You know you have cabin fever when…….

you agree to “host” a round of crazy, misbehaving, pugnacious, sassy stuffed animals with names like Bongo, Nibbles, and Super Pickle! Each person on the list gets a visit from these fluffy visitors (and sends one of their own)  and gets a chance to show them a good time, introduce them to their friends, take them sightseeing, etc., while making a photographic document of the event! We then post the fun on our blogs!

Javajunkee came up with this insane- in- the -membrane idea and guess what! I’m so lovin’ it!

Yesterday afternoon my little YooHoo was sent all the way across the country right down the road to visit with 2LazyDogs !  YooHoo is a pink-tailed lemur who likes candlelight, walks in the park and fine wine. I hope Shari knows that she also loves to PAR-TAY!! If she’s not careful, little YooHoo just might hook up with the first handsome guy she meets and end up staying out all night.


This is YooHoo.

She’s a sassy girl with the look of innocence. Don’t let those big eyes and coy smile fool you. She’s a BAD GIRL!

And she likes to tease dogs, so I HOPE she doesn’t cause too much trouble while she’s visiting  her first hostess!

Have fun, YooHoo and BEHAVE!

29 comments on “You know you have cabin fever when…….

  1. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. I better alert the bandits here that they will have to watch that one!

    JJ- You betcha! That gal is Bad News! (But FUN!)

  2. we don’t have fine wine here…will Jack or beer work?

    JJ- Oh, didn’t I mention that in the absence of “la fine wine” that Yoohoo will drink any “Adult beverage” as Dobeman calls it? Heeheehee Just be sure and keep the lid closed on the toilet water, y’all! 😆

  3. What a cutie!

    This is such a fun idea! Yeah, I know I am worse than an kid at times, when it comes to teddy bears or any sort of cute small fluffy buddies. LOL.

    I read about this over at Whatever I Think first, btw is the place where I found my way to your corner :).

    jeanette- Hey, Grrrlfriend! Good to see you again!
    Joan is a sweety pie, isn’t she?
    Next time JJ starts up one of her crazy ideas, just JUMP ON IN! It’s always a hoot when the Javajunkee is involved!!

  4. She’s here, she’s here!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Wouldn’t you know, the first thing she spied was my wine rack…that little wine-o. I had to divert her attention by touring the rest of the house and promised we’d get to the drink a little later!

    2LD- Great! That was quick!!! Love UPS!!!
    And yes, watch her like a hawk. Keep the wine openers and corkscrews hidden away and maybe even refrain from mentioning it if there are any Amarones or Valpolicellas in there. She’s such a wine whore!!
    Otherwise, have fun!!!

  5. Cute little critter, but it reminds me of blonde girls who go clubbing under the influence of mind bending drugs. How dilated can those pupils get????

    Anja- Yeah, I know, right? I think she sneaks them in behind my back! I noticed the same thing when I took that picture! She was quite the little giggle girl, too!!

  6. Awww. She would have absolutely gone bonkers for Edgar. Alas, at the last minute Edgar developed a leak in his tummy and Douglas had to take his place. Douglas is uhm… a little “flighty”, shall we say? I’ll just leave it at that.

    allison- Tell poor Edgar I said “I hate when that happens!!” LOL

    I will try to prepare myself for flighty Douglas. I won’t tell D’Bear that some of my houseguests are of the male persuasion!! Shhhhh!!

  7. BAHAHAHAHAH! She is frickn’ ADORABLE! Cannot wait to meet her! I’ve got some wine- got plenty for Christmas and I’m not a big drinker, so she’s in for a real good time 🙂 Love you xoxoxo

    JQ- OOO, YooHoo is so gonna LOVE you! Just watch her ’cause she gets lii-iittle bit outa control when she has more than a glass or two!
    Gawd, I love you, too, woman!!

  8. How cute! I’m looking forward to reading all about your friends’ adventures. 🙂 I was really thinking you’d choose “Spank-Me Elmo” though!

    Birdpress- HAHAHAHA!!! I actually thought about sending Bite-Me Elmo (AKA Spank-Me Elmo) but then I realized that some of the host families have children and I thought it best if they didn’t get their sexual edumacations from a little weird red guy who looks like their favorite Sesame Street character. Although he would have had to remove the ball gag…..

  9. ok…so I gotta put wine on the grocery list??? She may have to settle for Jack and Beer here! 😉

    JJ- NOO!! Do not buy her anything special! She can learn to love beer or live without! She’s far too spoiled and pampered already!
    (Actually she has been known to dance like a Coyote girl when she has a few Coronas).

  10. OMFG…that is the most adorable little buddy EVER!!! Hmmm if she doesn’t come back don’t look at me!!
    Posey is on her way to you, hope she makes it safely!!!! We are friggin nuts aren’t we girls??!!

    nikki- heehee!! I think she’s kinda cute, too! And I can’t wait to meet Posey!! At least the weather warmed up a little so traveling by postal carriers is a wee bit better than it would have been a week ago!

