind!! Pull that truck OVAH!!!

  6. yeah see it would be me and a truck carrying coffee…..OOOOHHhh dude sorry I cut you off and put you in the let me help you put that coffee back on the truck…bahahaha!

  7. SHUT UP TRISHA! You are so fun!!! I love the shower caps, LOL! My gosh, you are one creative lady. Kinda nice to have all 3 at once- Makes it easy that way! Are you going to ship all 3 off to the next person or do they go separate ways? I love this line the most, I had to chuckle:
    “Posey says she’d like to live in this house” – Posey, AKA TRISHA! Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!!

    JQ- HAAA, you know me So well!! I do love that house and it has a “For Rent” sign out front!!
    Having three at once was great! I didn’t mind at all. Kinda easier actually to make one trip everything!
    How are you doing, Buddy-wise?

  8. What a super adventure! I have Philip with me, he’s my only visitor so far, and the weather is not cooperating so I may have to follow your lead and take an SUV tour. Luckily, Philip brought a scarf with him, so he’s all set for the cold weather.

    allison- Oh, I’m sure an SUV trip is better than nothing! I know I love driving around in a new place with a native tour guide!
    Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you two get up to!!

  9. how much would that house rent for?? It’s gorgeous!

    the shower caps were great. I especially liked the break dancing that was going on though.

    JJ_ I didn’t stop to ask but maybe I should! I am almost ready to put my place on the market! Too much to care for for one woman!
    I’m glad you liked my craftiness with the paper towels! One must be cerative when faced with four-inch-tall amimals!!

  10. This has me almost wetting my pants. Gawd!!! I love Posey in the mirror and jewelry box. What great imaginations “they” have. You sure did show them a good time Trish. Awesome.

    I’m glad to know Philip is safe. I’d begun to worry. He’s a pretty chill guy. He’s used to the quiet life. I have NO idea what he will think of though now that he’s out in the world with some WILD AND CRAZY chicks πŸ˜‰

    What a great way to start my day.

    Joy- I’m so glad you liked Posey’s Big Adventure!! I’m sure Philip will adapt to whatever environment he’s in. These gals really want to show him a good time!

    It’s so hard to let them out into the world on their own, isn’t it?

  11. Holy crap on a cracker I just shot coffee out of my nose!!!!!!! That is so freaking fantastic. The shower caps got me the most. If I get in on the next go around I guess I will have to buddy proof my house??

    Trisha you are a hoot and a doll!!!!!!!!

  12. Love reading the reports with pictures as well!

    It’s so fun and cute and exactly of my liking!

    jeanette- Thank you , sweet lady!! That was such a nice thing to say!!

  13. Hi Trisha,

    I was wondering if you could do me a favor and post a note saying that my mom is out of surgery and doing great. I know she would want everyone to know you can email me if you have any questions. Your post is great too.

    Sarah- It’s done!! Prepare for mucho caring and concern from WordPress bloggers!!! We all LOVE your MOM!!

  14. This is so funny!!

    What a cack of an idea!! lmao

    Mistress B> Thanks but the credit rightly goes to our lovely Javajunkee!! She’s crazy and creative and wonderful!

  15. WOW What a fun party! That was so much fun. Thanks for telling such a cute story. Looks like you had fun. Pretty pretty pony and bath time for the girls cute. Watch out for that gator. ;+)

    Starlaschat- We had a blast!! Who knew three little furballs could be that much fun??!!

    Al Ligator is lonely now. 😦

  16. I cannot wait to try and get in on the next go around. I think I shot coffee out of my nose at the site of them with the towels on theirs heads that is priceless. They look (you) like you are having a blast. They are such dolls and so are you.

    sunnymom- If Javajunkee doesn’t give this another whirl, then maybe you could do it? It was a major undertaking on her part as far as coordinating goes but WHO-EE! It sure has been fun!!
    Thank you, sugarcakes for such nice comments!!

  17. I want to live in Posey’s house! Posey’s got a job, right? Because I ain’t payin’ rent on that huge house all by mahself. πŸ˜‰

    quantumfauxpas- I’m sure she could give horsey rides to very very small children or maybe be an equine fashion model but as far as I can tell she is currently unemployed and touring the country on vacation.
    She can’t afford that place by herself. Maybe you two could share??

  18. I enjoyed the little faux-visit to H-town! I can’t wait to come visit myself this summer. Looks like you all are having a great time. But didn’t I tell you to stop getting all your visitors drunk?! Sheesh. πŸ˜›

    birdpress- Hey! I didn’t “get them drunk”! They did that all by themselves!!! ROFL
    I’m glad you like the pictorial tour of your hometown!

    I can’t wait for you to come home either! Soon? I ❀ U

  19. OK … first of all … you are insane LOL

    Secondly — I always call it Wally World too *chuckle*

    Gadfly- First of all– Yes, I am insane. What sane woman would risk her reputation in a small town, where everyone knows her, to stop the car in the middle of the street, hang a small stuffed animal out the window and snap photos? ME!

    Secondly– Cool…. :lol” !!!

  20. Hilarious !!!!

    Glad you had such a good time with your mates.

    They sure know how to party don’t they?

    Widdleshamrock- They are party animals! (pun intended) πŸ˜›

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