Diet Update

Three weeks into my diet and …may I have a drum roll, please……I’ve lost 12 pounds!!!  TA DA!!!

My clothes actually have become comfortable! My jeans do not make me cry when I sit down in them! I have learned to LOVE green salads, EggBeaters, poached chicken and bananas.

Yes, I eat bananas every day now since reading about the Japanese Banana Diet . I don’t follow the rules to it though because I MUST have my coffee in the morning. It simply feeds me enough that I don’t crave other foods throughout the day. Go figure!

 I just thought I would let you know I haven’t fallen off the diet wagon…yet. And Birdpress , my little chickadee, is just full of helpful dieting tips. She’s really more about eating healthy but she keeps those calories in check imaginatively , too! Unfortunately she inherited my tendency towards plumpness but she is amazingly disciplined and conscientious about keeping herself fit and looking bee-you-tee-full!

 She suggested some good eating to me just this morning. She suggests I get Boca “Bruschetta” burgers and eat them on sprouted grain bread. Ooo, that sounds really yummy!          Seriously!!             Stop laughing!   I mean it!!hungry

24 comments on “Diet Update

  1. Holy shit woman, you’re going great guns!!
    Well done!!!
    I’m back on Atkins from today too…my arse was almost needing a post code of it’s own {or wide load signs!!}
    Protein, protein, protein for me for a little while…damn I’m gonna miss the bourbon though!!
    Keep at it woman and you’ll be trim, taut and terrific before you know it!
    Most impressive…

    Moe== Thanks my sweet friend! I love those motivational hoorays from my blogger buddies!
    My diet is similar to Atkins in that I eat very few carbs and those I do eat must be complex carbs.
    Good luck with YOUR diet. I have no doubt you’ll do great. You’re one tough cookie!
    (ahhh, cookies….)

  2. I can’t quite figure out whether you were calling me fat, LOL. 😛

    I remember reading that bananas have resistant starch; is that what the banana diet is referring to? I glanced at the page but didn’t see anything on that. I’ll have to go back and read it.

    I’m full of random diet info, LOL. It’s like a hobby.

    Supposedly your body processes sprouted grains like a vegetable instead of… I guess starch or something. I dunno, but I know it is true that it is lower glycemic, and therefore more diet-friendly!

    Good job, mia madre!

    Birdpress- How could I possibly call such a skinny thing as you FAT!??!! You so silly!!

    Check out the Banana Diet rules. It’s kinda cool!

    I AM going to give your sprouted grain bread a try!
    Thanks for all your help, Sweety!!! I really appreciate your support!

  3. Oh yeah, and it was greenish bananas that supposedly have resistant starch. I read that once and have eaten my bananas slightly unripe ever since, LOL.

    Birdpress- See? You really are helpful with this food trivia!!!

  4. Oh, that’s an interesting banana diet because I love bananas and eat them a lot. Anyway, congrats on your weight loss! That is awesome! Not that I didn’t think you’d do it but that now YOU can see that you can do it! Four pounds a week really is awesome.

    teeni- I really don’t LIKE bananas! They kinda make me gag when I eat them plain. I LOVE them in cream with fresh grated nutmeg!

    Thanks for your sweet comment, Teeni!! I love you!!

  5. Great job! In three weeks and you’ve already lost 12 pounds? That is so good news! Congratulations!

    Sam- Thank you! And nice to see you!! 🙂 I’ll be over to your place now. Your URL is tempting!

  6. Congratulations, Trisha. That’s wonderful. Keep up the good work. And since i began working, and since my last birthday, i’ve come to realize how important it is for women to take great care of ourselves.

    Except i ain’t giving up my smokes yet. 😦

    i’ve not been ‘dieting’ but trying to eat healthier and exercise to get in shape. R and i are learning tai chai’uan, which makes us laugh because we stumble all over the place. That shit is hard! i think my flabdominals get more of a workout from my wild laughter than the tai chai!

    But i like the soreness afterward. i feel like i’m being good to my body.

    We just bought the Wii Fit. i’m excited to see what, if anything, we can accomplish with that.

    c- you crack me up, girl!! “i think my flabdominals get more of a workout from my wild laughter than the tai chai! ” Flabdominals!!! I will forever more refer to my midsection thusly!!
    And yeah, I see a Wii Fit in my future. 😀

  7. Good God, you’re doing terrific! Bravo! Yay! Wooo Haaa! and all that good rot. I’m so happy that you’re sticking with this because it will mean a leaner, healthier, happier you, and because all of that will make you last longer.

    Two thumbs up, Trish!

    allison- thanks, Sweetcakes! Yeah, looks like my family will have to put up with me for a while longer, eh? 😀
    Hugs to you!!!!

  8. Wow!!

    You ROCK! Trish!

    *bowing to your infinite impressiveness to which no superlative could ever show justice*


    (can I be supportive or what? 😉


    Gadfly- I can always count on your superior wordiness to make me feel good! Thank YOU!!!

  9. I’m going to sit on my hands and not make hmming noises about losing weight rapidly.

    Please be careful and make sure you take care to receive all your nutrients. Bleh, sorry – had to do it.

