For My Baby Girl on Her Special Day

This one is for Birdpress who celebrates her 29th birthday today…for the third year in a row.

I love you, Kiddo!

Turn the volume WAY up!!

10 comments on “For My Baby Girl on Her Special Day

  1. Happy B irthday. My mum used to tell people she was 26 for years, until my 5 year old corrected her by saying she couldn’t be because mummy is 26….so mum suddenly became 35.

  2. OMG, smiling from ear to ear listening to this most hideous rendition just knowing that BP would get a kick out of this. I bookmarked this youtube video and plan on sending it to each and every good friend and family member for their special birthday! I love the way you wrote, “turn the volume way up” Where do you find this stuff? Either way , thanks for passing it on and sharing the link- this is hilarious! Happy Belated B-day BirdPress 😉

  3. Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to wish Birdpress a Happy Groundhog/Birthday Day!
    Being so far from the loving embrace of her Mommy, she needed some Blogger-Friend wishes!
    It’s why I love all of you!

  4. HBD Birdpress! What a wonderful rendition! I was sitting here smiling and dancing with it, too. Even if it did sound like an “outsourced to India” version.

  5. Oh, man. I’m so sorry I missed this and will have to send a separate email to little Birdypress! I was babysitting at my nieces for the last two days. Sorry, BP! I hope your day was wonderful and Trisha – that was both the best and worst rendition of the song ever! LOL. 😉

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