Diet Day # 3- Boring….

I got on the scale this morning. No change. Damn!scale

Yesterday was spent running all over trying to get all the necessary agencies notified about my name change. I have retaken my maiden name so the Social Security Office, the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, banks, credit card companies, etc. all require their own special brands of torturous, time-stealing forms and documents.

I had to drive 32 miles to my nearest Soc.Security center. Thank goodness for the new GPS my oldest daughter got me for Christmas! I was directed there perfectly by a wonderful British female voice. (You get to choose the voice type.)

I entered the room where the Soc.Security houses their inmates. There were approximately 35 people sitting in folding chairs in a room about 18’X30′.

It looked a lot like this...hell.

It looked a lot like this...hell.

An armed guard stood by the door directing people to a monitor where one tapped a screen to acquire a number. Mine was A114. The number was, I suppose, determined by your required services by SSI. Some folks got simple numbers and the one showing on the screen at that time was 34.

I arrived at 11:20. This was one freaky room! Let me describe the people around me there:  a couple with two small children under the age of two, a woman wearing camo pants and a beret who looked like she was maybe a drug-user or alcoholic, several senior citizen couples, a chunky woman with a wayward eye and a reaaallly bad haircut who occasionally made strange, unintelligible noises, a large, unkempt woman who ate non-stop despite the sign reading “No food or drink allowed”, the big scary guy with the week’s worth of beard stubble who kept getting up to go outside to use his cell phone, the woman who insisted to the guard that she didn’t have time to wait because she had to attend to funeral arrangements so she wanted him to put her at the front of the line ( WTF?! Didn’t happen!), and the deaf couple who sat next to me. They insisted on talking to me even though I couldn’t understand half of what they said.

It was a noisy and fragrant room.

My number was called at 12:50. I was parked in a tow-away zone. I used the power of positive thinking to prevent getting towed. It worked! I was SOO glad to get the fuck out of there!!!!

Then it was off to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles where I stood in line for only a short time in order to get a form that was barely legible under fluorescent lighting. I stood there like a moron trying to figure out what the fuck I was supposed to fill in. The lady at the desk took it back, scribbled Xes and check marks all over it and handed it back to me saying “Fill those in”.

Fill WHAT in??? OK, I finally figured it out. Am I one of those dimwitted old people now? I mean I am almost 55!!! Is this when it starts? Am I going to be one of those old people with that blank look on their faces I used to feel sorry for?  ……help me……

 Then to the bank to get accounts changed over. I had to listen to the “account representative” tell me all about her lousy Christmas, her unappreciative grown children who abandoned her for the holiday, and her weight gain as she sat, pen poised in mid-air over the forms. Uh, can I please just get the hell out of here??!!!!

I finally arrived home at 3:15, drank two Medifast shakes, peed like a racehorse, and then watched as the snow began to fall yet again.  No walk for me this day. The snow was followed by freezing rain so it was slick as a used car salesman outside.

 I better lose some weight by tomorrow.

8 comments on “Diet Day # 3- Boring….

  1. Oh, wow, Trish. And to think I have that waiting for me! I decided just this week to go ahead and change all my documents to my married name. Why? I have no clue. But you know what? If it is that terrible with the forms and the lines and the what-have-yous…. I may have a darned good excuse for keeping the maiden name. Maybe. It’s depressing. Both the crunch of people and the new name.

    allison- It’s one of those bite-the-bullet kinda things you just have to do. Lucky men! The only time they have to change their names is ….never! 😦

  2. Don’t look at the scale. It’s a lifestyle change.

    *dodging hurled objects*


    Gadfly- You better duck!!!
    Yeah yeah, I know all that but I NEED the Rah Rah Rah every day, I tell ya!!

  3. My father used to work for Social Security. Imagine what he went thru!

    I have a GPS too, which I have set to “English (UK),” with a pleasant MALE voice. (Did I tell you about this before??) Thus my GPS is named Leopold, as in the movie Kate & Leopold. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

    Jules- Funny you should say that but I was thinking yesterday that the only thing worse than going to deal with the Social Security Dept. would be to be employed by them! Your poor Daddy!
    And I loved Kate and Leopold!!

  4. We already basically had this conversation, so the only thing I wanted to add was:

    “It did more than “underwhelm” me. I couldn’t even drink it.”

    It’s a shame too. I hope they figure out a good recipe or they won’t be there very long!

    Dobeman- Most of mine went into the pot roast pot! 🙂

  5. Perhaps you should check the scale once weekly. Day to day could get depressing.

    Evyl- Have you and Gadfly been talking again? Ganging up on the poor starving woman out here?
    HAHA! I know! I know! I am just so impatient!!!!

  6. Don’t weight your self everyday it will drive you nuts especially if you go up a lb becuz of water weight. Always wear the same thing or nothing and do not weight yourself near the beginning of your period you will always up a couple of lbs and bloat. I try to weight myself twice a week and really evyl is right once a week is enough.

    After I get sole custody I will be changing me and Tooters name to my maiden name and oh dear God am I dreading that day.

    Sunnymom- Thanks, Darlin’! I’ll definitely listen to that advice, coming from a fellow dieter and all. ( Yeah, you heard me, Gadfly and Evyl).
    Good luck on that name change. You have to go through even more because of Tooters, you poor thing!

  7. Hmmm, I hate waiting for what seems like forever in those places. I always take a book to read and have occasionally been so engrossed in the story I missed my call and had to wait even longer. Hmpf!

    river- Smart woman! Normally I do that, too but for some reason I thought it wouldn’t take that long to process through ob a Tuesday. Duh.
    Oh, I would have been reaaallllly mad if I’d missed my call!
    They had no P.A. system and had to announce numbers several times even though the room was tiny!

  8. Your descriptions are so funny, I particularly liked “wayward eye” and the woman who held you hostage to her depressing stories:) It always scares me when I think about the fact that all those people you saw in the Social Security office are the same ones coming at us on a two-lane highway with a bend in the road.

    I actually got thrown out of one of the DMV offices here in NJ, they told me never to come back cause I got so irate over this nonsense. Men have no idea how lucky they are to never change their names. It’s such crap.

    Pam- Hahaha!! I love that you were actually thrown out of the DMV!! You really are my hero!
    I never thought about these being the same people out driving towards me every day. Damn! Now I’m really scared to get in the car!

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