    Although I am glad you’re feeling so positive. 🙂

    Anja- I really love you. You are like a little mama hen, always worrying about us.
    I am trying to be careful. I eat lots of ample green veggies and lean meats, drink plenty of water, and take a multi-vitamin every day.
    I’m sure the numbers will slow down now. I need to add more exercise to my daily routine.
    Thanks for worrying. You’re a good friend.

  10. Hee-hee, “flabdominals”, describes me perfectly. Mind if I use it?

    River- Oh, I do get the bestest comments! That “c” won’t mind too much if we steal her word! Right, c?

  11. Yeah, Birdpress is Fat like my kids are lethargic!

    Good for you on the weight loss. If you need/want to get rid of all that calorie-laden wine you have in your cellar, I’ll be happy to pay the postage! 🙂

    Dobeman- You just made your sis’s day, ya know!! 😀

    Thanks for the support but if you want my wine you’ll just have to come here and drink it with me. It’s the only way that it’s leaving this our bellies! (Calories-schmalories! I still have my wine.. maybe not as much or as often, but still!)
    Thanks, though, for offering such a gallant gesture of support!

  12. Wow. It’s really amazing to see how different people lose weight. I’ve started my new life January 1st and have lost only 6lbs. But I must say, that I’ve built some muscle too. (I just need to keep telling myself, that 6lbs is fabulous!!)

    It’s wonderful, that you are so successful. Congratulations. And keep it up.

    SLF- But that’s TRUE!! When I used to work out AND diet I got so frustrated till I understood that working out harder and harder in order to lose weight was doing just the opposite. I was hungrier, too, because of the energy I expended doing weights and such.
    You’re doing it right! Keep it up!!

  13. Holy moly, chickie!!! That’s fantastic! Keep up the good work.

    I’ve been on the lie-on-my-back-eat-only-what-my-child-can-muster-up-diet. Ha! It’s working. I’ve lost 5 lbs by lying flat on my back, not doing a thing. But honestly, the only food I’ve eaten is yogurt, cheese, apples and pretzels. My child is VERY creative in the menu department, as you can tell. As soon as I can move around I’ll be chowing down!

    2LD- Holy Celery Sticks, I may have to give that diet a try! At least your kid is bringing you pretty healthy foods. You’ve obviously trained her well!
    I hope you’re feeling well enough to be vertical very soon! How’s the reaading going?

  14. I started my diet today. Had a plate of lovely sliced fruit for lunch. Ruined it with bacon and eggs for dinner. Ho-hum, start again tomorrow….

    river- Nothing wrong with that! Every time you eat a healthy meal you just skipped eating the crap that makes you gain weight, so see? You’re already on your way to a healthier lifestyle! Silver linings and glasses half full, my friend!

  15. Sprouted grain bread? I love Boca products- especially their flame broiled “burger” with cheese. I cook it in a teeny bit of olive oil in a pan to give it an outter “crisp” – although only my daughter is technically a veg head- the boys eat the Bocca burgers too- once you throw on the condiments, the pickles and the lettuce too- it’s just like a burger only GOOD FOR YOU! I’ll have to look for that sprouted grain bread, sounds very good- and I’m being serious! Congrats on your new life style- your weight loss and I wish you continued success- you are a sweet heart!

    JQ- No.. YOU are a sweety-pie!
    I have in the past made my own phony Boca Burgers. I used mixed veggies and soy granules and seasonings. They were good,too. I also make my own burgers using ground turkey tits and Italian sausage seasoning. Yummy on a whole grain roll with lettuce, tomato, and a dab of light mayo!!!

    Good luck with your diet, too! I think it’s harder to diet when you have to be around food all the time for a growing family!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Congratulations 🙂 Jeans should never make you cry, ever, haha. The Japanese Banana Diet…. I just don’t know, haha.

    Hey, Sugar Pea! (That sounds like something my southern grandmother would call ME!)

    My jeans are mean beeyotches!! They gripe and pinch every time I take a bite!! Maybe I’m wearing ’em too tight? I will NOT buy a bigger size!!
    Yeah, Japanese Bananas.. a little shorter than the American variety…..

  17. YAY YOU!!

    Well done!!

    You must be (and should be) so pleased with yourself!!

    Mistress B. 😀 I rather AM! Thank you. I have a feeling however that the plateau has been reached. 😦

  18. But what is an Eggbeater, please?

    river- EggBeaters are a commercial product found in supermarkets. They are simply egg whites with coloring and something else (?) to make them taste like whole eggs. I can eat a LOT of them with salsa and it’s almost no calories and tons of protein! I like them!

  19. oh wow does that pic say it all…
    I’m so proud of you. 12 lbs!!!
    I have gained more than I have lost since new years myself…but that is another story.

    cowgalutah- Not to worry. When you are ready you’ll do what needs to be done. Don’t we all procrastinate?
    Thanks for the moral support, my sweet friend!

  20. I am actually doing this diet. I don’t like eating breakfast when I get up, but I can handle a couple of bananas and feel full afterward. I am posting my results daily in by line journal blog.

    You seem to be doing well. Keep it up.

    Reese- Thanks for stopping by and for the moral support! I would probably be more likely to do the banana diet if it let me have my coffee but it says “only water to drink” and room-temperature at that!
    I’m off to check out your journal!

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