Day 1 with The Buddies!

Well, I arrived home from Rochester to find three wonderful new friends there waiting for me! I barely had time to unpack the car and turn the heat up before these little cuties started having some fun!

While I made lunch they found my grandson’s toybox and they started burning off some of that pent up energy they must have had after traveling so far.



Lulu LOVED the motorcycle! What a hot little biker babe she is!!
Lulu the Biker Heifer

Lulu the Biker Heifer

Then Nibble wanted a turn on the motorcycle and started chasing Posey so I had to put a stop to the rowdiness before somebody got hurt.


I did manage to calm them down after that . I put out a simple salad of grass and carrots and fresh juice but they vetoed the juice for something stronger. I gave in, thinking it might make for a wee bit quieter afternoon since I had lots of unpacking to do!

Nom Nom Nom !

Nom Nom Nom !

Nibble was verry thirsty!

Nibble was verry thirsty!

Posey luvs drinky-poo. Lulu..not so much.

Posey luvs drinky-poo. Lulu..not so much.

 D’Bear and I had a busy weekend before I returned home. We took a tour around Seneca Lake and stopped at some of the great wineries there. D’Bear made friends wherever we went! It seems that wineries and kitties go together!

D'Bear and Friend

D'Bear and Friend

Friend #2 & D'Bear

Friend #2 & D'Bear

 I had a wonderful time but somebody can’t capture the “whole” me on film. I must be too much woman!

Half of Trisha.. better than none!

Half of Trisha.. better than none!

The views were magnificent even though it was bloody COLD!

Seneca Lake, NY 2009

Seneca Lake, NY 2009

Dream home on the lake

Dream home on the lake

After throwing the laundry in the dryer and showing the Buddies where everything was, we settled in for some girl talk. Dinner was a cozy affair, sitting by the fireplace.

L-R.. Nibble, Lulu & Posey

L-R.. Nibble, Lulu & Posey


Lulu, fading fast

Lulu, fading fast

They were all pretty tuckered and went quietly to bed after I promised them I would take them into town with me tomorrow. We’re only running in to do some errands but I will show them the sites and let them meet some of my friends!

 They asked me to say “Good night” to their Mommies, JavaQueen, Joan, and Nikki, so ladies, rest easy. Your girls are all tucked in for the night, safe and sound.

Sweet Dreams, little Buddies!

Sweet Dreams, little Buddies!

15 comments on “Day 1 with The Buddies!

  1. ROFLMAO!!! OK..dude them on he motorcycle is too much! Don’t let that damn pickle near it or you’ll never see it again 😉

    Look at them all tucked in…that’s cute!

    This is just being too much fun!

    JJ- It sure is! And tomorrow looks to be even better!!
    (Thanks for the warning about Super Pickle and the cycle! I’ll hide the darned bike!!)

  2. hahaha .. you guys … are so silly.

    Red- Yes! Thanks!! It feels wonderful. Like I say- You’re never to old to have a happy childhood! 😀

  3. Oh, I am so glad Nibble arrived safely. I heard he may have put the wrong zip code when he mailed himself to you. I’m glad he met some new buddies. Be careful, he really likes the ladies.

    YooHoo arrived safely this morning and I hope he is having a good time. I’ll be posting pics tomorrow before I go to the hospital for my new knee.

    It looks like you let them use the good china. Nibble sure can down those drinks.

    Joan- OMG, I completely missed the fact that Nibble is a BOY! (Well, I didn’t turn him over. That would be rude!)
    That so explains his behavior on the motorcycle. I GET IT!!!
    I also KNOW that Posey and Lulu already knew he was very much male, now that I think about it. I was starting to wonder if this was gonna turn into some kinky lesbian thing from the way they were coming on to Nibble!! HA!!! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)
    I’m glad to hear that YooHoo is there now with you. And she is a SHE (thus all the pink). Just so’s ya know…. 😆
    Have fun and good luck, darlin’, with the knee surgery! You’ll be running up and down the sidewalks of that island before you know it!

  4. You are having way too much fun playing with those dolls! I’m still trying to figure out that whole fireplace scene. Do you have a dollhouse I don’t know about? Filled with little alcoholic dolls? Is that what my little teddy bear family had been up to that whole time? What secrets are you keeping from me??!!!

    birdpress- You crack me up!! No, silly, I don’t have a dollhouse. Those are some doll-sized pieces I got back when I had the store. One of my wholesalers had this stuff as a “country” decorating scheme. I KNEW it would come in handy one day!!

