what a “waist”

cookie1I have to throw out, give away, or freeze all the leftover Christmas goodies. I am on Day 1 of ….dramatic drum roll….THE DIET.

I will not post my weight because , well, it’s none of your business, and I am like most every woman in that I think I am really fat when I know, in reality I am only pudgy. I hate pudgy. This roll of blubber around my middle is pissing me the fuck off. I let it come on because I was living the “good life”!

 So now I pay the piper.

Interestingly, I think about my food consumption a lot. HA! I was thinking last night that my weight and, to a certain degree, my level of health and fitness is something I can change if I choose to do so. There are so many things I cannot change such as the aging texture of my skin, the fact that I snore loudly enough to wake the dead, and my propensity for sarcasm. My fat ass is something I can control!

 So I will post my daily weight losses. There will be no gains, I promise you that! When I put my mind to something, watch out!  I’ll be 25 lbs. lighter by my birthday, come hell or high water as my bitch of a  mother used to say.

My weight loss plan is a little extreme. Birdpress gives me hell every time I do this because she loves me but it works for me. I do Medifastfor a couple of weeks so that I can get the weight-loss-momentum thing going and then I just eat very light and healthy foods and start a workout regimen. Medifast is not for everyone but it jump-starts my diet and for me, that’s important. That and making myself get on the scales and really see what the numbers are. Right now those numbers make me want to cry.

 I will be back, crankier than all get out probably, and ready to chew the shoe leather off of D’Bear’s boots but I WILL LOSE WEIGHT!

19 comments on “what a “waist”

  1. Whatever works I guess. I lost 130 lbs on weight watchers. I have done some diets similar to medifast. They worked for me too. I guess this time I was just ready to keep it off and continue with the plan. Great job on getting to the starting line.

    run4change- Wow! Good for you! That’s amazing! You should be so proud of yourself!
    I, too, lost mega pounds about 12 years ago. This is not me gaining it all back, just slipping in to some bad habits that need correcting. Plus getting older makes it a wee bit harder to maintain the lowest number I had. 🙂
    Thanks for the comment!!

  2. As you know already, probably, I am not a proponent of “diets” but of changing how we eat and our activity lifestyle. Good for you for getting started, however you get started. If you are determined, you will make it, I have no doubt. I have complete faith and success in Weight Watchers, but that is what has worked for me so far (down 52 pounds and still counting). Not one day has gone by in the last nine months that I’ve felt hungry or deprived of even – yes – Christmas cookies if I so choose. I just know now what each food item means to me and whether I need it for a healthy lifestyle or not. I abhor the word diet. Mostly because it has the word “die” in it. To me, that is no way to “live”. You know? 😉 Keep us posted! I’m here cheering you on.

    Little Miss- You are so right. I have seen the successes that Weight Watchers have proven. I just don’t like joining groups for anything. I have fought the Battle of the Bulge most of these 54 years and have a pretty good idea of what my body can and cannot accomplish if I am determined.
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words and BRAVO to you for losing that weight and for getting healthy! It feels good, doesn’t it?

  3. You will do it because you are determined and I think that is key. I’ll be sending you good energy and keeping you in my thoughts!

    teeni- You are sooo sweet! Thanks, love, for all that good energy! I appreciate your confidence!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Medifast, huh? I guess I don’t know that one, and why the hell is everybody on a diet?! I feel left out. I think I’ll join the gym next month and start a diet, too. Don’t know which diet yet, but it’ll be the one that consists of cookies and pizza. Yum!

    Seriously, just like I told Peter… I’ll be rooting for you, too, Trish. You go, girl! Rah, Rah!

    allison- HAHAHA!! I would LOVE to go on that cookie-pizza diet with you!!! Then you wouldn’t need to feel so left out, you poor, poor thing!!! 😛
    Thanks, sweety! Your support will help me keep up my often-flagging willpower!

  5. I am not familiar with that one. I know that in the last year I have lost between 50 and 55 lbs depending on the week. I am aiming at losing another 15 by Valentines day. My new boyfriend is taking me away for the weekend and I want to look good. I will suffer with you. I am starting a juice fast today to get me started after all the pigging out over the holidays then go back to small meals and exercising my a@@ off. Good luck to you I know you can do it cuz you are a very strong woman.

    sunnymom- Whew! 55 lbs?? You GO, Grrrllll!!!
    Boyfriends are great incentives, aren’t they? I know D’Bear is so adorable I want to always look good for him, too!
    Thanks, sweet thang, for your good thoughts, and I’ll be rooting hard for you, too!!!
    Hugs your way!

  6. yay for you! i hope you lose that 25 . .and maybe even 5 more! but no pressure 🙂
    posting one’s weight is soo hard .. i did . but cringed when i hit publish.

    Red- I thank you SO much for that inspiring message! I miss you, you know that? You are too much fun and way too like me in so many ways to be gone from my blogger world.
    Thanks, Babe, for coming over here and making my day better! I love ya!

  7. I’m with Little Miss, a die hard weight watcher fan. But hay, you gotta do what works for you. I’m sure you will lose the 25 lbs. It’s so easy to put the weight on. I wish it were as easy to take it off.

