I Know It’s Winter But…


Last week’s episodes of frozen pipes and fingers that never got really warm have me thinking of a trip to San Juan or the Bahamas or anywhere where there’s a beach and the temperature is 80 degrees or above. (Pool boys optional but desired.)

God, why didn’t you make me rich? I would not have been rotten about it. I would have shared like a good girl. I simply think that someone, like myself, who always Β mostly played by the rules her whole life deserves a little sumpum-sumpum, ya know what I mean?

I’d like a few days spent to own Β a cabin on a secluded beach, a kick-ass stereo system, stacks of great books on built-in bookshelves lining a woodburning fireplace, a fridge filled with triple creme brie and caviar (I prefer osetra over beluga, thank you very much), and a cellar filled with incredible wines. I want a native villager to bring me fresh fruits, crisp green veggies and the occasional just-killed free-range chicken ready for the grill weekly. I want no telephones except a direct line to my children and D’Bear (who will be able to stop working and come live with me on the beach…part time).

And all the shoes my heart desires…….shoes

Β That’s not much to ask, is it?

If not that, God, could you simply make my oil bill read “payment due $1.25” ???

11 comments on “I Know It’s Winter But…

  1. Winter here in the mountains of California. I had frozen pipes last month. Not fun. Heat with a pellet stove here. It’s s lot cheaper, but I worry my funds won’t last if it’s a long winter.

    But, as I found out last summer and you know, worrying doesn’t do much at all.

    Take care and great blog πŸ™‚

    FP Miller- Yeah, I know worrying is a waste of time. That’s why I sit and fantasize…it’s all I can afford to do! heehee
    I bet it’s pretty there in those mountains though. I lived in Salinas for a couple of years and we could see snow-capped mountains to our east most of the year!

    And thanks for stopping by!! πŸ˜€

  2. Trish, you and I are of a like mind on this topic. For me, it is Barbados. I want to live there in a great big villa that is fully staffed. My stereo system doesn’t even have to be all that…. just a system. And I want those fruity umbrella drinks by the pool served by shirtless natives.

    Allison- ahhh, I am so there! Me love fruity umbrella drinks served by beautiful island peoples…. just staying slightly buzzed most of every day…. oh, my….

  3. So I’m guessing you don’t want to hear about our temperatures being in the 90’s and lots of hunky half clothed men is that right???
    Or the fact that I actually own a couple of pairs of shoes that look remarkably like those here?
    Ok, I’ll go home then…hope you’ve enjoyed my little visit??

    anonymum- NOT FAIR! You have lots of hunky half clothed men AND warm temps?? So not fair……
    As for the shoes, I, too, own several pairs of “bad-girl-shoes” and they have never left the bedroom. Not a mark on the soles of those babies, no sir!

  4. We’re about to hit the magic 100 today.

    anja- ahhh, to be lying on a towel in the sun there with you….drink in hand…waves hitting the shore and sounding so deliciously soothing…….

  5. Ah ha-ha-ha! Great post. I love the “sumpum sumpum” – heeee-heeee! I can just imagine you saying that….LOL.

    Everything that you wrote would be heavenly… but you probably have to choose between D’Bear and the pool boy- that could be an uncomfortable situation πŸ˜‰

  6. …. and these Aussie broads bragn’ about their weather and hot men whilst we freeze our asses off… that is just not right! I have 1/2 a mind to fly out there and kick some ass. While I’m there, I might just stay a wee-bit and enjoy the hot bods and hot temps too πŸ™‚

    JQ- maybe we can get a group package …of TWO! and you and I head out to Aussie Land for a couple of months till this crappo cold weather leaves us????? Whaddaya think, girly-oooo???

  7. I’d settle for the balance to wear just one pair of those shoes! lol

    Mistress B_ Practice, Baby, practice…or as D’Bear says “if you’re wearing them out of the house.. you’re not doin’ it right!!!” πŸ˜›

  8. Summer here too and hot hot hot.

    Though it has been cold enough here that it has snowed !!!!

    I live in a city that doesn’t have snow.

    Hope you find your beach.

    widdleshamrock- In my mind I live there. I have a tan to die for and I hold a Marguerita in one hand and a bottle of suntan lotion in the other! Ahhhhhhhhh…….

  9. Man – I hear you about the oil bill. We just got a delivery the other day. And funnily enough, the hubby was talking about how we should plan more vacations in the middle of winter because it is just so darned long and drawn out. All this cold and shoveling and shivering. So that sounds good to me and you know, you won’t really need ALL those shoes on the beach, so maybe we can split them?

    teeni- Sounds like a good plan, girlfriend! A vacation ANYTIME is good but going somewhere warm in the middle of winter is GREAT!
    As for the shoes….I will happily share them with you! We be hot mamas with them thangs on!!

  10. Sounds reasonable to me.

    Yesterday we had a high of 38, today it was 75. I just wish it would pick a temp and stay there awhile.

    Evyl- ahhhhh, 75 degrees sounds like heaven to me right now…

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