Day # 10- The Scale Must Be Broken

dietweek6mattiasolsson I feel good because I’ve lost a solid 7 1/2 pounds this past week BUT the number has not changed in three days.  Bastard.

I am doing a modified Medifast plan where I drink three shakes until late afternoon and then eat a light, lean, and green meal. Yesterday it was roasted veggies and a poached chicken breast half. I felt full…and guilty. How stupid is that?


Maybe so but......

Maybe so but.....

but many are ugly.

many are really ugly.

  I know the weight will come off in time if I continue to eat sensibly and exercise regularly. That’s a bit of the problem: my lack of exercise. It’s winter. I hate winter. The temperature today is 7 degrees. The wind is blowing and a few moments of exposure to the outside air HURTS! I love to walk, bike, kayak, and garden but those activities are all out of the realm of possibility. (and don’t tell me to do spinning classes. I have. It’s not fun.)

 I got the hula hoop out two days ago, put on some good hoop dancing music and proceeded to hoop until CRASH! I knocked into the table holding my paperweights. It left a mark.

 I can’t find my 20 lb. dumbbells. I know they’re here somewhere but after looking all over my house I can’t find them. Maybe I don’t want to. 🙂

So, short of paying for a gym membership, which I can’t afford right now, I will shovel snow, carry firewood, take short snowshoeing walks through the fields, and walk up and down the stairs whenever possible.

Ahh, springtime. I need you NOW!

15 comments on “Day # 10- The Scale Must Be Broken

  1. “shovel snow, carry firewood, take short snowshoeing walks through the fields” – It’s the Rocky 4 approach to physical training!!!! Don’t forget to run to the top of the nearest mountain and scream “DRAAAAAGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOO”, over and over again….I’m sure the neighbors will enjoy that….

    Glassowater- Heehee!! I like that mental image of me standing, feet planted (all 5’2″ of me) shouting like a maniac!!!Could I make it “DIEEEEEETTTTTTTTT” instead? 😀

  2. French women don’t get fat because they chain smoke. They’re skinny, but they smell like ass.

    Anja- Oh, I knew there was a reason!
    (hehehe, “they smell like ass.”)

  3. You poor thing! I love winter but only because I live in Texas. Exercising? I’m allergic. Gym membership? I have one of those. Somewhere. Can’t seem to remember how to get there, though. Diet? I’m on a continual diet (or is that continuous?) Either way…. I’m going to be the proverbial thorn in your side, Trisha.

    Go, Trisha, Go, Go, Go!

    Allison- You are NOT a thorn in my side (unless you wanna be 🙂 ) !

    Thanks for the sweet “poor thing”. I needed that!

  4. But how are you clothes feeling????
    Are you getting smaller even though the scale isn’t moving?

    Mine hasn’t moved in a month. BUT, I went from a size tight 18 to a comfortable 16, so I KNOW Im losing.

    Red- Yes, my clothes are getting looser which I love! At least I can now breathe deeply while wearing my jeans now!
    And hey! Congrats to YOU! Keep up the great work!

  5. Our bodies will lose it at their own pace – – – it can be frustrating but as you wrote if you just keep on course, it will all work out. When you least expect it, you will lose! And, when you’ve worked your tail to the bone, … that sum’bitch weight will not fall off. I say, stay away from the scale except for once a week because wont that just make ya frustrated to not see it move? It’ll only move when it’s good and ready- I hate that!
    I weigh only once a week. And, after a few weeks I might just start doing it every other week just for my sanity.

    JQ- I had a good poo this morning and got hopeful!! HAHAHA!
    But NOOOOO…. the sumbitch said I weighed the same.
    I am going to Rochacha tomorrow and D’Bear has no scales at his house so it will be a week or so before I can weigh yself again. Maybe that little bastard (my scales) will be nicer when I get home!

  6. I haven’t been feeling the best, so haven’t been eating much, and still, the scales don’t change. Bah!

    river- Sorry, Babe, that you are feeling low. I know what you mean though. When I get the flu and alternately have vomiting AND diarrhea then SOMETIMES I lose a pound or two.
    Hey, I’m the kinda gal who looks for silver linings!! hahaha

    Feel better soon!

  7. Excuses…excuses! I do seem to remember a fully functional and well stocked fitness center just up the hill and to the right!


    (much love! And I will admit, that the kind of weather you’re having, sacks the will out of a person. Good for you for sticking to that nasty medifast diet . Ugh!)

    Dobeman- Thanks for reminding me re: the location of “the gym”. It however comes with “fees” I’d rather not incur at this time. 🙂

    Today I awoke to more snow and colder temps. Looks like that wintry weather is coming your way soon. Turn the heat up, Boy. It’s gonna get COLD in Hotlanta!

  8. I say get a new scale, otherwise. But keep it up and good work.

    Jim- Yeah, this one is a beyotch anyway!! 😀
    Thanks for the moral support, pal!

  9. At least you are losing some. Congrats 7 1/2 is a great number so far. But remember sometimes you are toning and losing inches even tho the scale may not move for a few days. I am with you still I am losing some lbs but more inches I think because Tooters has me walking and exercising. I pulled a muscle in my leg and could not exercise this morning and Tooter laid there complaining because we couldn’t. I had to promise her a long walk tonight. Keep it up.

    Sunnymom- Thanks, Girrl! I know. I usually can be rational about the whole thing. Only occasionally do I want to beat the damn scale against a wall. 😆

    Keep up the good work on your exercise routine. That Tooters is a good little motivator, isn’t she?

  10. You’re doing great – especially for winter!!

    I go by my clothes for the most part. The scale is not my friend. Sigh.

    Mistress B- The scales are friend to no woman! Even the skinny bitches hate their scales! 🙂
    My clothes are a little looser but I am hoping to see them baggy-ass on my butt soon!

  11. Maya is still kicking my butt on the Wii. And now SHE is losing weight (read on my blog about it)… and that’s just so friggin’ wrong.

    SLF- HOW DARE SHE??? 😀
    This is me, heading over to your site———————

  12. Keep going girl…we’ll all be referring to you as that skinny thing from over at trishatruly shortly!!

    anonymum- ahhhh, if only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, I needed that. 🙂

  13. You are doing all the right things if you are doing the stairs and as many physical activities as you can. I am trying to do it with you so you are not alone. I have my Wii Fit and I’ve been trying to walk more (when it’s not fricking freezing out there for cripes sake), and do more active things.

    teeni- I am so glad we’re in this together! How are you doing? That Wii Fit sounds cool. Everyone who has one loves it (love/hate thing, more likely).
    I’m so with you on the frickin’ cold. I can’t wait for spring!!!!

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