    Joan- Thanks, Hon!! Coming from someone who has been an inspiration to so many that means a lot!
    And ain’t it the truth? I can gain weight by just looking really hard at a bag of chips! hahaha!!!!

  8. I’m resisting the urge to give you a lecture. I’m sure Birdpress has given you enough.

    Keep nagging, Birdpress.

    Anja- Aren’t you the Mother Hen? Wheweee!! I LOVE it!!
    I know, I know!!!! I am very careful. I take extra potassium and I don’t stay on it as long as I used to but damn, girl! It WORKS!
    I love you.

  9. I’m right here with you…cranky pants, and all. I must have put on at least 15 lbs this holiday. I plowed through every plate of cookies within view. Dammit. I hate being fat but I hate dieting even more. This weekend I cleaned out my fridge and now it’s all ‘healthy’…only fruits and veggies for this gal. I wept when I threw out the chocolate syrup and marshmallow topping.

    2LD- Right??? I gave away half a 9″X12″ PAN OF BAKLAVA!!!!!
    It’s Ok, Babe. We still kick some wicked woman-ass, you and I. There are men who understand that appetites are appetites. One cannot be a hot, sexy thang if one does not appreciate oral gratifications of all kinds!!

  10. Say what? Baklava??? I may have to hunt down the person you gave it to and fight them for it! Screw fruits and veggies…I want SUGAR!!

    2LD- Me. too!! I wanted that baklava for my very own soooo bad!! But it would have made my butt grow two sizes bigger in the time it takes to lick the syrup-y goodness off of my fingers.
    Yeah, I’m holding out for some yummy wine or some fried sumpin’!!

  11. Can’t you go on it for a couple of DAYS instead of a couple of WEEKS? You will mess up your metabolism if you go too long, and that will make keeping the weight off harder. Blah blah blah blah blah healthy blah blah nutrition blah blah eat blah blah I love you blah blah blah.

    birdpress- I love you, too, Sweet BabyGirl. I’ll be careful yada yada yada won’t take chances yada yada yada don’t worry yada yada been there before yada yada……


  12. Good luck with that. Determination seems to be the way to go and you certainly have plenty of that. This time last year I promised myself that I would lose 1/2-1kg a week =6-12 kgs by now. Well, that didn’t happen. I’m still the same weight I was, but at least I didn’t put any on. So now I’ll start again, but this time with a little more determination.

    river- My just NOT gaining would have made all this unnecessary so good on you!! You’ll do it when you’re ready.

    Thanks for the encouraging words, my friend! 😀

  13. You do what works.

    Good luck with it. I’ll be cheering you on while I contemplate my own fat arse 😉

    MistressB- Haha! I thought one contemplated one’s navel but hey, an ass is more fun! I have never seen your ass but I’m sure it’s lovely! 🙂
    Thanks, Beet!!!

  14. I’m not much into the food replacement thing, but it seems to me like you know what you’re doing, so that’s good…
    When I wanted to lose weight I did Atkins, and shit it was good. Once I got past my body trying all sorts of dirty low down tricks {nausea, headaches, wanting to shut down} to convice me to give it sugar, I flew and it fell off. And it’s stayed off mostly. The odd bit has crept back, but I can live with that.
    Most of my life I’ve been a size 9 or 10, so to all of a sudden be a 12 was like the end of life as I knew it, so I hear what you’re saying.
    I’m sending nothing but good thoughts and positive energy for you to achieve what you want to achieve.
    You go girl!!!

    Anonymum- This is similar in that one goes into ketosis for a long period as on the Atkin’s Diet. I am almost, not quite, past the carb cravings so it’s getting better.
    I am happy at a size 9 or 10. But I was up to a tight 14 right after Christmas and THAT JUST AIN’T HAPPENING! Things are loosening a bit already. Me likey! 😀
    Thanks for your comments AND your support!

  15. Guess what budrow? I started Weight Watchers yesterday (Monday actually) – so , … GREAT FREAKN’ MINDS! We can do it, and yes, we will be cranky but hey, what does not kill us will only make us stronger?
    Yeah, that’s it! I’m proud of you Trisha! You can do it

    JQ- WHOO WHOO!!! WE will KICK some ASS! Hell, I know we can do it! Just LOOK at us, for cripe’s sake!! Sexy mamas!!!
    Way to go on the WW thing, girl!! Keep us posted on the weigh-ins, OK? I can’t do groups but hey, if it works for you, then you do it! I’m proud of you, too!!!

  16. My aunt did the program you’re on and she was happy with it. Exactly what you mentioned, the kick-start effect. It’s just near impossible to get going without seeing some kind of improvement from the get go. I found my fattest picture ever the other day and once I get to goal I’m going to have to post it. God, it’s awful.

    Just be kind to yourself:)

    Pam- Yes, with most “normal” diets I get so damned impatient to see the loss that I get frustrated but this one helps me by motivating me to keep going. I mean who wants to starve for a week or two, lose some serious poundage and then cheat? It makes sense this way for me and I’m glad it worked for your aunt, too.
    Gawd, I have some pictures of fatty me that will NEVER be posted. I am so embarassed that I ever let myself get that big!
    You are a braver woman than I!

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