Making it Pretty For Christmas

I am in the throes of Holiday Decorating!!

Every year I say “No more!” because taking it all down is really a bummer . But then December rolls around again and I get twitchy thinking about those Rubbermaid containers just filled with all my Christmas goodies and aghhhh!! I have to go out to the garage and bring them all in and make things festive!!
My daughter, Birdpress, and and her new hubby will be arriving the 24thfor Christmas with the fam so I am using that as my excuse this year.

So many of my decorations are ones I have made over the years,

pc110419This is a picture of a few of my canvas Santas. I form them from painter’s canvas, stitch them up , then paint them just like a regular painting. They’re weird and silly and fun to make!pc110420pc110421










pc110417These are two of my old papier mache Santas. I haven’t made any in this media for a long time and most of them are long gone, having been sold. I’m glad I hung on to these two.

This is the small Christmas tree I put in the living room. 99% of the ornaments are ones I made from wool felt. I embroidered them and added beads and doodads. I have a few that friends and family made on there, too. I like that there is one tree with heart every year. Nothing fancy. Just simple home-made pretties.pc110408






This is my mantle decorated with garland and berries. The fireplace gets used almost daily. It’s not an efficient heat source but I don’t care!pc110414


This guy is a three-feet-tall wooden Santa I cut with my scroll saw and then painted. pc110418

Here is a display I did with my Christmas gnomes. When I had my store I found these one year and had to have them for a display. I took them home with me when I closed up shop and every year I’m glad I did. They have so much personality! They are BIG! Nearly two feet tall!pc110422

pc110423Today I’m playing hooky. Since the presents are wrapped, the house is decorated and it’s raining cats and dogs I think it is a stay-in-my-jammies day! There’s a bottle of beer with my name on it to go with lunch and a couple of old movies on TCM I may want to watch. The fireplace and I have a date! Wanna join me?



17 comments on “Making it Pretty For Christmas

  1. Love the canvas santas! those are brilliant! I wish I was remotely this motivated for xmas this year…working two jobs, haven’t had any time to really break out any decorations yet…think I’ll take a cue from you and 2LD and get my butt in gear…
    I love how the house looks when it is lit up by xmas lights
    ooo, and whats on TCM today? Fireplace and beer…heavenly combination!

    glassowater– consider your butt KICKED! I do it more for me than for anyone else actually. Mostly no one notices what I do or don’t do but it makes me feel good.
    Ah, it’s a good movie, but on FMC, not TCM. I was wrong about that. “The Kremlin Letter” from 1970 with Max von Sydow and Orson Welles! TCM is showing “Village of the Damned” at 12:30 though! I don’t know which one to watch!!

  2. You can’t NOT decorate! That’s un-American!

    It looks great! Glad Birdpress and fam are coming up.

    dobeman- I know, I know…. un-American and un-like me! LMOA

    Wanna come north, too? I’ve always got room for you guys!!

  3. Wow – Trisha, I had no idea how crafty and artsy you were! You did such a marvelous job painting those Santas! Too cool that they are made of canvas cones. I’d love to hear more about your store. Did you sell your crafts through it? I can see where Birdpress gets her talent with that Sculpey clay now. Awesome that you will get to see her for the holiday. 🙂 Your fireplace is beautiful and I can see why you’d want to use it all the time. I miss having fireplaces and wood stoves.

    teeni- Thanks, sweety! You are too kind!
    You can see more of my art at : There are two posts with photos.

    I AM excited to see my baby girl for the holidays. It wouldn’t feel right without her.

  4. I do, I do. I want to join you. Your decorations and house look amazing. I love your Santas. You have some mad skills lady, and like Teeni said, now I see where BirdPress gets it from. 😉 Even if your skipped the tree and lights, how could you not bring out the Santas? They are so cool, jolly, and festive. I want to go to your house for a Santa building workshop. 😀 That would be so cool. I just can’t say enough about them. They really put a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing.

    Spidey- You make me blush!!!
    What a nice comment!! My, oh my! ((fans herself))

    You can come any ol’ time for a Santa building workshop. For a while I got so sick of Santas because I did them so much. I started doing snowmen just for variety but I came back to Santa because they’re just so darn Christmas-sy!

