All Hail Metallica a la Kazoo!

I think this is amazing and hysterical!!! My son-in-law is a huge Metallica fan but somehow I doubt he ever heard them played like this before!

6 comments on “All Hail Metallica a la Kazoo!

  1. That is hilarious but please do not watch while drunk or otherwise might mess with your head too much. I would like to point out that the upper right guy looks like he is straight out of a bad 70″s porn. The lower left looks like the guy with toretts in the special ed class I was a helper in in high school. The upper left has wonky eyes that are just plain creepy. the lower right was ok until he broke out the ken doll. He now reminds me of Steve Buscemi from Con Air after he gets back on the plane after he has “tea” with the little girl.

    Other than those small observations it was great and will replay for my friends. Thanks Trish

    Sunnymom- I’m glad you liked it!!
    Yes, the guy in the lower left is a little strange and I couldn’t figure out why he was there till he started with the beatbox thing.


  2. By the way did anyone guess the song that they are playing……… I did it is Enter Sandman one of their all time best songs.

    Sunnymom- Oh, yeah! I should have mentioned that but I thought it would become obvious to hardcore Metallica fans.
    Which you are? 🙂 Good choice.
    They are brilliant.

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