Terrible Tuesday

alexander2I have been following the story from Australia about the wildfires  that have currently taken the lives of over 180 people and left thousands homeless.  It breaks my heart and I cry. I watch as, everyday, thousands here in America are losing their jobs or facing pay-cuts.  I see a government floundering to figure out how to make the financial crisis go away and I have little hope.

So with all of the nastiness in the world, how dare I say what I’m about say? But in someways it does tie into the current economic problems in the U.S.

Last year I hashed out a financial settlement with my ex that seemed almost fair. We “valued” our assets and divided things with him buying me out of his business and some of our other holdings. I got a cash settlement that I felt I could work with to give me a solid ,if frugal,  retirement as long as  I could work part-time and count my pennies.  Then the market went tits up.

My investments lost over 35 % of their market value.

My house needed major work, expensive repairs I had to cover out-of-pocket. My old car needed repairs. The cost of everything went up, especially fuel. I felt like I was writing checks, big ones, everyday to make the problems go away. I saw my savings dwindling rapidly.

Today I went upstairs to vacuum the carpets. As I opened the door to the spare bedroom ,which I keep closed off to cut down on heating costs, I smelled a foul odor. It quickly became apparent where the stench was coming from. I looked up and saw that the ceiling fan and light fixture were filled with water.p2110555

 The ceiling is stained with moisture. The seams at the wall are wet and opening. The bed is soaked, all the way through the mattress and box spring and there is water laying on top of the plastic storage containers I keep UNDER the bed! Everything  is soaked. It reeks of mildew. I immediately stripped the bed and turned the mattress up on end to air out but I think it’s probably too far gone.p2110553


p2110558 Evidently while I was up in Rochester last week there was a heavy rain, then freezing temperatures, then snow, then more melting and freezing and the ice dams built up forcing the water on the roof to seek a way out. It went under the shingles and into the room via the ceiling.  I didn’t even look in there when I got back four days ago. I didn’t know what was on the other side of that door.

 While I was waiting for my repairman to return my call, I watched the President’s speech and his “people” spoke about the economic recovery plan. On the CNN site they ran a stock ticker. I watched the NASDAQ and the DOW drop even as they spoke. I watched my dollars pissing in the wind.

It is not a great day today. I wish I could snap my fingers and make everything right with the world. Don’t we all? My little troubles don’t matter a hill of beans in the big picture. I’ll be fine. Tomorrow will be better for me. I will put things better into perspective. I have a home. Not everyone can say that.

But just for today I’m bummed.

15 comments on “Terrible Tuesday

  1. Extreme weather. If it doesn’t frig you one way it frigs you the other. Yep, I think you’re entitled to feel mighty shitty today.

    Anja- Everybody has ’em. I suppose I should not expect to be an exception, right? 🙂
    I have a pretty high deductible on my insurance but since I’ve never made a claim, I think it’s time! I want my check!

  2. Ohhh… 😦 I can hand out (((HUGS))) by the bunches, but (((REPAIRS))) don’t seem to be as effective. My magic finger snaps aren’t doing much either, but I’m trying. Honest I am. I hope things start looking up for all of us very soon. Take care, Trisha.

    Spidey- I love that you TRIED the magic finger snaps! Thank you, my sweet friend! I love ya!

  3. You definitely have the right to be bummed, Trish… especially after what I just saw in those pictures.

    We had a similar situation last week, only it was in the utility bathroom downstairs. Water went from the roof through the attic and down our walls so our new paint job is kaput and we now need a roofer and a paint person. Again.

    I have to agree with you about the state of affairs and the economy. I don’t hold much hope either; at least not in the short run.

    In the meantime, hang in there, cause tomorrow is always a better day.

    Allison- Ya know, I’m counting on that! I have found that to be a general truth, don’t you? Given time, most things sort themselves out.
    Sorry about your utility room. A new paint job? Man, that sucks! I’ll hang in there and you do the same, dahlin’!

  4. Oh noooo! I’m so sorry that happened. What crappy luck. I hope nothing else got ruined, although it really sucks about the bed. 😦

    birdpress- Thanks, sweetypie, It does feel rather crappy. And it stinks, too! I hate the smell of mold and mildew!