    Nah, we’re not nuts. We’re INSANE!!!! 😛

  11. omg how do I get in on this game this is hilarious. My mom and I did a similar thing with a tape that we hated. This is before I moved back to Utah. Every visit it was hidden some where new and we just had to be patient until it was found and passed on.

    sunnymom- You must go convince Javajunkee to play a rerun of this ! It’s getting to be bigger than we thought!!
    Hahah! Your mom sounds like a hoot! (Like mother, like daughter, like granddaughter??)

  12. Well I have LOTS of beer here for the little darling! My Philip does NOT have gender issues!!! LMAO!!!!!! Oh Gawd!! This is so much fun.

    Joy- Oooo, YooHoo likes her some beers, too!
    Sorry about the gender-issues crack. No offense intended! 😀 Philip is a lovely flamingo! Yesss, he is!! And he accessorizes so well!!!

  13. Javajunkee…. uhm, the UPS man could not deliver to the first address cause it was a PO box. So, off to the post office I went, and left my list behind. At the post office, the clerk had to reopen the box so I could get the address list, and when he stuck the exacto knife thingy into the top of the box, he accidentally punctured Edgar. It was not a pretty sight and I was not at all pleased. The postal worker is “sorry”.

  14. Ya’ll are just too funnieee! I love it. Lawn Jockie anyone?

    Jim- Huh? Not sure what ya mean there, buddy. But I’m very glad you love us. We love you, too!!!

  15. ALLISON….R U FRIGGIN SERIOUS??? SORRY MY ASS..that’s some kind of murder! 😦 now I’m sad we’ve had our first official casualty and it hadn’t even really started…what a pisser! now Douglas made it out ok?? You got him in regular mail then I take it???

  16. Douglas made it out just fine via regular mail, I’m happy to say, and there wasn’t a single moment of delay. He should be arriving at his first destination tomorrow or Saturday is what the Post Office man said. 🙂

    allison- so sorry to hear about the knife-wielding postal worker! That’s awful! I’m just glad nothing happened to Douglas!

  17. You’re having fun with a round of crazy, misbehaving, pugnacious, sassy stuffed animals with names like Bongo, Nibbles, and Super Pickle! I don’t have any stuffed animals. Anything close is in the yard. You know those little guys with the red jacket and black cap and riding crop made out of cement. . .Lawn Jockie.

    jim- AHHHHH!! Gotcha!! Thanks for clearing that up, SweetiePie! I thought you’d just had a brain-fart or sumpin!! heeheehee

  18. Let me know when Posey arrives, I’ve been worried about her! 🙂

    nikki- Hey, Sweetums! I won’t be home to greet Posey till Sunday or Monday but let me assure you, my eldest daughter will make sure she is safe and sound! I’ll be sure and tell you when I get there, OK?

  19. Well, it only took me 3 weeks to get here, but here I am!!
    And what do I walk into? Sheer fucking madness, and I LOVE it!
    What a great idea…I did see the idea over at JQ’s and near wet myself laughing…even the kiddies need a holiday now and then right???
    I have read everything hon {love the image of you and the insurance company!!} but I’m only commenting on the latest post,s otherwise it will take me another 3 weeks to catch up again…
    Life should be back to some sembalnce of order now, so I won’t be such a stranger from here on on…gotta love the optimism doncha???

    anonymum- Thank you!!!!Hey! I’m just so glad to see you!!! Don’t worry about it, Sweetcakes! You do what ever you need and I’ll be happy to see you whenever!!! For YOU… I’m happy to wait!

  20. Yoohoo is awesome! I think she deserves a blog of her own. LOL. That Javajunkee is a riot. I hope everyone’s critters are behaving in their host homes! I’ve been reading some iffy stories at other blogs! 😉

    teeni- Yoohoo will get a big head if I tell her she’s getting her own blog! She’s already hinted that mine doesn’t do her justice! 😀
    We luvs us some Javajunkee!!!

  21. uhhh we’ve had a little trouble with the law at my place and the pickle! Seems he likes to joy ride and got himself into a pickle (LOL)..and took my Happy Bunny down with him. All’s good though…they got off with a warning!

    JJ- ummm, I’m thinking that Mr. Super Pickle and I were made for each other. Do I really have to send him back right away when he gets here? I mean, I don’t want a permanent relationship or anything but maybe a few days ( and nights) of fun wouldn’t hurt anybody! 👿

  22. I just don’t explain myself very well sometimes is all. . . You’re supposed to read my mind, dear.

    Jim- Nope! I’m all through with readin’ the men’ses minds, darlin’. I tried that for thirty years! You want something? You speak up! And maybe ((heehee) If I’ve a mind to listen, then we be communimacatin’!!
    (Thanks for being a good sport and understanding that I talk tough but I’m SO not tough…)

  23. Very Cute YooHoo, Hope she comes to Montana. Yes I would say we have Cabin Fever! It’s snowing here as we speak. Ugh.

    starlaschat- AACK!! More snow? You poor baby!! I love the first snowfall of the year. When they come in March? F*ck ’em!!!

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