    WTF? “Filled with little alcoholic dolls?” I resemble that remark!!
    You’re the one person in the world I have never had to even try to keep secrets from. You’re too good at ferreting them outa me anyway!

  5. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you know the comments are making this thing even more fun! I think most of us have forgotten they are little stuff animals. They have taken on personalities and if we all don’t get hauled away to the looney bin I’m gonna be surprised. ..but at least we’ll go smiling and laughing.

    Javajunkee- I agree! I found myself talking to them like they were real even after I finished with all the pictures and stuff! That’s what happens when you live alone, I guess! 😆

  6. I can NOT stop laughing every time I look at that biker pose LuLu has going on. Ok so we know that LuLu likes bikes..she might end up here at the same time we are having our Harley Rodeo! Wouldn’t that be funny?

    Javajunkee- Ooo, I think Lulu would LOVE the Harley Rodeo!! Watch that Nibble though. He can be dangerous on one of those bikes!! Hahahahaha!!!

  7. You are beautiful… even half of you. 🙂

    And your dolls… just too cute. I want the little country scene decoration. Very nice. LOL

    SLF- Awww, you are too sweet!
    That was FUN setting up that little fireplace scenario for the Buddies. You wouldn’t believe how INTO this I got!!! LMAO!!

  8. I am LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!! They look like they are having the time of their lives. OMG!! Are we “adults” yet???

    Joy- They are some funny and entertaining critters, I tell ya!!

    (Ahh, who needs to grow up if it means we can’t play like this?) 😀 😀 😀

  9. I am so jealous and cannot wait for the next round in hopes I can get in on it. I am already planning what to do with the little critters lol. They are so cute and I can tell you are having a blast with this.

    Even if you did not make the whole pic you are such a cutie!!!

  10. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! I am literally laughing so hard I have tears!!! I told you Posey was a drinker!!! Did she show you her break dance moves!! lmao…I LOVE the pictures of them sitting down to eat by the fire. I’m so glad they are having fun!!

    nikki- HA!!! We’re gonna put on some music later and I’ll be sure to ask her to do some of her break dance moves!! This should be a riot!! I think Posey and YooHoo would definitely be bad news together. Good thing they’re in completely different states!!! 😛

  11. What are they all getting up to in bed together? Have you created a new fetish for the Google perves to search for?

    anja- HAHAHA!!! “Google perves ”
    This was before I was told that Nibble had the male organs! I didn’t know!!
    Drat! I missed SUCh an opportunity for higher hits!!!!!

  12. I just about peed my pants when I saw Lulu on the bike. Apparently, I wasn’t aware of her ‘need for speed’!!

    My child is starting to freak out about these visitors. I keep saying, “We have to do this, we have to go here, we have to get a picture of so-and-so with…” She’s like, “Oh, brother, you are taking this WAY too seriously.” Ha. Momma is cah-ray-zee. Yeah, that’s right!

    2LD- Lulu comes by her personality naturally!! Apples don’t fall far from trees. You may want to warn your child about that for the future!! :LOL:

    My oldest daughter looked at me like I two heads when I explained why I keep getting these packages in the mail. I think she actually preferred that it was some kinky sex thing (she always thinks that. I embarrass the shit out of her) rather than what it was! She really thinks I am out of my frikkin’ mind!!!
    HAHHAAHHAAAAA If she only KNEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The cow on the crotch-rocket is just too much- the bunny nearly absorbed the crotch-rocket! LMAO! This is the cutest shit ever! “Num. Num. Num” –

    I think you are the berries 🙂

    JQ- I think YOU are the .. melons!!! Yeah! That’s it!! LOL

    That bunny kinda looks like he’s humping everything , doesn’t he? Must be the nature of bunnies or sumpin!

  14. To think I just stubble across you guys and found out that we have so much in common!
    Like this “craziness” with the little buddies! Makes one wonder sometimes, I must have been guided here somehow : )

    I love this! The little stories that goes along with your little buddies visits are just the best ever and then pics to go along with it. I thinkI have found bit of paradise!

    Beautiful views of the other pics as well and a real sweet one with half of Trisha 😉

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