    I’m really glad you liked them, my friend. You put a smile on MY face! Thank you.

  5. Trish, you are really talented! You should sell some of those gnomes and Santas. I, for one, would definitely buy one. Or two or three. Heck, just give me the whole lot! Love them. Wish I was into decorating the house but after shopping and wrapping and decorating the den… there’s not much left in me.

    Merry Christmas!

    allison- Why, thanks! I did sell them for a while and even brought them back about three years ago for a few select customers but I haven’t made any since then. My kids have them and these are all that are left till I get motivated to make another batch.
    I hope you find some energy and motivation to make your own home sparkle! It takes a lot out of you, doesn’t it?

  6. That fireplace is beautiful. Christmas doesn’t ring my chimes, as anyone who reads my blog would know, but that fireplace made me very nostalgic for my childhood. Enjoy your Christmas. 🙂

    anja- Thanks, darlin’! It is one of the few things that came with the house that was worth keeping. I really use it, too. Problem is, I’m having a hard time this year finding seasoned firewood. Seems like the recent oil crisis caused more people to buy up the existing firewood! I’ll plan ahead better next year.

  7. I’m so excited to come home! I love the way you decorate for Christmas. Everywhere you turn in your house you see something else, like an angel hanging from a doorknob or an elf in the refrigerator or something. Even your bathrooms are festive! Don’t you dare think that all this goes unnoticed!

    birdpress- hey, did you notice that your comment came through at 4:44? HA!!! Coincidence? I think not!

    Anyway, thanks, Baby Girl. I’m glad you appreciate the domestic enhancements. I can’t wait for Christmas!!!!!

  8. Those gnomes are awesome. And do you need me to bring the popcorn.

    Evyl- Thanks, Baby!
    Nah, just bring that fun-loving, sexy, bad-ass butt over here and sit down. Closer…The movie’s starting….

  9. I adore the canvas Santas. Your decorations look wonderful. I love home made things. So much nicer than store bought. I love to use my fireplace too. It makes the room so cozy. So what movies did you watch?

    Joan- Thank you, dear one, for that nice comment!
    As for fireplaces, they say wood heat warms you three times: once when you cut it, once when you stack it, and then once more when you burn it! True!! But worth it. 🙂

    I started watching Village of the Damned but fell asleep less than half way through!!!

  10. I wanna craft me up somma ‘dem Santa’s- they are absolutely killer! Dang! I’m getting infuriated that we aren’t fecking neighbors! I feel the need to get my craft on after being here. But, I seriously need a step by step – plus maybe even copy a tad, cuz I’m not the craftiest tool in the shed 🙂 Oh, I wish we could hang. But, I’ll stop. I think your place looks great and yes, I’ll be over to watch t.v., have a beer, and sit in front of the fire. I’ll be there with bells on!

    JQ- Yeah, why aren’t we feckin’ neighbors? I KNOW!! “Cause we’d never get anything done! We’d be crackin’ each other up and drinkin’ and cussin’ and making a whole lot of trouble for our manly mans!!
    Thanks, Sweetcakes for the nice words. I’d be happy to teach you! Step-by-step if need be. It’s only a matter of knowing some really smooth tecniques!! I could teach you!! So when are you coming?

  11. Wow I am impressed with your talent and energy! I adore your mantle, and your knome display. Can I come live at your house for Christmas?? Or better yet, come to my place and help me decorate!

    lupusranting- Why sure, Darlin’! I’d be happy to come there. With all the freezing rain we’re having I could simply walk outside and sliiiiiiiiiiiiiide there! What a mess it is out there!

  12. Love the Santas, the felt ornaments (I have my eye on the red/green one at the bottom right of the tree!) And the fireplace…oooooo…ahhhhh…I’d sit my ass in front of THAT every chance I got. I so want to come sit by your fire, drink wine and get toasty (or toasted)!

  13. Love the Santas, the felt ornaments (I have my eye on the red/green one at the bottom right of the tree!) And the fireplace…oooooo…ahhhhh…I’d sit my ass in front of THAT every chance I got. I so want to come sit by your fire, drink wine and get toasty (or toasted)!

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