“Let It Snow” For JavaQueen

This is for our favorite crazy woman,ย  JavaQueen, that talented, funny, and wonderful gal who just today introduced me to this man Jamie Cullum. Go to her site to see more of this hunky man singing.


JavaQueen, this one’s for you!

6 comments on ““Let It Snow” For JavaQueen

  1. Oh, thanks! Mmmmmm, oh- wait, where was I? Oh yeah, THANK YOU! I wonder how old he is? I’m guessing 27-31’ish? I’m not sure, but I am a big fan, have his CD’s constantly playing… I’m so glad you like him…. I am going to email you about something relating to this shortly….

    JQ- My pleasure, ma’am! I DO like him, VERY much! Thank you!!! I’m always looking for new likes in music and he’s right up there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. He was great but I agree with evyl the hair is scary!!! Didn’t anyone look at him before hand and maybe offer a comb or something.

    Sunnymom- Hahaha!! His marketing team probably told him it’s sexy or something!

  3. Came by to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas…please pass our wishes to your family, and have a great day hon…

    anonymum- Thank you! And the same to you! Looking forward to seeing more of you and your blogs in 2009!

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