  5. I’m surprised at how many people this has happened to! You know, TGH and I just had water come in our dining room light fixture – then I found out the same thing happened at my mom’s house except hers came in her bathroom light fixture. I think it is a result of the ice dams that cause the water to come in sideways since it has nowhere else to go. Oh, and yeah, I too am really scared seeing my retirement disappearing at an alarming rate. But I’m glad you weren’t hurt and you aren’t out in the cold. Thank goodness for that.

    teeni- Oh, no! Not you, too!!!??? Yes, ice dams are the culprit. I just insulated my attic last fall and while it cuts down on heating it actaully can increase the chances of getting ice dams. Ya do all the right things and ya get kicked in the ass some other way!
    Sorry to hear you had similar problems.
    Thanks for the nice words, my friend!

  6. I am truly sorry about this. Of course, I have no retirement money either — even though I should be saving it. There pretty much is no other option out there but a 401k. Which has proved to be a bad deal for everyone — except Wall Street. What happened to pensions? Seems like a straight-forward way of saving money for retirement. But sadly all that is far gone.

    I do hope things get better with you, hopefully we can all pray that things get better with time. But until the government has a change of heart — stop thinking about themselves and their own pockets, nothing will pull us out of this mess. Not Obama. Not Congress. Nothing.

    Josh- Hello there, Darlin’! Nice of you to stop by!
    Thanks for your concern.
    As for saving money for retirement, unless your currently making a pretty HUGE salary on a regular basis, I don’t think it’s possible to save much. Today everything costs so darn much, even if you don’t splurge on luxuries like Satellite TV, dinners out, and two-ply toilet paper!
    Things do have a way of working themselves out. I sure hope that’s true of our nation’s economic disaster. Me scared!

  7. You know that after terrible Tuesday comes Wonderful Wednesday, right??

    anonymum- Heeheee!! Only you would point that out!
    You’re so right! Thanks, Love!
    (I’m counting on it!)


  8. Insurance? I know when our pipes burst in the old house, we at least covered our costs. Granted, it blows chunks, but hopefully the financial “out of pocket” pain will be temporary.

    Maybe I should re-think this trip up. Sounds like you’re going to have your hands full!!

    I’m sorry though. That IS a sinking feeling when it’s happening!

    Dobeman- Yep. I have already put a call in to the insurance folks. I am waiting for estimates from several sources in order to put the claim together. I should have no problem passing the $1000 deductible. (Damn! another grand out the danged door!)
    And don’t even think about changing your plans re: the trip on account of this! 😮
    Thanks for your concern. It helps!

  9. The book cover graphic at the top of your post is genius! With that being said,

    I’m sorry that happened 😦 I know exactly what you are saying, and it’s ok to be frustrated- I would be too if I had a water leak….

    Seems like everyone is going through money troubles and this is just the last thing you needed! {{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}

  10. ok ..so how are things going with this now? This is Thursday. I hate to find messes like this. They suck. The day I opened our closet where in a twister magnet they put the water heater (oh what friggin brainiac thought that out) — let’s put a fire powered gadget in with clothes! Anyhow we were just getting ready to leave on vacation (just camping)..but I thought the thing was tilting and come to find out it had been leaking at some point…had rotted the floor and was close to falling through(whether that was exaggeration or not that’s what it looked like to me) Had to have a guy I know come out and shut it off cuz I was still going camping. When we got home from our trip he came out and my husband and him had to take the water heater out..replace part of the floor. It was a mess and now as soon as it warms up we get to do the same thing where the furnace is…our central air unit runs up through the floor and apparently at one time or another it had leaked and now mushy floor under the furnace and in front of the furnance closet. Did I mention that these little “finds” suck!

  11. UPDATE:
    Insurance is dragging its feet on sending any more funding my way. I will definitely be replacing the wet insulation, the sheetrock and the light fixture/ceiling fan and then paint the room. The mattress seems to be OK, surprisingly.
    Thanks to all of you for your kind words and sympathy.
    I’m better now. 🙂

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