You know you have cabin fever when…….

you agree to “host” a round of crazy, misbehaving, pugnacious, sassy stuffed animals with names like Bongo, Nibbles, and Super Pickle! Each person on the list gets a visit from these fluffy visitors (and sends one of their own)¬† and gets a chance to show them a good time, introduce them to their friends, take them sightseeing, etc., while making a photographic document of the event! We then post the fun on our blogs!

Javajunkee came up with this insane- in- the -membrane idea and guess what! I’m so lovin’ it!

Yesterday afternoon my little YooHoo was sent all the way across the country right down the road to visit with 2LazyDogs !¬† YooHoo is a pink-tailed lemur who likes candlelight, walks in the park and fine wine. I hope Shari knows that she also loves to PAR-TAY!! If she’s not careful, little YooHoo just might hook up with the first handsome guy she meets and end up staying out all night.


This is YooHoo.

She’s a sassy girl with the look of innocence. Don’t let those big eyes and coy smile fool you. She’s a BAD GIRL!

And she likes to tease dogs, so I HOPE she doesn’t cause too much trouble while she’s visiting¬† her first hostess!

Have fun, YooHoo and BEHAVE!