My Challenge


 My challenge this week has been to find the good in people and in situations.  I’ve challenged myself to beat negative attitudes and to stop saying or thinking negative things.

    I had an occasion to practice my new rules yesterday.  I had parked at the mall and was walking through the parking area when I saw her. She was a handsome older woman, loaded down with packages and fighting to get her umbrella up before the rain came. As she came wandering towards me,  I heard her muttering ” where the hell is my G-D car?!!!”  The sky was almost black with rain clouds but just to the northeast was a brilliant rainbow arched right over the Barnes & Nobles Bookstore.  I said to her “I don’t know where your car is but there is a rainbow just for you!” and I pointed to it. She looked up and then smiled the most beautiful smile and said” Oh, my! I haven’t seen one of those in years!” and then she turned and said “OH! and there’s my car!!  Thank you!”

 I didn’t find her car for her. I made her see a rainbow. rainbow2

 I think I may have found my own pot of gold right there.

20 comments on “My Challenge

  1. That’s so cool. I’m struggling to see the good in people at present. Thanks for that. 🙂

    anja- I struggle with it daily. My mother died a mean-spirited and bitter old woman. I use her as the guide to what I DON’T want to become!

  2. I believe the positive energy that you put out is what brought it right back to you. Good for you!

    JQ- Thanks, Sweety! I really think that’s true. I see it time and again in my daily life. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Now if more people took this attitude around with them, there would be far less road rage, assaults, and all those feral things that seem so frequent on the nightly news.
    That can only be a good thing surely?
    Bloody good on you I say!

    ozmoesis- OMG, I almost wrote an entire post on my road rage! That’s one of the reasons I decided to do this. I do a lot of driving and I find myself screaming foul things and full of anger by the time I arrive and I do a LOT of driving these days!
    Thanks for your very thoughtful comment!!

  4. Great story! I imagine that all that driving does make you think. I personally have seen a lot of negative stuff around the blogs lately so this was a nice change from that. Thanks. 🙂

    birdpress- Thanks! I get some really good thinking going while I do that 3 1/2 hour run back and forth to Rochacha! I do appreciate a good rant now and then, especially if the writer uses some humor to make his/her point but I don’t want my posts to always be rants. And I really am trying to be more of a positive person. I think it’s like good mental health exercises! 🙂

  5. That is so cool! I try to help out the elderly because my mother is elderly. So many people just don’t have patience for them and they forget that we all get there someday. I believe in karma and I want people to also be patient and helpful with me, so I try to dish it out first. I’m not perfect about it, that’s for sure. But I really believe in the positive energy idea.

    littlemiss- Thank you for your nice comment!!
    Karma exists!!! I believe it, or something like IT does, for sure! I know that when I am thinking good thoughts and putting forth positive vibes that the feedback can be amazing!!
    And don’t worry about being perfect. Just trying is the important part!! Good on you!!!

  6. Your posting just gave me chills! Wow! Amazing. (This is Julie the flute-playing tree, BTW.)

    For me, keeping a positive attitude is a matter of survival!

    Jules- Hey, Girl!!! Good to see you here! How you doin’????
    Thanks for your sweet words. Yes, the same for me. I feel ugly when I act ugly!! 😦
    It is as much for me as for anyone else.

  7. Trish, that’s the best story I’ve read in a very long time. Warms the old heart… makes me want to go out and do good things. Keep up the good work, hon. I’m rooting for ya!

    allison- It’s all true! Thank you, Sweety Pie!!
    I feel great if it makes someone want to go do nice things for others. Wow! That’s the best comment! I’m rooting for you, too!!

  8. This is a wonderful post and perfect for this time of year when everyone is stressing. I’m gonna give this one a stumble so you can share it with everyone! Nice job! I think the rainbow was for YOU too!

    teeni- Thank you, my dear friend. Rainbows are for everyone. It’s funny how some people just never look up! 😀

  9. That was so neat. You were right on time for your assignment. Anywhere else and you’d ‘ve been late. . .or early. Keep it up.

    jim- You know,…. you’re right!! I didn’t see that until now but that’s absolutely true!!
    Aww, you’re a sweety, Jim!!! Thanks!!

  10. The Rainbow Over The Barnes & Noble would make a great title for a country and western song.

    Evyl- Yeah-

    “Me and mah hounddog knew there’d be no more trouble
    When we seen that durn rainbow over the Barnes & Noble.”


  11. You know… you deserve to be nominated for the Butterfly award. 🙂 I’m sure nobody cares if I nominate 11 instead of 10 people. Please pick it up in my blog.

    Yours IS one of my very favorite blogs. 🙂
    And today you showed someone a rainbow. How beautiful.

    SLF- Really?!?!? I am very, very honored, Miss Thang!! I’m off to pick it up. THANK YOU!!!!!

  12. Since I’ve taken no such vow this Holiday Season, I just thought I’d point out that her true self showed when she thought no one was listening.
    But maybe, just maybe for a moment, she stopped and thought about her crappy attitude.

    Good for you.

    dobeman- Yep, maybe, but her smile lit up her face like a Christmas tree! I saw the person she could be..and maybe will be.
    Thanks, dobeman, for that perceptive comment!

  13. That is really cool!

    And sometimes all it takes is something small like that to make another persons day. Good on you 🙂

    Mistress B- Glad you liked it, B. I love when I gets good comments! You make me happy! 😀

  14. I get stuck in a negative rut often. I have a few chronic disease, and they also make me bitchy. And I have a job where people are horrible and negative, and I’m talking about our “Customers” and my co-workers. Its hard to stay positive during business hours, but I love to do nice things for people in real life. Especially in traffic, sometimes getting to cut over is the best gift ever.

    Good for you for helping that lady!

  15. Ha! Well played.

    I read that article about the study where having happy friends makes you more prone to happiness.

    And what do I surround myself with — people battling hellish demons to overcome their horribly abusive childhoods. *sardonic chuckle*

    Fuck it. They say I help. That’s good enough for me. Besides, relentlessly upbeat people annoy me to no end 😉

    However, that was still well played :o)

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