Fourth & Fourth Meme

My very handsome son Dobeman  tagged me for a meme. He is a brilliant writer, an amazing father to two of the cutest grandsons a Nana could ever hope for and he’s a computer…. geek? That seems harsh. Well, he knows scads about ’em and that’s his profession so let’s just say he’s quite the techie!

  His meme was very telling. I do hope you check it out!  Meanwhile, I must follow the rules (and y’all know how much I love THAT!)

They are as follows:

1. Go to your pictures file.
2. Go to the 4th file.
3. Go to the 4th picture.
4. Post it and tell the story.
5. Tag 4 more people.


This is the one. Not very exciting, huh?  That’s what happens when I follow the rules…Well, here’s the story behind it:

Early last summer I was sitting on my porch swing watching the rain fall, feeling sorry for myself. I wanted to go for a bike ride but the weather sucked. As I sat and whined to myself I saw the steam coming up off the road in front of my house and I liked the effect it made.  So I got my camera and started taking pictures.

The stand of pine trees across the way are on the property my ex got in the divorce. The pines were planted by the C.C.C., or the Civilian Conservation Corps back in the early 1930’s.  If you are driving south towards my house on this road you can see this perfect circle of pines from miles away. The are planted densely and underneath them is this wonderful thick bed of pine needles that feels almost like carpet beneath your feet.

 This used to be a quiet country lane. Now, 27 years after we moved here, it’s like a freeway sometimes. There is a Spring Water bottling company just about 3/4 of a mile north which ships semi-trailer loads of bottled water all over the northeast. The trucks leave all hours of the day and night and while they are ,as a rule, very civilized about obeying the speed limit, they have to really push their gears to make it up the hill to my section of the road.  Coming from the south of me they hit my curve in the road too fast sometimes and the brakes make my windows rattle!

In the winter time wild turkeys cross the road right here almost every day to come eat the cracked corn I toss out for them. I have been known to stop traffic to make sure they all cross safely. Two winters ago I fed over 80 wild turkeys at a time! (I counted them!) They became almost tame and would come running towards me in the field when I called. It was crazy! I became known for a while as “The Turkey Lady”!

 A few weeks after this picture was taken I made friends online with a wonderful man I met on a dating web site. We chatted online for a couple of weeks, then I gave him my telephone number and before you know it D’Bear was my man !  Now we sit on the porch swing together on summer nights, candles lit, wine flowing and we talk about how we met.  We like sitting out there especially on rainy nights. I tell him this porch has never felt so good.

Now the fun part. I tag the following folks:

Betme over at Dis Is My Place because she always has the greatest stories to tell!

Two Lazy Dogs because she takes awesome photos and I just know she can make this meme rock!

Pamajama because she is too funny and wicked! I can’t wait to see her post on this!

Joanharvest because nobody makes me laugh like this crazy woman!

Ok, Ladies! Start your engines ( and don’t hit me! It’s not my fault! Blame Dobeman!)

16 comments on “Fourth & Fourth Meme

  1. I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!! Now, I have to go answer an email from your daaughter since I scared her! (Yeah, something that you havent known about yet, I do keep some secrets about my health! LOL! but, she will tell you eventually) You met the D’bear online? SEE all men on those dating websites arent awful!


    Don’t be keeping secrets, Little One.
    Yes, I met D’Bear on a dating site and no, all men out there are not awful! My D’Bear is pretty terrific!


  2. That was a pretty cool story considering it came from such a simple picture. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. And I learned something new. I didn’t know Dobeman was your son. Not a bad meme at all. Nicely done, Trisha. 🙂

    Spidey, you are too, too kind, sweet sir! Yep, Dobeman is my kid. Someday I may tell you the rest of the story.
    Thanks for such a nice comment, Peter!

  3. trisha would you like me to forward you the emails I sent her?

    no, sweety, she told me what’s going on. I’ll be emailing you later today. I’m off to the north once more!

  4. Hey Turkey Lady! Great meme…thanks for tagging me.

    I love the picture and the story to go with it is perfect. Mine won’t be so enthralling…but the picture is funky! I’ll be posting it on Saturday (Feisty Friday is back for tomorrow…wooo!)…so, stay tuned.

    2LD-Thanks for being so sweet! Oooo, I LOVE Feisty Friday!!! I can’t wait to see what little gem you have for us!!
    And you know I luvs funky photos!

  5. I loved your story.

    Now fess up. You were scared to tag me weren’t you.

    Evyl- Hell NO, I ain’t scared!!! …..well, maybe a little bit! :mrgreen:
    Actually I think you SHOULD do it! Yes, Consider yourself tagged!!! We could use another male perspective here and oh, looky! I’m all shivery wating to see what you do with this!! I can’t wait!!
    (Hey, you asked for it!)

  6. What a pretty picture and a great meme. I love the idea of you and D’Bear on a porch looking out over the land around you. How relaxing. So, are there any turkeys around now or do they know that Thanksgiving is coming? 😉

    teeni- Thanks!
    HA! That may be it! I haven’t seen too many turkeys yet this fall except out in the woods behind the house when I go walking. I usually start feeding them when it gets really cold and frozen here. I don’t want them hanging around during turkey hunting season!

  7. That’s a great pic. At first I thought that was snow on the tips of the trees, but now I realize it’s the new spring growth. It’s a good pic.
    And now, you’re off the hook!

    dobeman- Glad you liked it! Whew! The pressure is incredible. You set a mighty high standard with that post of yours!! 😀

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  10. I loved reading about your porch. I love porches too. In my previous house (not the wood heater one) the front porch was half covered in trellis work to keep out the hot summer sun, this in turn was covered by a chinese star jasmine creeper (google to see what it looks like) and the huge old couch was there for relaxing evenings. I miss that porch.

    river- Oh, how I wish mine was a sleeping porch on those warm summer nights. I would love to sleep on mine but the mosquitos and assorted critters would creep me out without screens.
    The chinese star jasmine creeper sounds lovely!

  11. I love the porch story. I also love your yard. I remember the snow photo you posted recently. You have a beautiful yard. Thanks for the tag. I did the meme.

    Joan- THANKS! And you did a great meme (like I ever doubted.LMAO)

  12. I’m still not sure what the definition of a meme is, but I definitely love your story! In fact, I found your blog from Pamajama’s page and have proclaimed myself a big fan of your writing!

    It’s always refreshing to read about a life well lived, and girl, you got it goin’ ON!

    lupusranting- WELCOME and THANKS! That Pamajama is too good to miss! Glad you found your way over here. I’ll be by your place checking you out for sure!

  13. That sounds like a very cozy porch situation 🙂 And you be careful with that turkey feeding… it almost sounds like you are trying to lure them onto the highway 😉

    chadhend- hahaha, one might think that , Chad, but I feed them way out in the middle of the field behind my house. They just roam across the road because my daughter feeds the deer up at her place and they’re afraid they might miss a meal somewhere!

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