Duhhhh, I’m Sloooww…

My life is outa control. I am sooo behind on my reading and blogging. I think it’s the road hypnosis. Too much commuting between here and my long-distance honey is making me feeble-minded!

 I was looking at my stats here at wordpress and lo and behold I saw an incoming link from my pal, JavaQueen! What? Where did this come from?

I zipped over there and found that the darling woman had given me this award:


JavaQueen is one of the most evolved women you’ll ever meet so if she says “I’m working on that!” then you can bet she will “get ‘er done!”!

So many people inspire me to work on being a better person.

Every time I hear about selfless sacrifice and the many people who toil tirelessly for barely a “thank you” I am inspired to do more to help make the world a better place.

Every time I see someone calmly soothing the tensions when tempers flare I am inspired to remember that my own attitude can help make changes.

Every time I read or hear about someone challenging themselves to grow as a human being, whether it’s by education, or physical demands, or spiritually, I am inspired to take chances, to push myself just a little bit harder.

Thank you, JQ, for being  MY inspiration.

As for my blogging and commenting, well….”I’m working on that!”


5 comments on “Duhhhh, I’m Sloooww…

  1. Aw, this is really good! You are welcome… I love you and am so glad to have gotten the chance to get to know you- you are one of those that “makes me better just by knowing you” people- you are good people!

    Love to you and hope you, and your family have an excellent Christmas together 🙂

    JQ- Aww, you give me way too much credit. And thanks for being my friend. You make my life richer for your part in it, my friend.
    I love you , too!

  2. It is the holiday’s take a break if needed we will catch up on the other side. I think that is my problem right now trying to keep up with the website and comments at my friends sites.

    Sunnymom- Hey, Grrrl! That’s a good idea. I refuse to be stressed this year. C’est la vie!
    Go spend time with your daughter and your honey and make memories. And MERRY CHRISTMAS

  3. Hey if she thinks you deserved it, then I back her 100%! Congrats on your award! As far as falling behind in blogging, don’t kill yourself. All the blogs will still be there when you get there. LOL.

    teeni- Thank you very much! I tend to get behind for a few days then scurry around trying to find out what I missed and to get all my blog ideas down before they poof away. My brain can only retain so much these days, ya know. I gots the old-timers’ disease!

  4. Trish, if anyone deserves an award, it is you. As for blogging on a daily basis… it’s the Holidays, for crying out loud! Kick back. Take it easy, and enjoy. We can catch up afterward, right? I hope so because I’m going through the same thing right now. All the family is here, and eating up all my extra time. Sigh.

    Merry Christmas, girl.

    allison- That is so sweet and kind of you! Thank you!
    I think I will take everyone’s advice and just do what I can and stop worrying about trying to do it all.
    Good advice and yes, I will catch up after the craziness of the holidays is over.
    Love to you, my friend, and Merry Christmas!

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